Profile of Macaroni Kid COO Nicki Hemby

I know many parent bloggers are looking for ways to make money (money is nice, right? yes!). I am pleased to profile Macaroni Kid and the mom who is the company’s COO, Nicki Hemby, in this sponsored post. Macaroni Kid provides an outlet for mom bloggers to earn money as a Publisher Mom. I also just love a chance to put the spotlight on an inspirational mompreneur.

Q: How did Macaroni Kid get started?

A: This is my all-time favorite story to tell! I had just moved back into town and was having a glass of wine with a fabulous friend! We were talking about our kids and how we seemed to never could keep our schedules or the local events in order! Joyce then mentioned to me her
brilliant idea of creating an online newsletter that lists all the local events in our area. “What do you think?’ She said. What did I think? I thought it was a brilliant idea! I thought it would be a great “wobby,” but not once did I think it would have grown into what it has today!

Q: How has Macaroni Kid grown since its launch?

A: Well, when an idea grows from a project into your dream, I guess one can say it has grown, in my eyes, larger than life…400 Publisher moms across the Country! Joyce and I have gone from moonlighting Macaroni Kid, to quitting our careers to move forward with MK full time with our now third partner Eric, to not having nearly enough days in the week to accomplish all we want and need to for MK!

Q: How does the Publisher Mom program work?

A: Each PM (publisher mom) has her own exclusive territory. This is an area that HQ and the PM agree upon together. HQ then sets her/him up with the new site, MK email address, social media sites, handbooks, templates, an MK mentor and many more tools to help each PM make her/his edition of MK successful. Each PM is free to be creative with her newsletter, although the design and layout is consistent. We encourage reviews, arts and crafts, healthy recipes and more! As a MK publisher, you in turn sell local advertising on your site and newsletter! Publishers set their own pricing (although we can assist with this until she/he feels more
comfortable with setting the dollar amount themselves) and receives 100% of all local ad sales revenue!

Q: What is expected of a Publisher Mom, and what do you look for when choosing a Publisher

A: MK PM’s are required to publish weekly and to publish 40 weeks out of the year. What is so rewarding to me about MK is that it is different for everyone. Some PM’s are with MK to be in better tune with their communities and children, some are there to strictly offset their finances, some are missing the corporate world they left behind to be a SAHM, some are in it for the comradery and pure enjoyment, and many are a combination of all! Each edition is unique. Each publisher is her/his own and each newsletter is a welcomed edition to the MK family.

Q: What are the benefits of being a Publisher Mom? How much does the typical Publisher Mom earn?

A: Perks! Discounted travel! Discounted tickets! Free tickets! Product sample! All just a few! After a few months of publishing we have PM’s making between $300 – $2200 and more each month in ad sales. We just had our fabulous annual Publisher Mom Meetup at a resort in Florida and PMs paid as little as $99 for a full weekend of seminars, soiree’s and SWAG. But the biggest benefit I see is bonding and friendship. See, the women and men working within MK are smart. They are savvy and the y are driven. (we love them all). But what we never dreamed of happening within MK (and believe me the three of us have dreamed a lot! LOL) is that along
the way we would watch a polite conversation grow and flourish into friendships that go far and beyond the daisy logo!

Q: How can a mom apply to be a Publisher Mom at Macaroni Kid?

A: Pick up the phone! Open your email! Send us a text! Smoke signals! Morse code! Pigeon carrier! However you feel comfortable reach out! We would love to hear from you and tell you our story and hear yours! I can be reached at nicki@Macaronikid.com

Q: What is next for Macaroni Kid?

A: Well, that remains to be seen, but what I can tell you is that we are doing our very best to stay true to our ideas, morals and values. And if we stay the course, along with our ever growing team of publishers, it will be exciting!

Nicki Hemby bio:

First and foremost, Nicki is a mother to four amazing teenage children who finds endless delight watching them grow into young adults and sharing in their accomplishments, both big and small.

After attending Fordham University pursing a degree in Sociology with a focus on women’s studies, Nicki returned to her hometown to begin her family. A career path focused on operations and sales, Nicki was the Operations Manager for a consumer products company, before moving to Florida, family in tow, to pursue a career as the Vice President of Sales and Operations for a pool and spa company. Realizing that her “Tara” was in New York, she returned to New York in 2008 where she worked as the Director of Operations for a recycling solutions company before co-founding Macaroni Kid in 2009.

As a community advocate, Nicki served for several years as PTO President and is currently President of the Bridgehampton Board of Education. She is an active member of her Village Advisory Committee and is deeply committed to the growth, education and well being of our youth.

Nicki is Macaroni Kid’s Publisher Mom Liaison and chief writer, where she finds the opportunity to grow the Macaroni Kid family and enrich communities across the country extremely gratifying.

A former closet writer, Nicki has found her voice with Macaroni Kid. She continues to be a struggling chef with the hopes of one day making her Italian grandmother proud!

She is currently looking for ways to squeeze at least two more hours into the day.

Find out more at Macaroni Kid or the Publisher Mom page.

This post is sponsored by Macaroni Kid.

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  1. I love Macaroni Kid! As a publisher I have appreciated the opportunity to work with Nicki, she is amazing, this company is fabulous and all the moms involved (and grandparents and retired folks and more)…are wonderful!

  2. Great information! I am in the process of trying to become a PM for my city. I’m so excited about the opportunity to do something family-oriented in my community.

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