If you have already read my first article, “Speaking Up about Head Lice” you already know I hate these little bugs. As far as I am concerned, it is better to speak up about them rather than keeping your mouth shut and never saying a word until it is too late and you have already caused an infestation of lice on an unsuspecting person.

To me this is one of the worse things you can do to someone else. Although, granted there are other bad things people may do to one another. Maybe this is because, my mother never allowed us to go anywhere around others when we were sick or ill. She did not allow others to come into our home when they were ill. She felt that by isolating someone sick was one of the best preventions to spreading sickness to others.

It works the same way in my mind while considering the issue of dealing with lice and nits. For instance, if I or my children pick up head lice from someone else, whether family members or some child on the school bus, and you decide to pop up out of the blue for a visit, this is one woman you can count on to stop you before you ever enter my home. I will tell you, “You don‘t want to come in here right now.”

Since I have already had such discussions with my friends and they know how I feel about this, they generally know what I mean when I tell them this. Granted I have only had to turn a friend away at my door twice because of my sincere love of my friends and family as well as wanting to protect them from an infestation from our home. I am sorry, this may sound hard, but dang it, if you have head lice or your children have head lice, do what you have to do to take care of the situation without spreading them to others. It is really simple to do, simply stop anyone from coming into your home or getting into your vehicle until you have the problem of lice and nits attended too.

Believe me; it is more embarrassing to cause this kind of problem for others than to speak up about head lice when you have them. I would rather you slap my silly and spit on me than to let me walk in and then pick up a case of them as well. You see, if it were something dirty, then lice would only feed off dirty hair.

However, this is not the way it works with these creatures. They like a nice clean head of hair to set up their housekeeping. They do not like dirty, oily, stinky hair! Mother has always worn hairspray and she never gets lice when my sister’s kids come around. My sister with seven children fought this particular battle for nearly 20 years. I want to tell you some of these stories about her dealings with lice, so that you can know that some times, things are not just what you may read about them or what others may have you believe about them.

For instance, they can live longer than some say they do. The reason I say this is that once while my sister was trying to get rid of lice, she had bagged up all the kids’ toys in garbage bags and then let them sit in a closet for six weeks. She finally decided to get the toys out and while going through them, she found live lice crawling around in a plastic dolls hair. This rather blew her mind, and she burnt the children’s toys, bag and all.

© 2010 Sara Valor

*Note to Readers: Do stay tuned, I will be speaking up about head lice again.