Should parents who blog be called mommy bloggers and daddy bloggers?

Type-A Parent Conversations is a new feature that encourages discussion and debate on topics important to parents who blog. This edition’s question: “Should parents who blog be called mommy bloggers and daddy bloggers?”

I first heard people debating the question of whether terms like mommy blogger and daddy blogger should be used at the very first Type-A Parent Conference five years ago, and it hasn’t let up since. For this edition the question is:

Should parents who blog be called mommy blogger or daddy blogger?

I have a lot of mixed feelings about this. We don’t refer to doctors as mommy doctors and we don’t refer to lawyers as daddy lawyers. Should new media content creators be different?

Popular mom and dad bloggers cover a widely spanning array of topics, many not covering parenting at all. I am one of those people. Clearly, the terms mom and dad blogger caught on as brands and firms recognized the powerful impact we digital influencers have.

For many years, I have intentionally embraced the term mom blogger directly because I wanted to help define it. I didn’t want to leave it to others to define it. The term is there, and it is well entrenched. I always felt it is better to own it and help shape and mold the stereotypes made about our industry. Marcy Massura (@marcymassura) with Weber Shandwick said her agency has been using terms like digital influencers and social promoters instead of mom or dad bloggers. On my Facebook wall, others said they have seen alternate terms like these used for some time as well.

So what do you think? I think this raises a lot of interesting questions to discuss. For example:

  • Is it time to drop mom/mommy and dad/daddy when referencing parents who blog?
  • If marketers want to reach those who are parents and we do drop mom or dad from these titles, will that cost parents who blog important paid opportunities?
  • Is someone’s parental status relevant to their new media career?
  • Is blogger even the best term, or should we switch to broader descriptors that capture our entire online footprint such as influencer?
  • Have we as an industry matured to the point we have outgrown the terms mommy blogger and daddy blogger?
  • Some parents who blog state quite firmly that only their own children can call them mommy or daddy. Do you feel the same way? Is it demeaning to have other adults and professionals refer to you by your parental status?

So I turn this over to YOU! What do you think? What is your opinion. Comment below underneath my bio box (if you are logged into Facebook already as I am sure most of you are, you are all ready to comment and no login is needed).