gaining weightSome things that cause women to gain weight are easy to spot. The big bag of chips for instance. But there are other things that you do that may be making you gain weight, thanks to cues in our heads. Willpower isn’t an option, so knowing these cues can help you try to avoid them.


In the Kitchen:

  1. Having food right in front of you. If you see the food your brain tells you you need it. Store the not good for you food in containers you can’t see through, in the drawers, or behind the good food.
  2. Bulk Food. The more you have the more you’ll eat. Packages that have an option to have single-servings would be a better choice.
  3. Prepared frozen dinners. Putting your dinner in the microwave may be easier but it may leave you hungry. The act of preparing and smelling the food while it cooks can make you feel less hungry. If you still don’t want to cook put your frozen dinner in the oven to cook instead of the microwave.

While Eating Out:

  1. Putting butter on your bread. Ask for olive oil instead of butter with your bread basket. It has been proven that you will eat less.
  2. Seeing the dessert. Try not to look because once you see it your body will want it. While you are at it ask yourself, “Am I still hungry?”
  3. Large Menus. Menus that take longer to read are dangerous. The more options you have, the more likely you will order the wrong thing. Just pick an entree and put the menu down.
  4. Large Plates. When you eat off of large plates you’ll never figure out the proper serving sizes. At home make sure you use small plates.
  5. An uncluttered table. You will eat more if your table is clean (dirty dishes cleaned right away). If you see how much you’ve already eaten you will be less likely to keep eatin.
  6. Big Utensils. It is a new trend to use large utensils. But if you use the smaller ones you will feel more satisfied than if you ate with the large ones.

Grocery Shopping:

  1. The less heathly options are on a higher shelf. The sugary foods always seem to be at your level. They are placed there on purpose. Try looking at the shelf above for the healthier food.
  2. The displays at the end of the aisles. The end positions in the grocery store are left for people who pay for those prime spots. They are usually less nutritious and are meant to be bought on impulse. Don’t cave in until you have read the label first.
  3. The inner aisles of the store. The most heathiest foods are on the outside square of the store, with the processed things in the middle. So stick with the vegetables, dairy and meats.
  4. The Muzak Playing. Don’t get stuck in a trance of the easy listening music. Bring a grocery list of healthy things on it and make sure you stick to it.