Obviously having two babies has its challenges. Yet there are times, especially as the children grow, that having twins is easier than having one child, and certainly easier than having two that are different ages.

Mommy is not the only friend

I remember when my girls were just a year old, I could leave them in the family room (that was enclosed with gates) and sit in the kitchen drinking coffee and reading the paper for about an hour every morning. I was the envy of the playgroup. Every other mother complained that while they loved playing with their kids, it was tough being the only ‘friend’ around most of the time.

Same needs at the same time

As the playgroup went along many members started having second (and third) children.  A few even went on to have twins. I just could not imagine how exhausted it must be to look after a toddler while taking care of an infant. With twins, you have two children that have the same needs, at the same time. Whether it’s bottles or sippy cups, baby food or cheerios, diapers or extra underwear, going out with twins for the day means packing a lot, but it’s easy in that you just double it.

Safety in numbers

The first day of preschool is nerve-wracking. My girls were just two years old for their first preschool experience and looked as if the packs on their backs would swallow them whole. As the door to their classroom closed and the screams and cries seeped out I thought my heart would explode. And yet, I was comforted by the fact that they were not in their alone. They had each other.

It wasn’t until later that I found out sisters do nothing for a two year old. When you want your mommy, you want your mommy. OK, fine -so while this may not be exactly true for wee ones, I definitely see this working as the girls have grown. This year they started kindergarten and even though they are in different classes, they were comforted that first week knowing they would see each other at lunch and recess. They have made new friends together, fought off “meanies” together, and learned to welcome shy kids into the fold.

THE Birthday

I know there will be a day we celebrate their birthday with separate parties. For now, I will gladly enjoy saving the money I would normally have spent on a second set of invitations, decorations, goody bags, and crafts. We do get two cakes though. Everyone should have their own cake! Lots of restaurants offer a free meal for the birthday boy or girl, so having twins can pay off. And this year, Disney World is FREE on your Birthday.I predict Disney will see a lot of families with multiples this year!

Janine Nickel (@twincident on Twitter) is the the mother of 5-year old twin girls and has learned that there’s nothing like children to show you all your defects of character. Janine blogs about her neuroses, her twins, and she reviews products and hosts giveaway at TwoferMom.com.