Don Jackson

CEO/founder, DaddyNewbie

Don Jackson

CEO/founder, DaddyNewbie
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Don Jackson is the CEO and founder of DaddyNewbie, a community-influencer voice for parents — to explore the ever-evolving adventures of parenthood with fellow bloggers, parents and brands. He is a professional media personality, as well as a cancer survivor and fatherhood advocate, who founded as a letter to his newborn son (just in case). Along the way, he’s founded the ABQ Dad’s group, co-hosted the Dad Spotlight podcast, and is a contributing author to Dads Behaving Dadly.

“Dada” to two kids, his 5-year-old still calls him the world’s greatest detective — he just “knows,” partly because the kid is just like him. Don was an original video-game master, raised on Voltron, Transformers and He-Man — he has the audacity to believe that he can change the world. So, he wields words with the artful tenacity of a Star-Wars Master Jedi, cutting through the jargon, while still immersed in it all (constant social media addict and networker).

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