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To continue preparing my daughter to enter kindergarten in the fall, we are working on a Summer Reading Packet with her.  That’s right – Summer Reading Packet before she has even begun school!  Because many of you are probably in the same boat as me, struggling to know how to help my children learn to read and be ready for school, I am sharing our summer reading strategies.

The first activity that has really helped my daughter get excited about reading is a book club that a pre-school classmate’s mother began last month.  Other children who will be entering kindergarten in the fall all come together with my daughter at one parent’s house to focus on one book of the host’s choosing.  The host takes the kids through a book walk, discussing photographs, title, and author, and then she reads the book to the kids.  The reading is followed by some basic comprehension questions. The kids then work on a related craft, have snack, and enjoy some play time!

We are also following the guidelines of the summer reading schedule, which includes a weekly visit to the local library.  That is easy for us because the library is walking distance from our home, but if your local library is not as accessible, consider checking out multiple books at one time and creating your own summer library in your home.

Once we have chosen our weekly book, we have committed to read for fifteen minutes every day, completing fun activities each day.  Some of these activities that you might want to try are:

  1. Have your child share the reasons they chose their book, and write those reasons down for them.
  2. Children should draw a new cover for a book that they have chosen, and be sure to help them label the title and author!
  3. Read different types of stories: non-fiction, poetry, rhyming picture books
  4. Write a letter to a favorite author telling him/her what you liked best about the book
  5. Create a poster to advertise a book you checked out from the library
  6. Make a postcard about a favorite book and send it to a friend
  7. Swap books with friends – become your own library!
  8. Read a book about a famous teacher and talk about what a teacher does
  9. Create a bookmark in a shape that fits the book you are currently reading
  10. Read outside!

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