Superbowl XVLII Blog Post Roundup via http://typeaparent.comIn just two short days the United States will celebrate one of their biggest days of the year, Super Bowl XLVII, and of course parent bloggers are sharing their best tips for planning a smashing time.  This weekend many people who have a television will be glued to it when the Baltimore Ravens meet the San Francisco 49ers in New Orleans. Even people who would never even turn a ball game on the rest of the 364 days of the year will be watching and cheering, not just for the football teams, but for New Orleans, the city that has fought so hard to come back.  While the ancient adage refers to baseball the “American pastime,”  there are those who would argue that on Super Bowl Sunday, football becomes the favorite.  Whether you watch for the infamous Super Bowl commercials, the plays, or just to admire the fine specimen of sports, chances are you’ll be watching this Sunday too.

It’s no secret the biggest pull for most people, some would even say most people, on Super Bowl Sunday is the food. Aside from our holidays, there isn’t a day when food plays a bigger part in the history and memories of this game.  There was no shortage of delicious Super Bowl recipes in the parent blogosphere this week, with tasty nosh coming from all over!  One of the most delicious looking recipes I’ve seen in a long time is Tidy Mom’s black bean and cheese quesadilla with hearty black beans and creamy Monterey-Jack cheese oozing deliciously from the sides! Love this idea, but need something a little less damaging to your waistline?  Try Skinny Mom’s Skinny Southwest Nachos for a spicy appetizer that won’t wreak havoc on your New Year’s resolutions!

While men and women from all over the United States will be stationed in front of the TV on Sunday, there are some who are just not as interested…in fact, they take the weekend as time to spend with their friends, reconnecting and learning new things about themselves.  Monica from Life Well Blogged tells readers how she and her closest friends take the opportunity to grow with one another over the Super Bowl weekend and end up with some seriously hilarious tales.

Chances are if you’re reading this, it’s pretty likely you’re going to have kids along with you this Sunday and if that’s the case you’ll probably also want some ideas for keeping them fed and entertained while the adults take in the game. Kim from Today’s Creative Blog has collected some super cute and fun craft ideas to keep your little people entertained during the game, while Vivian from The Mom Bloggers Club has some recommended Super Bowl reading and kid friendly snack ideas just for you!

The Super Bowl wasn’t the only thing parents were blogging about this week, check out some of my other favorites:

  • As parents, we all the special kind of hell taking the kids to the grocery store can be…particularly when they are little.  Thanks to The Bizy Mommy, you can keep your sanity while the kids are learning and entertained the next time you’re picking up the groceries with these simple grocery store entertainment ideas.
  • Looking for something simple and elegant to serve at your next dinner party?  Satisfy your tummy without breaking the bank or your diet with Savoring the Thyme’s crunchy and gluten free coconut and oats shrimp recipe.
  • There has been a lot said in recent months about natural and “un-natural” births and Becca from Beccarama has had enough.  Don’t miss her heartfelt and powerful post about this latest perceieved attack on women and weigh in with your respectful thoughts on the subject!
  • Looking for the cutest Valentine’s Day outfit to make for your small people?  Falafel and The Bee has the most adorable outfit (and model) ever on her blog this week, so head over and swoon with me!
  • Recently, thousands of underage Instagram users insta-lost all of their photos due to the fact that they were in breach of Instagram’s TOS which clearly states minors must be 13 to sign up and use their platform.  Nancy from Hip to Housewife takes a look at the Instagram backlash and asks her readers to give their thoughts and opinions on this recent clean-up by one of the world’s most popular apps.
  • …and because we all need to remember that our bodies are beautiful and strong, just they way they are, I want you to head over to Cat Tails and read her latest post-pregnancy post on loving her slightly dysfunctional body just the way it is.

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