1. Avatar of Cindi Matthews

    Tips To Overcome Empty Nest Syndrome

    Now that the kiddos have graduated high school or college, you may be experiencing the loneliness of Empty Nest Syndrome after the “nest’s” residents launch and venture out into the world.  That being said, you, the nest’s builder, will be...
  2. Mary Handfelt

    When Your Student Fails

    College is H-A-R-D! Sometimes its really, really hard. What do you do when your brilliant child fails? Are you ready to help them through it? Sitting with a friend in a local coffee shop I could tell that even talking about it was...
  3. Mary Handfelt

    Dealing With College Rejection Letters and Emails

    You’ve spent nearly two decades protecting, guiding, censoring, building up, intercepting, blocking – okay, “helicopter-ing” in on your child’s life – to save them from pain and failure. You’ve become amazingly prescient at forseeing impending disaster and adeptly maneuvering your kid...

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