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    A Review of AboutOne.com – All Your Family Deets in One Place

    Chances are good that you are an online parent. You probably clicked to this site from Twitter or read a clip of the post on Facebook or saw it in your rss reader. You visit TypeAParent for parenting advice. Other...
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    School is a different world for preteens

    Elementary school is a safe and secure little world. Teachers march children to each class. Children are never alone. The buddy system is in full force. Middle school is an entirely different world. Note: Some preteens attend middle schools for grades 6...
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    Perfect Weekend Challenges

    With Spring Break over, I’m now reflecting on the way my day has changed now that my children are older. When my kids were little the days seemed so stressful and action packed. True I was busy with a newborn...
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    Shoe Shopping With A Preteen

    I’m not a big fan of shoe shopping. I have about 5 pairs of winter shoes, and 3 pairs of summer shoes. That’s it. I wear my shoes until they fall apart; then buy a replacement pair. My preteen has...
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    Should My Preteen Have a Set Bedtime?

    In the words of American Idol judge Randy Jackson, “Yes! Yes! 100 percent yes.” Preteens need a set bedtime as much, if not more than, a younger child. Preteens need to be rested, relaxed, and ready to go to school, activities,...

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