Attendee Terms

Type-A Parent conferences and events have a number of policies and terms to maintain the conference experience for all attendees. By registering for a conference or event, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

I understand that if I am a representative of a business, firm, brand or agency, I am not eligible for the blogger pass.

Any attendee who is coming to Type-A to represent a business (non-blogger), firm, agency or brand must purchase the business pass. This is a full pass for attendees who are not bloggers (or who is primarily in attendance as a business and/or whose blog is a blog established only to promote their business), but are attending as a representative of a business, corporation, agency or firm. Anyone who should purchase a business pass but instead purchases a blogger pass will have their pass revoked without refund. If you are unsure which pass applies to you, the best litmus test is to ask yourself this: Are you there primarily to network with bloggers or with brands? If your purpose in attending is outreach to bloggers, you should get the business pass.

I understand and accept the conference’s suitcasing/outboarding policies as part of the terms of purchasing pass/es.

This confirms you have read the suitcasing/outboarding policy which applies to every attendee, be it a blogger, business that is not sponsoring, business that is sponsoring, speaker, volunteer or staff.

  • Attendees and anyone on site at the conference will not be allowed to hand out, pass out or leave in public areas of the conference hotel/venue any form of swag, brochures, literature, advertisements or anything branded on behalf of a company that is not an official sponsor. Official sponsors should only place items at their official booked and confirmed expo space or with written consent of the conference organizers.
  • Businesses and organizations that are not sponsors will not be entitled to any benefits that official sponsors receive, such as any space on vendor tables or visibility in the conference venue. Sponsor companies are only entitled to the benefits listed in their sponsorship.
  • No unofficial/unauthorized parties, functions or events will be permitted on the conference grounds. No functions of any sort will be permitted in the conference venue without prior written approval from the conference.
  • Anyone who hosts or plans an unofficial party, function, conference or event at any location will be subject to their passes being revoked without refund. This practice is considered highly unethical. Anyone involved in an unofficial event (both company and people) will be banned from attending and sponsoring future Type-A Parent events.
  • Anyone found violating any part of the policy will have their conference pass revoked without warning. If the violation is excessive, the company that received benefits and visibility will be billed for the equivalent of an official sponsorship.

I understand that pass transfer is only allowed with a fee.

Tickets cannot be refunded, but they can be sold/transferred for a $50 fee one time. Once a pass has been transferred to another attendee, it can no longer be transferred. You also may request to hold your 2014 pass to be used by YOU the original ticket buyer only with no fee. It would be held until the following year’s annual conference. All transfer requests for Type-A events must be received no later than 30 days before the start date of the conference, and you must not be using a pass already held over from 2014.

I understand that my information may be shared with sponsors who wish to connect with me.

While we are very discreet with attendee data, we do on occasion share this with sponsors for things like pre-conference gift box mailings, invitations to small group events and invitations to participate in blogger programs, to name just a few. By registering, you agree to this. If you don’t wish to have your information shared, please email subject line “opt out” to request to be excluded.