Don't List Me edition of Talk of the Parent Blogosphere

Don’t List Me edition of Talk of the Parent Blogosphere

This week bloggers are up in arms over the latest “top mommy blogger” list. While these always stir up controversy, this one in particular offended people because of its recommendations to use techniques for blogger outreach such as blogging for contest entries. Christine Young criticized the list-maker for his blogger outreach recommendations in her post, “The World’s Most Powerful Social Media Influencers to Treat and Pamper.”

Cecily Kellogg wrote about why these lists anger us with her Babble post, “New Top Mommy Blogger List P***** Off Mom Bloggers.” Fadra Nally explained about the Problem with Blogger Lists. Our own Kelby Carr countered that list, with its criticism of the marketer who wrote it, with a list of Marketers Who Understand Blogger Outreach.

Also happening in the blogosphere:

For some reason, men (and women) everywhere are talking about women’s rights. Coupledumb takes a look at the so-called war on women and the implications it has or can have on our society.

Who says MMA is for only for boys? Not this mom! Deb from Just Short of Crazy’s daughter has just started MMA training so head over there and show her your support.

As parents, it’s important to remember that our children see and learn from everything around them. Sometimes it’s the little things, like a magnet on the refridgerator or a song on the radio, that sticks with our children and help to form their perspectives on life, Jessica reminds us that in life, there are many things that taste better than thin.

As you probably already know, meal planning is key for a healthy and financially savvy lifestyle. Kelly Kincaid is guest posting about The Centsible Life and reminds us parents have a responsiblity to teach their children the importance of meal planning and show them how to manage healthy meal planning for their own lives.

American Hunger is not a made up issue, in fact 49 million families are food insecure and it’s something we can all work towards bringing an end to. Often we tell ourselves there’s nothing we can about world hunger, that it doesn’t touch us…but we can’t hide from hunger. It’s here too. Sherry Aikens is sharing her story this week and is encouraging us to do something to help end American Hunger.

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