Possibly the biggest news to come out of the internet this week is Facebook’s recent purchasing of mobile photo app Instagram for 1 billion in cash and stocks.  While little is known about the recent purchase, Mark Zuckerberg promised Instagram would continue to work with rival social networks, including Twitter & FourSquare.  Although executives from both companies are committed to continuing to offer Instagram as a standalone program, current users brace for changes with others already beginning to look for alternatives.

Here’s a look at whatelse happened in the world this week:

The Department of Justice announced this week they would move forward with a massive lawsuit against Apple and a plethora of publishers over accusations of e-book price gouging, which Apple fires back claiming they’re just trying to break up Amazon’s monopoly.

With childhood obesity on the rise, many doctors and scientists agree that major changes will need to be made in the way our children are raise and the amount of their caloric intake to stem the obesity tide.  NPR takes a look at how many calories would need to be cut from the average child’s diet in order to stop the obesity epidemic.

Along the same vein, scientists are now also conjecturing that a woman’s weight is directly related to the rise in autism rates.  A recent study of more than 1,000 children found that those born to obese mothers had a 67% higher risk of autism than the children of normal-weight moms, as reported by U.S. News.

As parents, we often think of saving for our child’s college education while also forgetting to save for retirement.  CNN Money reported this week that around 60% of working adults have less than $25,000 saved for their retirement; a number many economists find frightening.

In the rapidly expanding social network space, another change has come to Facebook’s functionality.  Facebook announced Friday, April 13th, that they would be rolling out a service that uses the same name in your Facebook Timeline in your Facebook email account; rivaling Google+’s social network and email cohesiveness.

The rash of mid-west earthquakes seen in the U.S. recently can “almost certainly” be attributed to wastewater created from oil and gas drilling, or fracking as it’s sometimes called.

Don’t have a YouTube channel yet? What are you waiting for??  YouTube announced Friday they have opened up their partner program, the same program that allows you to monetize your videos, to everyone – sitewide.

What’s your big news for the week?

image credit: beta75.se