thumb-sucking-solution.jpgMy son no longer sucks his thumb! My four year old son stopped suckinghis thumb last summer (at 3 1/2 yrs) with the help of a product calledthe ThumbGuard. We have three sons and my youngest was the only one who sucked his thumb and I didn’t know what to do.

The pediatrician said to let it go, but the dentist said he needs tostop. His top front teeth were already bucking out. He usually wouldonly suck his thumb at night or naptime, but I was noticing the daytimebecoming more frequent. His thumb had an odor and scabs from the bottomteeth rubbing the knuckle.

He would tell me “I on’t know why I suck my fumb, but I don’t likeit.” We would encourage, but he would always wake up sad even if wetold him it was no big deal. So, I bit the bullet and spent the moneyon the ThumbGuard.

It was a long road. The product said about 4 weeks, but we found ittook about 10 weeks for my son (if you run out of wristbands, try avelcro band from the craft store). The key is that the child WANTS todo this.

Now we almost forget he ever sucked his thumb! I highly recommend itto anyone who wants their child to stop this habit. He was and still isvery excited that he doesn’t suck his thumb anymore. He feels like abig boy.