My life has been profoundly influenced and affected by women writing and advocating on my behalf. And now, as I spend my days in a thinking, blogging, posting frenzy, I fancy myself a writer of sorts too. So, it’s high time I acknowledge the women that inspire. Here is my list of top 20 recommended women political bloggers, in no particular order.

This is my third post in a series written to honor Women’s History Month.

Before we get started, please note that I did ask my fellow bloggers and readers who they read also. So this list includes my favorites along with those who have been recommended to me.

Ok then. Here we go.

  1. Momocrats: While this is in no particular order, I still must put the Momocrats at the top of my list. As hardworking mothers and progressive thinkers, it often seems as if these women are speaking and advocating exclusively on my behalf when I read their posts. They are amazing writers, they know what they are talking about and the world is sitting up to listen to them.
  2. Punditmom is my “go to” political blogger. When something is going down, I want to know what a smart, liberal minded, feminist pundit has to say about it. PM comes through for me every time. And sometimes you’ll even catch her speaking her mind on CNN and Fox too.
  3. Julie Pippert is probably smarter than all of us put together. She’s extremely well informed, passionate about her politics and is a mother like so many of us.
  4. Queen of Spain is kind of political blogger celeb in my mind. She landed an interview with President Obama during the election and has been seen on TV and at major political events ever since.
  5. Writes Like She Talks is a fantastic political blogger and has written for, has made several appearances on CNN and is a columnist. She is certainly a political blogger to be reckoned with.
  6. Sairy is a Momocrat who’s found herself reporting from a White House Press conference, amongst other things. Here is her full bio – she is an important voice worth following.
  7. Angry Black Bitch: Straight forward, very brilliant and never afraid, I met Shark-Fu on my first day of BlogHer 08 and have been reading her ever since.
  8. Viva La Feminista writes as a feminist, Latina and mother – her voice is powerful, her message is important.
  9. Mombian is an established lesbian family blog which discusses political topics affecting rights (or lack thereof) for same sex parents.
  10. Feministing “is an online community for feminists and their allies.” The women here have created a talented and diverse community as they advocate for equal and human rights.

Other blogs recommended to me:

  • Citizen Jane Politics is described as an un-partisan, independent, political blog from women.
  • Blonder Than You is a DC blogger shooting straight from the hip, so to speak.
  • Women Wired In is a blog created for and about women, politics and technology.
  • Bang the Drum describes herself as a die-hard democrat and political junkie. She’s also a mom of three and lives in CA.
  • Working mom, Democrat, Patriot is exactly what her name suggests. Check her out.
  • The Feministe: To quote directly from their bio, “Feministe is one of the oldest feminist blogs designed by and run by women from the ground up.” Now go read it.
  • The Little Pink Clubhouse claims that she has a “consuming interest in politics” and writes from a small town outside Seattle.
  • HeartFeldt Politics is written by Gloria Feldt, a women’s activist whose voice is heard – and read – everywhere from the Huffington Post to the New York Times.
  • Womanist is written by a mother who describes herself as a pacifist, anti-racist and humanist – oh yeah, and a woman-ist.
  • The Political Voices of Women: If 20 women political bloggers just aren’t enough for you, check out the Political Voices of Women where you will find over 500 women telling it how it is.

For all that these bloggers do to keep me informed and advocate on my behalf, I am grateful. Happy Women’s History Month to all of these political bloggers and the women they reach.

Caroline writes about parenting, politics, pondering and panicking about it all at her own blog Morningside Mom.