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Multi-Author WordPress blogs can be a great way to build a community and keep fresh content on your site, but keeping up with the editorial process can be daunting. For example, adding things like Google Authorship for multiple authors isn’t the same as it is for single author blogs. As the owner of more than one multi-author blog, I’ve tried a lot of plugins and these are the ones I use and consider the top WordPress plugins for multi-author blogs.

Multi-Author WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Google Authorship for Multiple Authors – FREE

Google Authorship Multi-Author WordPress Plugin

This plugin adds a field to your authors’ profile page so they each input their own Google+ profile link. Once this is done they will each need to go to their Google+ profile and add your site to the list of blogs they contribute to. It takes a couple of weeks before the Google search results show the authorship markup with author names and photos, but you can check to see if it’s working by using the Google Rich Snippits Tool.

Peter’s Post Notes – FREE

Peter's Post Notes for Multi-Author Blogs

This plugin adds a small box for notes to the top right of the post editor. The blog’s manager and the post author can leave editorial comments for one another and thanks to the next plugin, Peter’s Collaboration E-mails, the notes are emailed to you and your authors so you don’t have to keep logging back into WordPress to see if the post has been updated. It’s a great way to keep your conversations organized and is so much easier to manage than straight-up emailing your authors each time something needs tweaking.

The notes show the note’s author at the top, then the date and the note. If more than one note has been left you will see them listed in order.

Peter’s Collaboration E-mails – FREE

Peter's Collaboration E-mail Plugin for Multi-Author WordPress Blogs

Another great plugin from Peter Keung, Peter’s Collaboration E-mail plugin is what makes sure all the notes left on the posts get emailed to the correct people! Without this plugin, I would be so lost and my five authors would be, too, probably.

Edit Flow – FREE

Edit Flow Editorial Calendar for WordPress

Edit Flow has the most amazing editorial calendar and collaboration tools I’ve seen! The calendar is really impressive and lets you drag and drop post assignments, change the status of the posts and even start/assign a post right from the calendar view. There are so many tools bundled with this that I don’t even have space to mention them all. Note that if you’re using this plugin and its extensions you won’t need the two plugins from Peter that I’ve mentioned above. I have two multi-authors sites and on one, my editor prefers to use Peter’s plugins because that’s what she’s used to. On the other site we use and love Edit Flow. The link above takes you to the plugin page on the plugin directory, but you can read all about Edit Flow features on its dedicated site.

Color Admin Posts – FREE

Color Admin Posts for WordPress

This plugin will color code your list of posts so that you can tell at a glance if you have new pending posts to review, how many drafts you have and what’s published. You can choose the colors it uses and if you know a little about code you can even edit a couple of files to add additional post statuses such as Pitch and Assigned which are added by plugins like Edit Flow.

Do you have a multi-author WordPress site?

As a WordPress junkie I would love to hear about your favorite WordPress multi-author plugins! Tell me what you use and why you like it.

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