With every preemie that comes home the NICU, each has his or her own special needs. Mydaughter was one of the lucky ones that got to come home without anyoxygen. This was a feat for a baby whose actual weight was only 1 lb.12 oz’s. Her main problem was acid reflux and some A symmetricalproblems. Most premies are usually A or B symmetrical which means thatthey move one side better then the other. AshLynn had a problem withthe A side of her body. This usually isn’t found until they arebeginning to reach for things.

Our first problem coming home was her head. Her head had a point on the back of it. If you laid her on her back, her head would fall either to the right or left. We used the head rolls that you buy for an infants car seat. We bought a preemie one and a regular infant one and put them together to keep her head on the back. We placed them in her car seat, swing, and bouncer.

Every time we put her down we put her in one on her back, and of course had to have whatever she was in angled up. Being at a straight up angle helped her acid reflex. Make sure that the seat of the swing and car seat are adjustable. This way you can put them up more to help with their acid reflex and digestion.

The next thing for us to concur was her A symmetry. We bought her a jungle gym that had toys above her and a mirror so she could watch herself play. We also bought hanging toys to put on her car seat, swing and bouncer. When she began to grab hold of things, we would make her hold things on the A symmetrical side.

If I remember right it was her left side, but that could be wrong. One other symmetrical problem is not turning their head a certain way or they can get a stiff neck. You have to make them look that way.

The next toys we bought were toys that made a noise. She loved them, but not all preemies do, so before going hog wild on light up singing toys. Just buy one or two and see if she or he can handle the noise. This is when she began to love her mobile.

When it came time for her to crawl, she pretty well did it her self. But, again she would only pull herself with her one side. So, we would place toys on her other side and try to make her use her other side. We spent lots of time holding her finger and helping her to roll left or right. You want to make sure that when they are ready, to make them use their stomach muscles to roll.

The next crazy thing we did! We put our couch cushions on the floor. You are probably thinking that know I’m nuts, but they are soft, they were just her size, and they helped her to begin to build muscle. You have to remember that when she was crawling, she only weight about 11 pounds, and was probably only 25 inches long. It’s really hard to find pull up toys that would be her size. She couldn’t have handled the toys. These worked great, she could crawl up and down them, and soon we had an entire obstacle course.

When she was ten months old, she began to walk all by herself. At a year old she could walk and carry objects across the room. The doctors were amazed. They couldn’t believe it. When they asked me what, we had done to get her to do this? I told them! We had been taking her to the pool. I would set her in a round yellow 1-2-3 floaty, then lay her back and put her head on my shoulder.

I then would begin moving her right and left leg like a bicycle. She soon began to do it all on her own. I then put pink nike slide on saddles on her feet. I did the same routine, but the shoes made her move more water, kinda like weights on her feet. Then after a while I would take her to the walk-in part of the pool and take her out of her floaty. I would hold both of her fingers and have her walk in the water.

After that summer, she was ready for toys that she could stand up by and play with. We bought her a play table and toys that she could push around the house. Then from there we treated her like a normal kid and bought toys that were appropriate for her age.