Google announced this week that effective March 1st, they will consolidating their six privacy policies into one and will not offer users an opt-out button, causing users to wonder if Google is close to treading on their “Do No Evil” model.  Even with sweeping changes being made to their privacy settings, Google also suggested that major changes be made to the Internet’s Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).  Arstechnia reports the TCP changes Google has proposed, while speeding up the server’s exchange, leave an opening for much larger problems to form within the infrastructure of the internet.

Censoring tweets for different regions of the world is now accessible through Twitter, which will allow the social network to be used globally, says BusinessWeek.
Finally joining the online gaming world, Nintendo announced this week that they, too, will soon offer an online gaming experience comparable to XBOX Live and the Play Station network, reports Mashable.
Proof that there are still stupid criminals in this world, NPR reported this week that someone mailed over 35 pounds of cocaine to the UN Headquarters in New York City.
Forbes writer Alex Knapp gave readers an inside look at the world’s most powerful laser, an x-ray laser they plan to use to recreate the matter found inside of stars.
The Associated Press gives insight into new report findings that electronic records and the systems that hold them still need some work.

What’s on your news this week?

Image Courtesy of tangi-bertin