Valentine’s Day swag starts hitting the shelves as soon as the Holiday season is over in December. With a wide range of various boxes of characters, puppies and even Angry Birds, how do you make your child’s Valentines stand out?

Below are just a few of the gorgeous printables we found that you can customize and personalize to make your child feel special. Bonus? They are free and no trips to the store fighting off begs and pleads for candy (or is that just my kids?).

Over at Amy is the Party, we found these adorable mini valentines. All you have to do is print, cut and sign.

How amazing are these candy bar wrappers? The blog Anything But Perfect has a downloadable file already fancied up. You just add the 1.55 ounce Hershey Bar’s and you are sure to please anyone who receives this special gift.

valentine's printable candy bar wrapper

The monster card in this next collection has me in stitches! He’s so adorable, I might just have to print him to frame. We found these on the blog Pumpkins and Posies.

valentines printables

Next I found a great activity pack you can download to print! Aimed at Pre-K to Kindergarten ages kids, this pack has matching games, find the differences, puzzles and more. This great pack is courtesy of Over the Big Moon.

valentines day activity pack free printable

Last, but certainly not least, I saw this next set from the Rubber Punkin all over Pinterest. With it’s elegant style and gorgeous colors, you can give these to both kids and adults alike. Simply stunning.

elegant valentines

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