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Valentine’s Day is just a week away and the parent blogosphere is the place to go for everything from sweet treat, clever valentines, and gift suggestions for every sweetheart on your list. While the Valentine’s Day holiday has been around since the mid-17th century, the giving of commercial valentines didn’t really catch on until around the ’20s and the card itself has evolved and changed many times over the last 90+ years. One thing is certain, however. Vintage valentines never go out of style and many moms are taking it to the next level with awe-inspiring handmade cards and party favors.

At a loss for fun homemade Valentine’s Day cards? Rural Mom encourages you to use what you know and what you love to create just the right handmade valentine for your kids’ class, loved ones, and more. Speaking of awesome homemade valentines, every child I know would love to get one of Tonya’s DIY LEGO bracelet gifts from over on The Centsible Life this week. I love it when a gift thinks outside of the box and utilizes what you already have…plus, who doesn’t love LEGOs?

If you’re tired of giving the same old box of chocolates and bouquet of flowers, consider giving your special someone one of these gifts suggestions for mom from Untrained Housewife.  Since there isn’t a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle in the world who wouldn’t love to receive something handmade from your small people, try making and giving one of these thoughtful salt ceramic heart ornament from Naturally Educational.

If you’re one of those people who loves to decorate their home for every holiday, then you won’t want to miss Blissfully Domestic’s DIY Valentine’s Day wreath decoration tips and ideas.  After you’ve made a cute wreath for your door, get your home Valentine’s Day party ready with this easy-to-make DIY heart curtain from Mommy Moment. All you need is card stock, craft glue, and some thread or string.

As much as we’d like, some of us simply will not have time this year to create fancy handmade cards, gifts, and decorations, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to provide our kids with a special and unique Valentine’s Day. I shared some websites out there with free Valentine’s Day activities and printables over at Mommy Needs a Break. These adorable and free Valentine’s Day Love Note printables over at Tiramisu Mom will help you show your loved ones you care in a fraction of the time.

Since Valentine’s Day isn’t the only thing parent bloggers are talking about, I’ve also added a few of my favorite posts from the past week:

  • This week was not all joy and hearts, in fact, many bloggers all over the world mourned the year anniversary of a dear friend, Susan Niebur.  One of the many tributes I read to this amazing woman came from Jodifur who reminds us that we shouldn’t run from the memories of loved ones, but embrace this way of their living on.
  • As bloggers and avid digital users, we often categorize our use of social media as not the same as the average parent user, however recent research from Nielson shows that as much as 72% of moms who were online spent time on Facebook, leading me to venture that the amount of our use may be different, most of us are using social networks. V3 IM’s Shelly Kramer shared some valuable insight into the Nielson reasearch, while also sharing the results of her own research of moms online usage and offering suggestions on how to best work with digital parents (particularly moms).
  • If you’re a parent, chances are you have had to or will have to deal with the dreaded “l’ word: lice. What you’ve probably never thought about is how those little buggers (literally) can teach you a lesson in letting go. Kate from The Guavalicious Life didn’t think so either, but in the midst of what could have been a ruined birthday, she is able to find peace and learn a little lesson in letting go of those things out of our control.
  • Think red velvet is just too decadent for your diet or healthy lifestyle? Think again! This tasty red velvet waffle recipe (YUM!) utilizes beets for its color and substitutes quinoa flour for enriched white to make a healthier alternative for a decadent breakfast treat.
  • As my Northeastern friends are preparing to batten down the hatches against what could be a historic storm this weekend, maybe they can also find the time to make some of the fun and colorful snow sculptures from Creative Connections fro Kids.
  • Most of us who watched the Super Bowl last Sunday found ourselves uncomfortable during at least one of the commercials, so rather instead of simply writing a blog post or creating an outraged hashtag, Peanut Butter in My Hair suggests simply taking a stand and turning them off.

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