Hello. Back by popular demand, I will continue to attempt to do a weekly Wednesday Link Love post. I actually will start going by a theme, but I just didn’t bother to think one up this week. Plus, I kind of enjoyed last week’s post with its wild mix of interesting posts.

If you have a suggestion for a theme next week, let me know. I’m up for ideas. I would like it to be somewhat general so it can be inclusive of a lot of different bloggers. Maybe something like rants, or sweet memories. Or do you guys like the randomness? Let me know in comments.

Instead of rambling, I’ll just get to it. Can you feel the love?

  • Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and  the Stress Factor – This one from the amazing Sharon McMillan brings up some great points. And I thought I was a multi-tasking, type-A mom.
  • Twitter for Businesses – Lately, the question of how businesses should delve into Twitter has come up quite frequently. In fact, I was already thinking about blogging about the subject. I probably still will, but this post from Michelle Riggen-Ransom is a must-read before a business jumps in.
  • Letters from the Heart 9 – Enjoy the engaging writing of CA Copeland, who is a dad and a blogger (all good!)
  • Happy Birthday to You, Mom! – I was cracking up reading this. Don’t worry if you’re older and you read this. Over at The Daily Digress, she understands how easily old people startle. It’s cool, I mean groovy.
  • Hope and Change for the Future – This is a wonderful post about a mom’s experience volunteering at the Democratic National Convention.
  • How to Earn the Meanest Mom in the World Title in 5 Simple Words – This completely cracks me up! Can you guys what five words would make a tween mom too totally mean? Check the New Old Moms Club blog to find out.
  • Taube Matilda Schoenfeld 1915-2008 – OK, what the hell? Does someone have to make me all emotional every week? I mean, I know this is only the second week, but still? OK, I am just kidding. This is an extremely moving (see previous sentences) post about the loss of her grandmother at Pecked by Ducks. It’s quite wonderful. This part gets me: “I love you Grandma, I am going to miss you so much I’m not sure how to wrap my head around it right now.” So sorry!

I hope you guys enjoy this week’s wandering about the blogosphere as much as I did. And definitely let me know what you’d like to see next hump day. (And yes, I think I did subconsciously pick Wednesday so I would have a weekly excuse to type the word “hump.” Sue me.)

Photo of link love heart chain, copyright Teerapong Boongird