960116_75032119_1_original.jpgWinter holidays are a great base for unit studies, You can plan unit studies around Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas and more.  

Making a Winter Schol unit study is a great way to integrate all of your subjects and make learning efficient and focused. 

With all of the gift giving going on in Winter, you can work quotes about gratefulness into your writing curriculum and also into your art projects, making customized thank-you cards.  Celebrating Boxing Day can help de-clutter the house and  serve the community.

Use Hannukah Lesson Plans   to learn about the origins of the holiday.  Studying the history of Hannukah is a great way to work biblical history into your Ancient History studies.

No Santa in Mexico.  That always get the kids attention.  Learn about how Christmas is celebrated in Mexico and plan a Mexican Christmas celebration at your house.

 If you’re studying American History, try adding a Pearl Harbor Day Lesson plan.  Studying the geography of Hawaii and Japan are great additions to the lesson plan.  

Kwanzaa is a holiday that originated in America in the 1960’s in order to unite African Americans all over the world.  If you could invent any holiday, what would it be?

 Adding December holidays into your homeschool curriculum is easy; there are several resources online for printable worksheets and holiday lessons.

Try making recipes that are symbolic of each holiday, making artwork  similar to the traditional decorations of the season and the culture.  Studying the history behind each holiday gives kids a healthy worldview.  Learning the origins and traditions behind winter holidays can make the world your classroom.