Faculty Applications

We're happy to know that you're considering applying for the Type-A Faculty. We consider our speakers, guest post authors, and webinar contributors are among our most valuable connections. Please review the details below, and use the form to submit your ideas on how you can contribute to our vibrant, growing tribe!

Faculty Obligations and Benefits

We want to be sure we're on the same page before going any further. So, if you join our faculty, this is what we expect from you, and what we're prepared to offer:

  • Faculty members who wish to speak at Type-A events must complete the speaking proposal process for each specific event within the deadlines and all other requirements for the event. While regularly contributing faculty members will be among our top choices for speakers, simply being a faculty member does not guarantee you a spot on the agenda.
  • We may record your session (live events and webinars) and make it available on our site and/or to members (free or paid).
  • Faculty will receive promotion on our site, social media channels, and email messages - though we'll need you to provide us with information in a timely manner so that we can create the promotions.
  • Contributions you make will be promoted on our site, social media channels, and email messages.
  • We'll provide you with images and links showcasing your position on our faculty.
  • There is absolutely no selling from stage, through webinars, or via guest blog posts. Please review our Sponsorship Opportunities if you'd like to market something to our audience.
  • Faculty members contribute content in return for no-follow backlinks (according to Google's suggestions), PR, personal branding, and distribution of thought leadership. Faculty members are not compensated for guest post articles, webinar presentations, or live event presentations unless specifically arranged with Type-A prior to content being submitted/distributed.
  • A lack of contributions for a year or more will likely result in your removal from our faculty. 

Apply to be a Member of the Type-A Faculty

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