Benefits to Living in the Country

Maybe you think about what it’s like to live in the country when you take the scenic route and drive through winding roads, corn fields, and small rural towns. Rural living has its advantages over urban sprawl and big cities. Families are moving to smaller towns and out of the city at alarming rates, many with the same reasons. The following are just a few of the reasons why it’s good to raise your kids in the country.

Peaceful Surroundings

Whether you have an acre or 10 acres, the country offers peace and quiet you can’t get in the city. Sit outside on the porch stoop any time of the day or night and more often than not, you will be the audience to nature playing its tune. It’s not unlikely to hear crickets chirping, birds singing, and if you listen long enough, possibly a cow mooing or a rooster crowing up the road at the neighbor’s house. What little traffic there is often passes by with a “whoosh”. The noisiest sounds will often be the sounds of your own children’s laughter.

Open Spaces

Life in the country means your home isn’t packed on top of your neighbors. Your children have room to run, play, jump and be kids without worry of treading through the neighbor’s yard or flowers. Families can spread out among their properties and give everyone some elbow room. For people who love gardening, the space of living in the country allows them to get creative with the size of their garden and what to include. Parents appreciate the space that comes with living in the country, being able to send kids outside to a one or two acre piece of land offers a piece of mind that the kids have plenty of room to grow.

Safety Concerns

Parents looking for security that they can’t find in the city anymore often look to small communities and rural living to find peace of mind. Worries of living in areas of crime and theft keep them from sending kids outside to play. Moms who have moved their children to the country often cite the fear of crime and having their children grow up in a safe place as one of their most important reasons for moving. It’s very frightening to live in an area that is corrupt with theft and crime or dangerous schools. Rural moms find relief in knowing that statistically living in the country does have less reported crime.

Clean Air

Families that live in the country have the benefit over crowded cities and industrial areas of having clean air. Sitting outside at night and being able to view the stars and moon in all their glory is clear evidence of the air quality in the country. Smog and air pollution is far and few between in the country. Bright blue clouds and sun are able to be seen clearly and pollutants from crowded highways, exhaust fumes and manufacturing companies are nowhere in sight. For most rural families the worst air they might encounter is a trip back into the pig pen or chicken coop.

Certainly there are other benefits to living a rural life such as taking in the view of the sun on fire as it sets over the pasture or a quiet Sunday drive to visit friends and family or even the feeling of community to belonging to a small rural town. Families that have traded in their city digs for a piece of the country look forward to growing their kids high as the corn fields in August and giving them taste of heaven on earth.

Photo: “Country Living” by Tony Harvey is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

About the Author: Nichole Smith

Nichole Smith as a freelance writer and professional blogger. Nichole writes at her blog, Chaos in the Country where she talks country living and raising a family with a dose of humor and realism. Nichole is also active in the social media space as the social media director for a local retail company. Nichole is the former Co-Editor of the Parenting Channel at Lifetime Moms, and community manager for MothersClick, part of the Lifetime Digital Network. When Nichole isn’t blogging or writing, she makes pretty things with yarn, chases cows and envies anyone who doesn’t burn dinner. Nichole makes her home in Rural NE Ohio with her husband and four children.

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