How I Inadvertently Created My Dream Job

This year marks my 10th anniversary of entrepreneurship. It’s a milestone I never expected to celebrate.

In May 2008, I started Balance Personal Fitness Training as a way to reenter the workforce after six years of being a full-time stay-at-home mom. I wanted to combine my fitness junkie passion and teaching background to work with other new moms to help them feel great during the childbearing year.

Honestly, it was supposed to be a hobby job. It was going to be something I did very part-time until my second son went to Kindergarten in a few years. Then I was planning on getting a “real job.”

But as happens in life, things didn’t go to plan. My business grew. I started my blog Running on Balance and gained a small but loyal following. I had an unexpected third child.

Along this detour, I really fell in love with supporting women who were committed to improving their fitness. I found out I was really good at helping women shift their mindset around exercise and self-care. And I loved the relationships I was building with my clients, many of whom I no longer work with but still see socially.

By combining my passion and my experience, I started something that grew beyond my expectations.

Because I’m not one to hang out in a comfort zone too long, I noticed a feeling like there was something more out there. I dipped my toe into running an online bootcamp as a way to extend my reach. While it was financially successful, I found it lacked the connection that really inspired my work.

I wanted to serve the audience I had gained through blogging in a way that felt more fulfilling than just sending people workouts. It’s the community aspect of blogging and the personal nature of coaching that really excites me.

In Febraury 2017 I launched the Well Balanced Women online school. Using my best teaching and coaching techniques, I designed ecourses to help support women through positive behavior change. From my free 5-day Fit in Fitness Challenge to Build Healthy Habits: Six Weeks to Wellness to Survive & THRIVE Perimenopause, I now reach thousands of people to help them lay solid foundations for a healthy lifestyle.

The feedback from the women enrolled in my online school has been overwhelmingly positive. It is a real thrill to know their lives are healthier, happier, and more whole from my ecourse experience.

And it’s really wild to think that what started as a part-time personal training gig has grown into a worldwide health coaching program.

I inadvertently created my dream job, and I have had a blast doing it!

I’m honored to have been invited to share my story at the upcoming Type A Conference in Chicago this September. I’ll be speaking on Friday at 3:30pm about how I used my blog Running on Balance to grow my service-based business.

I titled the session “Wrestling Cerberus” because I do sometimes feel like managing client sessions, blog writing, and ecourse development and community is not unlike taming a three-headed dog. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it!

If you’re a blogger or small business owner, register now and join me at Type A 2018. I’ll be giving practical, actionable steps for transforming your serviced based business through blogging.  I look forward to sharing my journey with you as a way to support your growth.


Karen Shopoff Rooff is a Women’s Wellness Warrior who champions realistic approaches to healthy, mindful living. As a personal trainer, health coach, blogger, ultrarunner, wife, and mom of three, Karen lives the philosophy of life work balance. She coaches women worldwide to through her wellness ecourses and virtual fitness programs, encouraging her community of Well Balanced Women. Karen believes that you don’t have to have it all together to keep moving forward. It's all about balance! Find Karen at

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