How and Why to Conduct Market Research on Your Blog Idea

Coming up with an idea for a blog is a great start – but how do you determine if there are people interested in the topic? Where are they getting their information now? Will you have competitors? How do you compete? Conduct market research to find out.

Conducting Market Research and Competitive Analysis on Your Blog Idea

Christen Evans of Apogee talks with Rachel to share tips on market research, competition, and competitive analysis. Listen as she describes how to conduct market research on your blog idea. Find your competition and determine how to dominate your market and cooperate with your competitors for greater success.

market research

Here’s what we cover in this interview:

  • Christen’s blogging story, starting with, to her new blog at as well as her role at affiliate program management agency, Apogee.
  • When you should start thinking about researching the competition for your blog or blog idea
  • How to identify a competitor through market research
  • How to create your value proposition or competitive advantage
  • How to work with competitors to land more sponsorships and work with more brands
  • When and how to work with competitors to create content
  • How you can stay up to date on your competition
  • How to determine whether or not your competitors see you as competition
  • What you can, should, and shouldn’t do with ideas, campaigns, and content you see your competitors creating
  • How to stay competitive without losing “you”
  • How stop watching the conversation happen from the outside, and begin to make yourself part of that conversation, and even drive it
  • How attending blogging conferences can help you stay ahead of the competition and create relationships with brands, agencies, and solution providers
  • Christen’s top 3 tips for anyone who is worried about starting their blog because they think there is too much competition (Spoiler alert: she says “DO IT!” Find out why and how in the video)

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The Social Media and Influencer Manager of Apogee, Christen Evans got her start in affiliate marketing on the blogging side in 2013. She joined Apogee in early 2017, originally to help affiliate recruiting efforts and has transitioned into working on building relationships with influencers, sending monthly newsletters to affiliates to keep them apprised of merchant news and ensuring Apogee has a strong presence on social media platforms. She also provides the comic relief for

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