Should You Start a Company for Your Blog?

Have you been considering whether or not you should start a company for your blog? There are several benefits to creating a specific entity (a company) for your blog, and some risks you take if you haven’t done so yet.

Start a Company for Your Blogging Business

I interviewed attorney, Jamie Lieberman of Hashtag Legal and Businessese. She talked about the importance of creating a specific entity for your blogging business and what options are available (LLC vs Inc.) . Plus, she shared what to expect when setting up a company and when and how to seek professional legal assistance.

start a company for your blog

In this 45 minute, in-depth interview, we cover:

  • Jamie’s background and what drew her to influencer marketing and helping bloggers
  • When a blogger should consider creating their own LLC or Inc.
  • When it’s too late, or too soon to legally form your business
  • The benefits creating separation between your business and yourself
  • The risks of not creating that separation
  • Three approaches to forming your business:
    • DIY
    • Using a LegalZoom-like service
    • Hiring a lawyer
  • What to expect when you go through the process of forming an entity
  • What information you need to have on hand to fill out the paperwork
  • What decisions you’ll need to make, and common pitfalls to avoid
  • How partnerships – working with one or more partners – affect the process
  • The importance of an Operating Agreement – especially in a partnership
  • What processes, record-keeping, and filing you’ll need to consider to keep your business in good standing and allow it to continue to offer you personal protection
  • Jamie’s answer to: What are the first 3 things a new blogger should do?

How to Watch the Interview

This interview, which will help you determine if you should start a company for your blog is available to all Tribe Members.


Jamie Lieberman

Jamie Lieberman is a partner and founder of Hashtag Legal, a law firm specializing in influencer marketing and businesses with an online component. Jamie has been practicing law for more than ten years and loves partnering with her clients to help them build their businesses, using her experience as a lawyer and business owner. Jamie frequently speaks on topics such as negotiation, legal issues for influencers, intellectual property and contract basics.

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