11 Unique Types of Content to Create For Your Business Blog

As a business website owner, the content you produce is the backbone of your business model. As long as you can provide your users with valuable and educational content, resources and engaging products, they will continue to pay their monthly or annual subscription.

However, producing unique content consistently can cause certain problems, especially when you’re running out of ideas on what to post. But don’t fret, there is a tonne of different formats you can create to captivate your users. Here are 11 ideas for what you can post next;

Unique Content Idea #1: Tutorial Posts

More commonly referred to as ‘how-to’ posts, these are perhaps one of the most popular kinds of content posts. This is the best way to teach and educate your users on how to do something that they want to know about.

All you need to do here is identify the problem and tell them a solution. You can do this through text content, images or even how-to videos.

Unique Content Idea #2: Captivating Infographics

An infographic is another extremely popular form of content that online users simply love. Instead of writing out thousands of words on a single subject, why not create a highly-visual infographic that details all the facts and figures they want to know, without having to take up too much time in their day.

Don’t forget to check your infographic before posting to make sure that it’s free from errors and mistakes. You can use grammar checkers like Grammarix or Bigassignments to help.

Unique Content Idea #3: Case Studies

A case study takes a real-life example of something you’re talking about and goes into detail about how the case study happened and why it’s important to your business blog. For example, let’s imagine you own a running blog.

You could have cases studies on certain products (see reviews below), you could talk about a professional runner and their experiences, or you could even talk about an ‘average’ person and their running experiences. Don’t forget; you can professionally edit your content to perfection using tools like Ukwritings or Assignment help.

Unique Content Idea #4: Reviews

Let’s face it; there are so many products and services out there that it can be hard to know where to begin. No matter the subject of your business blog, hosting detailed professional and user reviews on your website is a great way to share information about the products that your users care about.

Unique Content Idea #5: Educational Courses

Typically, online courses are the most common form of business website content. These are packages which can be bought singularly or as part of your subscription. In your courses, you’ll be teaching and educating your users on something valuable, or so they can reach a certain objective.

A standard course will need to be around 30 minutes in length but can easily reach hundreds of hours long, depending on the subject and your main objective. When writing your course content, you can use content writing tools like Essayroo or Boomessays to help, as recommended by the HuffingtonPost.

Unique Content Idea #6: Live Webinars

Hand in hand with the consideration above, some topics you won’t want to create courses for, but you can save to share with your users in a live format. A live webinar is an online event in which people can tune in to hear you talking about your subject of choice.

This is also a great way to bring your business community together as they can talk to each other and ask your questions, much like your traditional classroom, just online.

Unique Content Idea #7: Interviews

By incorporating industry experts into your community, you’re actively giving your users access to some of the best information possible that will teach them everything they need to know from the professional in that field.

What better way is there to incorporate this style of information that an expert interview. You can advertise the event (perhaps it’s streaming live to your users) allowing them to get in touch and ask the questions they want to know.

You can use tools like Easy Word Count to track the script of your interview so you can ensure it stay within your time frame. When writing the write-up for your interview, you can add citations and references in professionally using tools like Cite It In.

Unique Content Idea #8: Podcasts

Another increasingly popular form of media, why not go into a huge amount of detail about certain topics by hosting a podcast. This is a great way to get people involved in your business blog, and you’ll have a tonne of opportunities to bring everyone together.

You can use writing guides such as State of Writing and Academadvisor to help you write a comprehensive script for each episode to guarantee a quality podcast.

Unique Content Idea #9: A Community Forum

As I mentioned above, the community of your business website is one of its most important aspects. If you can create a good community, you can be sure that you’ll have users subscribing for many years to come.

Within your community, you’ll want to include places for people to talk amongst each other and it’s also a great place to share important information and high-performing content posts.

Unique Content Idea #10: Downloads

Exclusive downloads are a great way to maintain and retain your business users. This can come in any shape and form, whether it’s high-quality images for people to use, software packages, resources, tools, or even forms of content, such as videos or infographics.

For example, if you operate a WordPress community, you could give away free and exclusive plugins that only your paying members are able to access and download.

Unique Content Idea #11: Cheat-Sheets

When your community revolves around a certain topic or subject, of course, there are going to be people who are going to want to learn everything there is to know about the subject. However, on the other hand, there are some people who simply won’t have time and will want to take away the basics.

“A cheat-sheet is an easy-to-digest document or file that describes everything someone will need to know, pretty much in a bullet point format, allowing them to learn quickly and easily” – explains Desiree Thorne, a Content Marketer at Resumention.


As you can see, there is a tonne of different formats of content you can create and generate for your business blog.

By posting and uploading a steady stream of content to your users, you can be sure that they’ll remain engaged and keep using your website as their go-to source of information. Just remember to get creative! After all, you know your users better than anyone!


Gloria Kopp is a business and marketing consultant at Paper Fellows. Shes is the founder of Studydemic educational community and is a regular contributor at Microsoft and Australian Help blog.

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