7 Ways to Add Content to Your Travel Blog

If you are in the travel industry it can be hard to come up with content to write about. Today I am sharing my favorite 7 ways to add content to your travel blog. Here’s why I am excited about this new venture!

If you have a new site that is geared toward the travel industry, and you have not had the opportunity to travel much, it can be hard to come up with content to share. However, I have 7 ways that I have found to help me put content on my blog and share with my readers. Just over a couple of years ago I turned my hodge podge blog into a full on food and travel site. It took me a few months to come up some unique ways to share with my readers.

Here’s a hint — a lot of it is re-use and re-purpose over and over again!

#1 Past Trips You Have Been On

If you are like me, in your past, you have taken some great trips but honestly never written about them. A couple of years ago, our youth group took a trip to Gatlinburg, TN. I took some amazing photos of all kinds of cool stuff that we did. However, I did not write about one thing we did during that time. Now, I have taken those photos and videos and turned them into a whole series on traveling to Gatlinburg. Whenever someone googles Gatlinburng, this series always comes up and offers a first hand experience.

Here’s an added bonus —

I can turn around and take all of those posts I wrote and turn them into a travel guide page on my blog. That page will work to share with travel and tourism boards when I am emailed asking about covering a trip. I created one for our visit to Gulf Shores and I use it frequently to share with others who are interested in traveling there — and the tourism commission loves that page on my website.

#2 Live Videos of Your Travels

I have not started doing this much, but I plan on starting in 2018. I have a friend who makes Instagram live and Facebook live videos all the time of his travels — that is his thing. In fact, the trend for 2018 that is predicted is that live video will be large — so why not start there when trying to get people interested?

The travel and tourism boards love when you can offer them insight into interaction with your readers and what better way than through a Facebook live or Instagram live video? For example, you can do a live feed of your visit to Niagara Falls. This way your reader can experience it with you. Some people may never get to travel there, but through you they can do that!

You can also save those live videos and upload them to Youtube. Youtube is a great place for people to search for topics as well.

Don’t forget to take your video and re-purpose it as an article or blog post to share on your site as well. Then just embed the video and you have double content to share.

#3 Travel Sites

I visit a lot of travel blogs and travel sites to give me inspiration for writing new articles to share with you. I recently discovered that American Airlines and Uber are now working together, so I have an article in the works to share with my readers about my first time Uber experience and why I am loving this new venture between AA and Uber.

While you cannot copy these articles on travel sites word for word, they can give you inspiration for coming up with your writings for your site.

#4 Periscope

Whenever we went to Gulf Shores last year, I periscoped our whole adventure. Anytime we visited some new attraction or restaurant, I always made sure to Periscope about it.

I even did a Periscope tour of the beach house we were staying in. The PR company I was working with LOVED what I did and was excited to see those scopes going on.

#5 Magazines offer ways to add content to your travel blog

One of my new favorite things to do is to read through travel magazines. They offer seasonal information that is good for inspiration.

Then I take that information and share it in a new post that I have written on the blog.

It’s really good to create a list, such as one that I read the other day entitled “7 Photos You Should Never Take When Traveling”. It was a great read, and gave me inspiration for my own list article that I am in the process of working on.

#6 Go Eat Somewhere New

I love when I read about an authentic restaurant experience, so if you want to find a great piece to share on your travel blog, then go eat somewhere new, take lots of photos and then write a blog post about it.

Then, right before you leave the restaurant, ask to speak to the manager. Hand him or her your business card and let them know that you are a food and travel writer. Be sure to share with them how much you loved the food and atmosphere and that you plan on writing a post about your experience there.

Not only are you gaining a new reader, you are opening yourself up to that owner or manager sharing her experience with other restaurant owners, who in turn might contact you and want to work with you in the process.

Then, be sure and write a great post about your experience at the restaurant.

#7 Be Adventurous

The best place to get inspiration and to find content for your travel blog is simple — do some traveling. Stop being afraid of going by yourself and just get out and go somewhere new.

It does not have to be somewhere around the world. We live 2 hours from Nashville, so we sometimes get in my car, and drive over to find a new adventure of some kind. There are all kinds of things to do and just visiting a couple of towns over can open the door to a new travel venture.

That is how I wound up writing a post about our adventure at the Nashville Zoo! We also discovered that 30 minutes from where we live is a town called Metropolis — home to Superman. You can only imagine the fun we had there.

These are just 7 ways to add content to your travel blog — now I want to hear your favorite ways to add content to your travel blog!

Jennifer Sikora is a lifestyle, food and travel blogger living in western Kentucky. You can always find her in the kitchen creating recipes or flying around the US on another exciting travel adventure. She loves coffee more than she loves her sleep and she is a die hard television and movie junkie. She has contributed work for sites like 5 Minutes for Mom, Daily Break, Empower Women and more.

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