Content is King, And So is Writing: Why Good Writing is Crucial to Your Business

It’s no secret that content, and how it’s delivered, is changing. With video and Instagram and gorgeous images being more and more important and influential, it’s easy to understand why some may think that nobody reads any more.

I’ve heard claims that blogs are on the way out, written content has to be super short, newspapers and publishing sites are struggling. And while it may be true, what I always find interesting is that despite this, people still want to read the news. Storytelling is still appealing. Many, many people still want to find information and connection through the written word.

And, most importantly, if you have a business or a blog or website—and you want to be taken seriously—it’s good writing that will set you apart.

Here’s why high-quality writing is crucial to your business.

Good writing creates a connection.

Good writing allows you to clearly communicate who you are and what you want to say. Your voice and personality can really come through when you’re mindful about the words you choose, who you’re writing for and what you’re saying. People are drawn to that kind of connection. When I write, (in two main areas: parenting and on the writing process), my goal is to get people nodding their heads at their screens as they read. On many occasions, I’ve had people contact me to say something like, ‘It’s like you’re in my head right now!’ That’s a win for me, because I know they’re connecting with what I’m saying. Strong writing can help do that for you.

It shows that you’re professional.

Spelling errors and typos are natural and happen to everyone. But if you wouldn’t let your resume have them, you shouldn’t let your website, blog or business have them either. Strong writing is a key sign that you’re professional and smart and want to be taken seriously. Even though I’m a writer, I’m not the best at spelling at all times. But I always, always proofread and edit everything I do multiple times when it comes to my writing.

It will be shared and liked and commented on.

How many times have you read a really great, intriguing headline, only to find the rest of the content falls flat? You can have the best ideas and the most wonderful headlines—but if you don’t follow it up with strong, well-written content, it likely won’t go very far. The articles that get shared and shared and commented on are usually the ones that combine really great writing with a great idea that resonates.

You’re more likely to be published elsewhere on the ‘big name’ places in your industry.

If you’re interested in guest posting and building awareness of your site or your brand, or even if you just want to write for another well-established, successful site, I can promise you that good writing is extremely important. Editors and professionals at these sites will look for it. And readers will respond to it.

People will always be interested.

If you’re telling a story, rather than just placing facts on a page, you’ll be engaging. And people will be interested in that. Even if your audience doesn’t know that they’re reading really good writing, they will likely be drawn to you.

At the end of the day, everyone can write, but not a lot of people can do it really well. And while images are definitely important, and video is crucial as well, in our quest to create profitable businesses, we can’t forget about the art and importance of writing.


After spending over a decade in the marketing and advertising industry as a copywriter, Heather began a freelance career writing for businesses, as well as writing content and blogs for top parenting sites such as Red Tricycle, Pregnant Chicken, Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, Mamalode and others. Today, she’s a professional writer and Editor-in-Chief of where she heads up content and communications for one of the top online parenting resources in Canada. Find her at

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