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We’re all aware of the mama drama that’s been going on around the internet over the past few months. There are arguments on everything from whether bloggers should receive compensation for reviews to which bloggers are frequently invited to all the cool events. There’s even dissension on what we should call ourselves – mommy bloggers, mom bloggers, parenting bloggers, or something else entirely. But what remains is that there are still many things that we all share in common. despite our differences. I asked some of my bloggy friends to share their thoughts with me on this subject awhile back, and I was very pleased with their responses.

Love of Writing

Rachel, of A Southern Fairy Tale, says, “One of the wonderful commonalities is our love of writing, recording our memories, putting them down where they’ll be kept somewhere other than just in our hearts.” She’s right. So many of us started our blogs to share our feelings about our families and life in general, as a way of recording our lives. Even those of us who run informational or sales blogs enjoy writing.

Drive to Succeed

As bloggers, we put ourselves and our thoughts out there on a regular basis. There must be some reason why we do it. Linda, of the blog Short Pump Preppy, believes that it’s because, “most of us are driven to succeed…even the self-professed slackers, I think, have that drive.” It takes a dedicated person to maintain a blog. We know building a successful blog can be a slow process, yet we continue to persevere.

Desire to Connect

Whether we are stay-at-home or work-at-home parents or whether we just want to interact with peoiple outside our everyday lives, we use our blogs and sodcial media as a way of connecting with others. How else can you explain the popularity of Twitter? Even if it’s to build our business, bloggers utilize online tools as a means of connection.

Passion to Make a Difference

Frequently, we use our blogs to write about our passions or to raise awareness about social causes. We may wish to share our excitement about a particular hobby or to advocate for those less fortunate. Rachel says, “I think we all share the common bond of wanting to mark our spot in the world, make a difference, shout that we were here, we will not be ignored orforgotten. We want to make a change…whether big or small.”

Need to be Heard

And that’s just it. Bloggers, in general, have a need to express ourselves and to be heard. I’m not saying that we’re all narcissists or self-involved, just that we all want our message and our thoughts to be known. Otherwise, we wouldn’t write them in a public forum and open ourselves up to the possibility of criticism and personal scrutiny. So why bash others who are putting themselves out there?

Despite these characteristics that we share down to our cores, Sugar, of Sugar in the Raw, reminds us, “The other thing to keep in mind is how different we are. I love that we come from SO many different backgrounds, but this space brings us together.” Danielle, of Extraordinary Mommy, agrees, ” And those differences are okay.” Truer words couldn’t have been said.


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