Collaborate Ahead of Time for Q4 Influencer Marketing Success

As part of our continuing series on Q4 monetization opportunities, we interviewed long-time blogger, affiliate marketer, and social media influencer Jen Goode from 100 Directions. She offered some great advice for influencers on making the most of the monetization opportunities in Q4. Jen also adds some suggestions for brands who can use this time to strengthen relationships with influencers with a little extra support and creative ideas.

Influencers and Brands – Collaborate Ahead of Time

Q: Why do you believe Q4 requires special attention from Influencer Marketers?

A: One of the biggest struggles for some influencers is conversions. Q4 is prime time for finding more leads that are ready to make a purchase, so being ready for these visitors is key to higher conversions. If you’ve got all your info prepped and ready for the visitors who are looking for buying suggestions, you’ve got a better chance of earning a commission.

From the brand standpoint, if promotional content is ready well before influencers are prepping, brands have a higher chance of being included in the gift guides, articles and social promotion.

Q: What are some opportunities that influencers and/or brands could miss out on if they aren’t strategically planning for Q4?

A: Sales and commissions. It isn’t complicated or magical, it’s cause and effect. If you don’t plan to show up to the party, you won’t get asked to dance. Someone else will get that sale and possibly gain a new reader.

Q: What are some things that you are doing to prepare for Q4?

A: For Q4 I always:

  • Go through my old content that performs well and update it.
  • I also look to create new content for new promotions or additional content for successful promotions.
  • I look for product features, specials for the season, new graphics and updated links.
  • I also reach out to program managers and ask if there are any special promotions.

Q: What are 2 – 5 things that an influencer and/or brand can do to make the most out of Q4?

A: Influencers and brands need to work together to create successful Q4 promotions. Either side can reach out. Influencers should be asking for information on special promotions with dates and details. They should ask about top sellers and features products. Brands can offer suggestions specific to the influencer. Coordinate, collaborate and just do your part to try to work together to really rock the holiday shopping season.

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Jen Goode - illustrator, creative lifestyle blogger and Doodler in Charge at JGoode Designs, a Denver based art studio. Jen is a mom of 3 and licensed artist who loves to travel, explore new ideas and inspire others to follow their own creative path. Her work has been featured both in print and online, generating millions in sales. Jen's passion for encouraging creativity has provided her opportunities to partner with brands such as Cricut, HP, Beaches Resorts, Cost Plus World Market and Disney.

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