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How to Successfully Pitch to Brands

Monetizing your blog comes down to being able to successfully pitch to brands. Whether you’re looking for a product to review, a fee for a sponsored post, an affiliate commissions, or even a paid trip – getting the right pitch to the right brand at the right time is key.

We asked brands, agencies, and bloggers what their top tips were for pitching to brands and this is what they told us…

Tips to Help Bloggers Pitch to Brands

The Golden Rule Applies

The brands you work with are your partners, the golden rule applies here too. Treat them as you’d like to be treated. Be kind, play nice and put your best foot forward to develop long-lasting work relationships.

— Jen Goode, 100 Directions

Lead With Stats

Including actual numbers that describe the size of your audience in your initial contact message will make a reply far more likelier. An agency gets pitched several times a day, so you want to make it as easy as possible for them to make a decision.

— Flynn Zaiger, Online Optimism

Engage with Affiliate Managers

Get to know your affiliate managers. Build the relationship with them. Ask questions, engage in Facebook groups, attend webinars, have a drink at conferences. They’re your greatest ally in the affiliate space.

— Christen Evans, Apogee

It’s NOT About You

Remember that your pitch is NOT about you, it’s about how you will benefit the brand. Take time to personalize your pitch with exactly what they will get out of working with you.

— Callee Ackland, Bestowed Essentials

Our Favorite Tip to Successfully Pitch to Brands

This tip is so important! Pitching takes time and lots, and lots, and lots of contact with the brands.


Follow up every time you outreach. We measured this and of 3,000 successful pitches, over half were from a follow-up email. Don’t assume that because you don’t get an immediate response they aren’t interested.

— Mark Webster, Authority Hacker

Watch our video for more commentary on this awesome tip from Mark:

To see more videos like this, including commentary on the other tips for successful brand pitches, visit our YouTube Channel.


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