15 Social Media Scheduling Tools

What social media scheduling tools do experts recommend?

We asked online marketing, PR, and social media professionals about the tools they use to stay on top of their busy editorial calendars. We received great feedback from 29 professionals about 15 different tools.

Best Social Media Scheduling Tools According to the Pros

See what the pros have to say about each of the applications they’ve used to schedule posts and streamline the content distribution process.


Bettr is a scheduling platform for Instagram. Learn more about it here: https://bettrsocial.com

From Sydney Liu
Co-founder, Commaful

Sydney Liu, Commaful

Bettr is the best Instagram scheduling tool I’ve tried. It is the only tool I’ve found that posts for you, directly to the Instagram feed. Most Instagram schedule tools still require you to tap “post” when the time comes. They also have tools like scheduling first comments, video scheduling, and more. It’s amazing. I use it for everything Instagram.



Buffer was a crowd favorite. Find out more about it at: http://www.buffer.com/

From Jayne Head @BadgerMaps
Marketing Manager, Badger Maps

Jayne Head, Badger Maps

Buffer is great for scheduling ahead of time and organizing all the content we need to push out through our social platforms. We no longer have to stress about keeping Badger’s social accounts up-to-date since we can plan ahead with Buffer’s easy to use interface. The app also picks up pictures that are on blogs or sites that we are posting from, eliminating the extra step of uploading pictures when one doesn’t automatically show.

Overall, the app has made our social media posting more seamless and streamlined. Buffer has become part of my daily routine as a manager of our social accounts and has noticeably increased our posting productivity since everything can be planned in advance. We can spend more time focusing on our customer interactions on social, and customize our content to better fit all of our viewers.

Jayne Head is a Marketing Manager at Badger Maps, a route planner for field salespeople. She develops, implements, and executes marketing strategy, including social media and inbound marketing campaigns.

From Samantha Avneri @regpack
Marketing Director, Regpack

Samantha Avneri, Regpack

The social media scheduling tool I use and love is Buffer. The tool is VERY affordable and makes it easy to schedule the same post, but change up the text or imaging for each, on Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google. I can’t believe I pay $100 a year to get the features I get with this tool.

The price goes up significantly if you upgrade to the business plan, but I’ve made it work with the basic plan which allows me to schedule up to 100 posts per account. I rarely hit this max. The power scheduler option lets me publicize a blog post not just today, but at monthly or weekly intervals, so I don’t have to think every few weeks about digging up some old posts and re-sharing to keep them relevant and keep traffic going to them.

If I’m being honest, our social media isn’t a huge driver of new clients, but it helps with our website traffic, which then benefits our SEO. So a tool that is cheap and that means I don’t have to spend much time on setting up posts to publish since there isn’t a huge ROI with social media marketing for us, it’s a win-win!

From Marisa Sanfilippo @MarissaASan
Marketing Director at Priority Payments Local, Freelance Marketer and Writer

Marisa Sanfilippo, Priority Payments Local

As someone who has been using social media for business since 2009, I’ve tried a lot of scheduling tools! Buffer has been awesome in helping me with my social media efforts because it allows me to plan and schedule as many posts as I would like in advance and it deploys them accurately. I’ve worked with some tools that would deploy my images or text in strange ways and I would end up having to delete the posts and reschedule them. Buffer has been reliable which saves me a lot of time. I also love Buffer for social media scheduling because it’s super affordable – I pay $10 a month for 7 accounts. Plus, I don’t have to guess which times are best for posting or rely on Facebook Insights (which also gets time consuming); Buffer suggests recommended posting times. It’s a great tool and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs an affordable social media scheduling tool that works!

Marisa Sanfilippo is an award-winning marketing professional who has more than seven years experience in the space. By day, she serves as the marketing director for Priority Payments Local and by night runs a successful freelance marketing and writing business.

From Jessica L. Williams @techbizgurl
Founder, Tech Biz Gurl

Jessica L. Williams, Tech Biz Gurl

As a side hustler, I have a limited amount of time to get things done for my blog. Trying to be on social media consistently while working a day job is difficult. What I love about Buffer is its Chrome extension and many integrations so that you can share content while browsing super duper easy. You don’t even have to leave the page you’re on to share an image or a quote or an article with your network. This helps you add curated content to social media while on the go. You can also use their Pablo tool to create quote images with the correct size for the different platform. I often will take an hour on a weekend to load my Buffer queue with social media posts for the week and the process is quick and painless.

Jessica L. Williams is the founder of Tech Biz Gurl, a side hustle empowering women to use technology to pursue their passions on the side.  She rounds up the best posts and resources for side hustlers in her weekly #jesspicks newsletter.  

From Sal Conca @salconca
Sal Conca Marketing

Sal Conca, Sal Conca Marketing

Buffer is hands down my favorite tool! I can manage and schedule all of my clients’ content in one interface on the schedule I choose. It connects to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. One of my favorite parts is that it automatically scrapes the image and title from a link I want to share and choose which account profiles I want it posted to. It saves me countless hours each month! Pro Tip: Use the content inbox to curate content from up to 15 sources per social profile.

Sal is an entrepreneur, problem solver and relationship builder that loves helping clients tackle the digital marketing landscape. With 15 years experience, he takes a holistic approach to helping brands tell their story and connect with customers.

From Ryder Meehan @MeehanDigital
Lead Digital Marketing Consultant, Meehan Digital

Ryder Meehan, Meehan Digital

I have tried several tools for scheduling my clients’ and my company’s social media content. Ultimately settling on Buffer as my preferred platform. There are a few key features I needed to bring multiple social media channels from multiple brands into a single, easy-to-manage platform.

First, Buffer allows us to create roles – so I am a “contributor” and my client is the “administrator” meaning I draft and submit posts then my client can approve, reject or revise them. This works great since previously it was difficult to collect and integrate feedback or approvals, now it’s simple and clear. These roles are also great when you have staff creating content and a manager giving the final approval.

Second, Buffer allows me to collect posts from social media brands that I like to share content from. For example, I have a feed of posts from digital marketing experts that I can then click to schedule into my content calendar.

Third, Buffer has a Chrome extension so I can add any content or page I come across while browsing the web into my scheduled content calendar.

Finally, the analytics reporting makes it clear to see which posts did best for clicks, reach and engagement.

About Ryder Meehan: A 13 year-year digital marketing professional. Former digital marketing lead at Samsung Mobile, Fossil, Tatcha & Razorfish.  Owner and lead consultant at Meehan Digital working with innovative brands to create and manage online growth.

From Stephen Gibson @VyteoPro
Founder, Vyteo.com

Stephen Gibson, Vyteo.com

I use Buffer for all my scheduling. It offers an attractive interface, is free for up to 4 channels and ten posts in the queue. It’s also very common and popular sites include it as one of the primary buttons in their social sharing widgets. It makes social media easy because I can schedule all my sharing in advance and get it all organized at once. It’s also easy to adjust the sharing queue so I can share things that come up along the way.

Stephen Gibson is the founder of creative startup blog Vyteo.com where they feature poetic reviews of the latest upcoming tech companies. Since 2009 they’ve written over 500 of the best startup reviews on the planet.

From Simon Zaku @S_Zakuu
Twitter Marketing & Management Expert, SIMONZAKU

Simon Zaku

Buffer is the one tool that I use, trust and will always recommend. Here’s the main reason why: Buffer isn’t just a ‘social media scheduling tool’; it’s a system.

I’ll explain. With buffer, I can;

  • Schedule my content.
  • Recycle “already tweeted out” content and;
  • Schedule retweets.

With the buffer’s ‘rebuffer’ button, you can easily recycle your content. You can also schedule retweets on valuable tweets using the chrome extension.

I was able to reach over 40% more people within days when I started scheduling my tweets using buffer’s “best times” which spreads to 14 tweets per day.

Additionally, in a recent campaign that I did on twitter automation where I got 62 experts to reveal their automation secrets, I compiled all the tools mentioned in this post and found out that buffer was the most mentioned tool beating hootsuite which (was the second most mentioned tool) by double.

So it turns out that experts also love, use and trust the tool.

Simon Zaku is a twitter marketing & management expert aimed at helping businesses, brands, public figures, agencies and blogs build a twitter brand that matters through effective twitter strategies & management. He has been featured as Top 100 marketers to follow on twitter.

Carlo Borja, Time Doctor

From Carlo Borja @carloborja
Head of Online Marketing, Time Doctor

Buffer, hands down, is the best scheduling tool for social media that we have used. We regularly communicate with our audience of remote workers. We need a regular stream of posts to keep them engaged every single day.

Buffer has saved our marketing team tons of time by having posts on queue already.




CoSchedule allows you to see your entire marketing schedule in one place. Learn more at: https://coschedule.com

From Lauren Pawell @bixamedia
Founder / Owner, Bixa Media

Lauren Pawell, Bixa Media

My favorite tool for social media scheduled is CoSchedule. Why?

1) You can plan ALL of your marketing content using this tool, whether it’s posts, emails, web pages, blog posts, social messages, etc. Having all of your materials in one place really streamlines the blogging process.

2) You can create social campaigns linked to your posts and schedule them out months in advance.

3) Get maximum visibility on your content by recycling evergreen posts on social media. It’s even better than MeetEdgar because you can add specific dates + times to recycle your content.

Lauren Pawell, MBA, helps entrepreneurs generate (and nurture) more leads through their websites. 



eClincher is a cross-platform social media management tool. Learn more about it at: https://eclincher.com

From Bradley Shaw @expertbrad
SEO Expert Brad Inc.

Bradley Shaw, SEO Expert Brad Inc.

eClincher gives you the ability to plan and schedule social media posts, tweets, and pins to multiple social media accounts, profiles, groups, and pages all in one dashboard. It saves me hours and hours of work, as I schedule all of my content twice a month, set it and forget it.

The Auto Post feature is my favorite feature. It allows me to recycle content that has performed well in the past.

Reporting is where this tool stands out. It combines the power of Google Analytics with its Social Analytics platform in one simple dashboard. You you can see how your social media has impacted your site’s traffic. You can view and analyze the real-time performance of posts on your Facebook pages, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

Bradley Shaw is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on online marketing and e-commerce spaces since 1997. His companies have driven over $150 million in sales. Currently, he resides in Dallas, TX and is the CEO of SEO Expert Inc, a digital marketing and e-commerce consulting company.



Hootsuite is one of the social media scheduling tools that’s a long-time favorite for many pros. Learn more at: https://hootsuite.com

From: Deborah Sweeney @mycorporation
CEO, MyCorporation.com

Deborah Sweeney, MyCorporation.com

We keep our social media in house, with myself and two other social media associates running these accounts. We utilize Hootsuite plenty and it is a team effort! We create and schedule in content, monitor hashtags relevant to our brand, and check in with our Insights numbers from each platform each week to monitor any spikes in activity and determine what the cause was for each one. We’re always A/B testing these areas a little bit too — scheduling in content for different times of the day or using different images to see what performs best with fans.

Deborah Sweeney is the CEO of MyCorporation.com. Based out of Calabasas, CA, MyCorporation is a leader in online legal filing services for entrepreneurs and businesses, providing start-up bundles that include corporation and LLC formation, trademark, & copyright filing services.

From Emma White @MultiLayerMedia
Digital Marketing Executive, Multi Layer Media

Emma White, Multi Layer Media

My all-time favourite tool is Hootsuite. One part of my job revolves around managing content on client’s Twitter accounts, making sure that there is a constant stream of content to keep followers engaged.

I use Hootsuite to schedule content for the coming month with articles from the client, and each day schedule interactions with other Twitter users. Doing this helps get more exposure for the client’s writing, as well as exposure for their brand. They’re seen as being engaged with the community, and continually active.

By using Hootsuite, I can get my tasks done all in one go, rather than needing to be on Twitter 24/7. This gives me the time to work effectively on my other tasks, and only check Twitter a few times a day for engagements with content.

Emma has a background in the creative industry, having studied Art & Design, and Photography, and working as a Portrait Photographer for 5 years. She draws on her artistic experience to create imaginative content and strategies for clients, as well as engaging their audience. She enjoys reading up on writing techniques and social media marketing whenever she can.

From Melissa Slawsky @BraniacBundles
CEO (i.e., “Head Brainiac”) and Business Strategist, Brainiac Bundles

Melissa Slawsky, Braniac Bundles

I have found Hootsuite to be invaluable in automating my social media posts for the week so I can spend more time working on my business rather than in my business. The analytics allow me to make educated decisions in where to invest my time on social media, rather than trying to be on all platforms at all times.

A self-admitted personal and professional development “junkie,” Melissa Slawsky leverages her time as wife, Mom, and CEO of Brainiac Bundles. Brainiac Bundles partners with joint-venture authors, online course creators, and infopreneurs to create incredible digital resource libraries.

From Alexa Kurtz @WebTekcc
Marketing Strategist, WebTek

Alexa Kurtz, WebTek

Our entire marketing department at WebTek relies on Hootsuite for our social scheduling needs. As an agency, we are always looking to evolve our methods and improve on how we are currently performing. However, throughout exploring other social media schedulers, we have found that nothing compares to Hootsuite. Because our team manages so many different social accounts, it’s important for us to have strong organization. For anyone looking to track and manage several social profiles, I would recommend Hootsuite!

Alexa Kurtz is a marketing strategist for WebTek, a local web design and digital marketing agency in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Alexa specializes in search engine optimization, social media engagement, and paid search advertising.

From Rachel Baileys @thescarpetta
Social Media Manager, The Scarpetta

Being in as a competitive market as shoes, it is very important for us to grow our Instagram presence. We have been doing that through scheduling post through Hootsuite. It has helped us because of how easy it is to use and it allows us to be more consistent.

From James Nuttall @itworksagency
Content and Outreach Specialist, It Works

James Nuttall, It Works

I have always sworn by Hootsuite for social media scheduling. My love for this tool started in my former position, where I was in charge of all their social media accounts. We used the paid version, which gave greater scope for how many accounts you could add to the platform and other advanced methods of posting.

At It Works, we use the free version, which allows you to add up to three different social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can add images and hyperlinks, check the character count of your messages and schedule posts to go live at any time of the day or night, months in advance.

While we will always need to post manually when it comes to breaking industry news or when new developments occur, Hootsuite has acted as a massive time saver for our agency. We can dedicate an hour or so to schedule in some posts to go live throughout the month and then relax and focus on other work, safe in the knowledge that our Twitter profile is receiving a healthy amount of updates.



IFTTT is a free tool that brings together hundreds of apps using Applets that do specific actions, like scheduling social media posts based on a new blog post. Learn more at: https://ifttt.com

From Camille le Goff @mashmedia1
SEO Manager, Mash Media

Camille le Goff, Mash Media

I use IFTTT for social media automation and scheduling for several reasons. The tool is completely free to use, allows you to create connections from other channels you might be using for monitoring purposes such as Feedlyor Pocket, and it never let me down. IFTTT is a powerful service that connects two services (WordPress and Facebook for example) together using recipes that include a trigger and an action. One of my favourite recipes for blogging connects Google Calendar with Facebook: it allows you to schedule Facebook Page posts using Google Calendar. Use a specific hashtag for spreading posts, simply put the message and links you’d like posted on your Facebook page in the description field of the Google Calendar event, schedule everything and sit back.

Camille is the SEO Expert at Mash Media. She has over 6 years of experience in delivering long term strategic SEO campaigns to clients  from various industries through an integrated approach in the UK, Australian, Belgian and French markets.


Later is a marketing platform for Instagram. Find out more about it at: https://later.com/

From Ashley Rose Marino @ashleymarinodesigns
Ashley Marino Designs LLC

Ashley Rose Marino, Ashley Marino Designs LLC

For social media scheduling, I will forever use Later. Later is an Instagram tool that streamlines the process from start to finish. I schedule all of my posts for the week at one time, and am able to add captions with the pictures when I upload them. I get a reminder sent to my phone when it’s time to post one of my scheduled photos, and with a few clicks, my post is live on Instagram. I put my hashtags in a separate comment from the caption to reduce visual clutter, so I have a note on my phone that I copy and paste my most commonly used hashtags from. The whole process takes about 2 minutes from first receiving the notification to posting the hashtags, and it keeps me on track to make sure my followers get the post they’re expecting at the same time every day! Consistency is key to keep and gain a following, so this helps me tremendously.

About Ashley Rose Marino: I’m from the Dallas Fort Worth area and am the owner and principal designer of Ashley Marino Designs LLC. I’m a graduate from Baylor University that has created a career mixing my loves for design and psychology. Happy homes make for happy lives, so let’s make something beautiful together!


Meet Edgar

Edgar keeps a library of your content, then posts and re-shares it automatically. Learn more at https://meetedgar.com/


Missinglettr allows you to create social media campaigns that repurpose content for an entire year. Learn more at: https://missinglettr.com/

Both Meet Edgar and Missinglettr were recommended by…

Sumit Bansal @TrumpExcel
Trump Excel

Sumit Bansal, Trump Excel

I started using MeetEdgar 2 years ago and have been really happy with it. It allows you to create a library of social media posts and then create a calendar on what category of posts are to be published as what day and time. Since I am in Excel training, my categories are Excel tips, Excel functions, VBA, Charting, Templates. Now I can create a schedule, such as ‘Excel tips’ post to be published on Monday (11 AM) and ‘Charting’ to be published on Wednesday (5 PM), and so on. MeetEdgar would automatically pick a post from the library (in the specified category) and post it on social media. I started using MeetEdgar when I had ~4K likes on my Facebook page. Today I have 22K+ likes. It took minimal effort as MeetEdgar automated it for me. Now I just revisit the library once in 2 months and add any new content that I have created. One of the drawbacks of MeetEdgar is that it cannot post on Google Plus and Pinterest..

I have recently started using Missinglettr and I love it. For each new blog post that I create, Missinglettr automatically creates a campaign of 9 social media posts. A campaign is a variation of the blog post in 9 different ways (variations would be in the way headline is written, hashtags are used, images are used, etc). Once you review and approved a campaign, it would automatically post on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google Plus). Since there are 9 variations of the same blog post, you need not worry for an entire year and it will keep on posting periodically (day 0, 3, 7, 14, 30, 90, 180, 270, and 365). This is a great help and your older content also keeps on getting new eyeballs whenever it’s posted. As of now, Missignlettr supports Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus. Pinterest in in their roadmap and should be available soon. While I have only been using Missinglettr for a few months now, I already see more engagement on Twitter (mentions and retweets). It is also helping me identify the headline and post content that is working best for a post. I can then reuse it later for best engagement.

Sumit Bansal is a spreadsheet geek and a self-trained online marketer. He left his job as a marketing manager to teach people how to get more done with spreadsheets. When not geeking out, he can be found wasting time on NetFlix.



Recurpostis one of the social media scheduling tools that  allows you to repurpose your content on social media. You can find our more at www.recurpost.com

From Jenny Hale @JenMilMarketing
CEO/Founder, The Military Social Media Guru

Jenny Hale, The Military Social Media Guru

I’m an online marketing coach and consultant for military spouse and veteran entrepreneurs, supporting them as a civilian advocate. With social media being my focus (and my client’s), online scheduling tools are vital to help me stay in front of my audience and continuously push out helpful information.

Recurpost does just that and I use it specifically for Twitter. The platform offers users 100 posts free, meaning not just once, but 100 different posts on repeat until you want to add more to the scheduler. That, for me, was the deal breaker, as most scheduling tools have only offered me a certain number of posts that I run through quickly or a specific time frame to test the product. Recurpost gained my loyalty for the long-haul with this feature.

The platform is easy to use and allows you to upload photos with your captions. Then, once you’ve scheduled your content once, it pushes the posts out on a loop. With 100 posts, you could easily schedule weeks of content on Twitter and months of content for other platforms. I use it for Facebook Groups and set it to send the same post out on a certain day (example: promotional days of the week) and also for LinkedIn for monthly blog articles I’ve written.

It has been, by far, the best scheduling tool I have found for my business and I promote it often to my clients and other social media managers.

Jenny Hale is an online marketing and social media coach for military spouse and veteran entrepreneurs. Jenny helps military-focused small businesses, corporate companies, and non-profits find success building brand loyalty online. 



ScheduGram is an Instagram scheduling platform. You can learn more about it here: https://schedugr.am

Kimberly Marek, MS, PHR @7charmingsister
Chief Creative Officer, 7 Charming Sisters

Kimberly Marek, 7 Charming Sisters

Prior to starting 7 Charming Sisters, I blogged quite frequently and have leveraged blogging on our e-commerce website. I’ve been through many scheduling tools but one of my favorites is ScheduGram for Instagram Posts. I love this platform because unlike other IG schedule platforms, you don’t need to log in. This platform takes automation to the next level by scheduling posts without needing to approve it just prior to it being posted.

Kimberly Marek, MS, PHR is the co-founder and owner of 7 Charming Sisters, a fabulous online jewelry retailer. As the Chief Creative Officer she is responsible for social messaging, branding, and all things marketing. 



With SmarterQueue, you can schedule your posts, analyze competitors, and find content to share. Learn more at https://smarterqueue.com/

From Lindsey Andrews @TorHoermanLaw
Marketing Manager, TorHoerman Law, LLC

Lindsey Andrews, TorHoerman Law, LLC

We’ve been using SmarterQueue+ for the past three months, and it has been a life saver. It’s an all-encompassing tool that allows us to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram all while using our own Bitly account.

What’s great about it is the fact I can take one or two days every few months to set up our social feed, and it’s good to go for months at a time. The tool allows us to choose particular categories, schedule when those categories should be posted by time and day, and choose if/when content should be duplicated. For us, we make our blog posts “Evergreen content” which means they will be published twice each on a rotating basis, but designate all other content to post only once. Additionally, if there are any issues encountered with posting, I get a text and email alert. Another bonus is the ability to pause all content from being published, if needed. For example, we paused our SmarterQueue+ feed in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting as this was not an appropriate time to be publishing marketing content. The next day, I “un-paused” the queue and our content was posted as scheduled.

It saves me a ton of time, but I know our posts are scheduled to go out at particular times so our audience is still seeing our content on all platforms on a regular basis. SmarterQueue+ is a relatively inexpensive service which makes it even more worthwhile. I cannot express enough how this service has made my job easier and allowed me to concentrate on other aspects of marketing our business.

Lindsey Andrews is a marketing and PR specialist currently working as the Marketing Manager for TorHoerman Law where she is a jack of all trades. She coordinates the firm’s internal and external marketing, PR efforts, fundraising, and event planning.


Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the social media scheduling tools that received several recommendations from the pros. Find out more about it at: https://app.sproutsocial.com/publishing/

From Luke Wester @bossnewsnetwork
Content Specialist, BOSS Magazine

Luke Wester, BOSS Magazine

For post scheduling, I like to use Sprout Social. Yes, you will pay more than Meet Edgar or Hootsuite, but the time you save will be worth the price. The real differentiator is the ability to schedule a post as many times as you like with ease. All it takes is a click of your mouse. On Hootsuite, you will have to schedule each post separately. That means a lot of copying and a lot of pasting. Lastly, Sprout Social lets you tag accounts so it saves you the trouble of scheduling the post natively.

Beyond that, Sprout Social is an all-in-one platform. That means you can answer messages and respond to mentions in a central location. I know it may not seem like a big deal to check all your social engagement separately, but trust me, It gets cumbersome. The analytics are robust with a colorful flat design, so they are presentation ready without lifting a finger. And you can monitor brand mentions and hashtag usage.

If you are starting the research process for a social media management platform, I would include Sprout Social.

Luke Wester is the Content Specialist at BOSS Magazine. In his role, he is responsible for all social media strategy and engagement including influencer outreach. Luke is also responsible for SEO initiatives and content strategy.

From Aaron Eng Aaron on LinkedIn
Founder, Revolution Interactive

Aaron Eng, Revolution Interactive

We are avid users of a social media scheduling tool called Sprout Social. It is easy to use, enables linking and managing multiple profiles on multiple platforms (Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+). It saves you so much time having to toggle between platforms and enables you to pull analytics and reporting easily. Essentially, we no longer login natively, we manage all our clients and our own profiles through Sprout Social. If you want to save yourself from headaches and time, we would recommend taking a look at Sprout Social.

Aaron Eng is founder of Revolution Interactive, a digital marketing company that helps start-ups and small to medium sized businesses with their digital marketing strategies.  From website design, development, to social media marketing, Aaron positioned the company to leverage the latest in technology to maximize reach and impact in the digital marketing space.  He also recently launched App Maude LLC, a subscription based enterprise solution for property management companies.

From Jonathan Jacobs @nativesgroup
Partner at Digital Natives Group

Jonathan Jacobs, Digital Natives Group

For an all-in-one platform solution for bloggers and influencers, there is no better tool than Sprout Social. From core functionalities to growing features, Sprout is an industry-leader in the social publishing and analytics space. One of my favorite tools is their competitor benchmarking/tracking functionalities, which can help you benchmark the performance of your own social channels and content. From a scheduling perspective, not only does Sprout’s tool cover LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, their Viral Queue means you don’t have to meticulously schedule each post, but can rely on Sprout’s algorithm to determine the best time to post for you and your audience. What’s better than that?! It’s streamlined the way we manage content and publishing, and made an hours-long process one that now takes mere minutes.


TweetDeck is a Twitter app that allows you to manage and schedule content on Twitter. More information at http://tweetdeck.com

Zellie Friedman, Power Digital Marketing

From Zellie Friedman
Social Media Manager, Power Digital Marketing

Our favorite tool for scheduling on Twitter is TweetDeck. For a completely free tool, TweetDeck can tremendously help you manage your Twitter account and makes scheduling a breeze! The best thing about TweetDeck is it houses all of it’s features in a one-window dashboard so you can easily scroll between community management, scheduling, and campaign monitoring.


Twittimer is one of the social media scheduling tools that allows you to schedule messages to multiple social media platforms. Learn more at: https://twittimer.com/

From Anza Goodbar @BoostBizAcademy
Owner, Anza Goodbar Coaching / Boost Business Academy

Anza Goodbar

Twittimer saves me hours of time each month scheduling out my social medial posts. I absolutely love the fact I can post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest through 1 tool. I can post to Facebook pages and groups which makes managing my groups a breeze. I can upload everything with one csv file and include links for graphics if I choose for each post. Twittimer uses codes to assign posting locations. I can schedule exact times and dates for posts to publish. If I run into an issue, trouble shooting errors is quick. I can see what I have scheduled in an easy-to-read format. It’s affordable at $6.99 a month. I can also use content/RSS feeds to help curate content on my sites. It’s the easiest program I have found as a non-techy entrepreneur!

Anza has spent most of her career creating services and products that speak life into the businesses of budding entrepreneurs.

Your Favorite Social Media Scheduling Tools

We hope you learned about a new tool you’re excited about trying out – or something new about a tool you’ve used before. Feel free to share your comments on the tools you use to stay on top of content distribution on social media.

Rachel is an experienced executive specializing in Internet Startups and Growth Mode Companies. Her career has been spent working hands-on with entrepreneurs to build and grow SaaS products and related services. She's a mom of two boys, married to her college sweetheart, and when not in front of her computer, can be found sweating it out on her yoga mat.


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