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Instagram Engagement Tips for Bloggers

Are you working on Instagram engagement? As more and more people flock to Instagram, more and more brands are focusing their influencer marketing campaigns on the visual candy platform. That means that bloggers and social media influencers need to pump up their insta-game.

Since we all know that followers aren’t the most important stat, we asked social media experts for their best tips for Instagram engagement. See what they have to say about getting followers to engage with your posts on Instagram…

Tip #1: Find Your USP on Instagram

Find your USP to stand out from the crowd on Instagram. This could be funny captions, eye-catching photography or useful content. Consider your target audience when producing this content and use a wide variety of hashtags to maximise reach.

— Emily McReynolds from Passion Digital

Tip #2: Engage and Build Relationships

Get engagement by engaging. Seek out your audience and engage with them: follow them, comment on their stuff, build relationships with them. Whenever you post something, go to everybody who’s liked/commented on the post and engage with them.

— Lauren Crain from

Tip #3: Participate in Instagram’s #WHP

Every Friday the @Instagram account posts a call to action for their weekend hashtag project that asks the community to share a photo taken under a specific theme. Do you best to generate the most unique and inspirational post and participate in each one of these. The comments here are as important as the image so make sure you be authentic, original and give it some heart. Tag your post with #WHP so others participating see your post and also engage with others who participated. You will get a lot of engagement just by doing this and there is a possibility of Instagram noticing your post and featuring your account. This happened to our blog account and gave us a great boost of followers.

— Jesse Weinberg from Global Yodel

Tip #4: Follow Patterns

Study your posts that received a good response in the past and follow the pattern used there

— Pankaj Sabharwal from Grazitti Interactive

Tip #5: One Task at a Time

Tackle one task at a time. In the world of blogging and social media, there is so much you can be doing that it easily gets overwhelming. Focus on building one aspect of your blog each month, and over time it will all come together.

— Talya Knable from The Mother Fix

Tip #6: Ask Thoughtful Questions

Ask thoughtful questions. When someone comments, return the favor by going to their Instagram, and commenting on their posts. Spend 30 minutes each day commenting on posts of the people you’re following. When your followers sign onto Instagram they’ll see your posts first due to Instagram’s algorithm.

–Louida Martin from Product Review Mom

Tip #7: Research Hashtags

Spend time doing research on hashtags. A 5-10 minute Google search on popular hashtags will usually let you know if you’re going in the right direction and using them at their full potential. This can often mean the difference in getting two-digit engagement per post and three-digit engagement per post.

–Maree Jones from Freelance Social Media Strategist

Tip #8: Understand Your Audience

You need to understand your audience! How can you be relatable? How can you offer value? Ask yourself when you post: how is this post helpful? You can entertain, motivate, or inform but the focus needs to be on the person you are trying to reach.

— Joanna Wilcox from Ketoincanada

Tip #9: Interact with Your Audience

By being known as a responsive Instagrammer and directing questions to known followers, the probability of engagement will increase significant. Pair this with always positively engaging on your pod’s posts as well and it won’t be as difficult as it sounds.

— Joe Sinkwitz from Intellifluence

Tip #10: Tell Stories

To promote engagement on Insta you must tell stories (literally using stories function) and create photos with minimal text overlay and details in the content with appropriate tagging

— Lisa Nielsen from The Next Step

Tip #11: Create Hashtag Sets

Create several sets of saved hashtags (1-2 for each category of content you’re posting) so you can alternate between them and reach as many different people as possible. Go back and review your Instagram analytics to find any hashtag sets that typically get higher engagement.

— Steph Taylor from Wildbloom Creative

Tip #12: Use Relevant Hashtags

For posts, use only specifically relevant hashtags and focus on engaging narratives that start discussions. Treat your comments as a community.

— Mike Prasad from Tinysponsor

Tip #13: Don’t Neglect Instagram Stories

Don’t neglect your Instagram Stories. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a Story is priceless! In the ever-evolving world of social media, the attention of your target audience is gold. Instagram Stories are fun and quick. And for many, it’s the perfect amount of content. As a content creator, you want to connect with your audience. Here’s where Stories can bring your blog to life. Share a glimpse into your personal life. Showcase a recent blog article by highlighting a quote. Get to know your audience by posting a poll. The better your Story is, the more people engage and come back for more.

— Monina Wagner from Content Marketing Institute

Tip #14: Use High Volume Hashtags

For more visibility, use hashtags that have 25,000 to 750,000 posts. Create three or more lists of hashtags that you alternate between posts. Only utilize 25 hashtags per post, to allow people to add a hashtag when they comment.

Cindy J, The Visibility Wiz

Tip #15: Emulate Influencers You Admire

Find other bloggers or Instagrammers whose content you engage with and admire, and emulate their style or focus with your own content.

— Stacy Caprio from SmartBooks Corp, Inc

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