Social Media Engagement Tips for Bloggers

Building an audience is one thing, but getting engagement on social media is where the real value lies. We asked influencers, bloggers, agencies, and other social media engagement experts for their tips on adding value to your social media channels by building engagement. Here is what they told us:

Don’t Give Away Possible Commissions

Stop using! They are a sub-affiliate and will override your tracking link with their own. Invest in yourself with a paid service such as PrettyLinks Pro.

— Maryellen Garasky,

Share Fascinating Facts

People enjoy learning interesting, unknown facts. Share some amazing facts which can entertain and educate your followers. These unique and lesser-known facts create high engagement on your social media profile.

— Andrei Vasilescu, DontPayFull

Use Micro Boosts

Use micro boosts with minimal budget. Organic reach on social is eroding rapidly, so how do you recoup these losses? One tactic: boost or promote your posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. For a few bucks, you can earn hundreds more clicks and impressions from your target audience.

— Greg Bullock, TheraSpecs

Use Editing Tools

Nobody wants to read through something that’s full of errors, spelling mistakes and typos. Use tools like Grammarly and Hemingway tools.

— George Schildge, Matrix Marketing Group

Ask Questions About Their Kids

One way to get more engagement on social media platforms is to ask your audience questions about themselves. Asking things like, “How did you pick your baby’s name?”, or, “What is the cutest thing your child is doing right now?”. People love to talk about themselves and their kids so give them that opportunity!

— Jen Biswas, Paisley + Sparrow

Find and Follow Active Twitter Users

The fastest way to increase Twitter followers is to search for people or organizations with similar interests and follow the people that have “liked” their tweets.

— Andrew Ready, Ready Protective Services, LLC

Engage With Prominent Channels

Comment, share and engage frequently with other prominent channels in your industry/niche. This will open the door for future blog feature requests and help build valuable relationships in your space.

— Casey Hill, Arkon Game

Be Authentically You

Be Authentically You! The days of being the perfect mom, brand, and business are OVER. People engage with people they identify with. YOU are the reason people take your recommendations, tips and buy your products and then share them with others

— Jennifer Pink, Transformational Mommy Growth Coach

Avoid Fish Wrapping

Post only things that blow people’s minds or prompt them to rethink their lives. The rest is (digital) fish wrapping.

— Mark Stevens, Author

Make it About Them

To increase social media engagement stop making it about you, make it about “them.” Many bloggers only use their channels to self promote. Share others’ tips, tagging the authors and outlets. They (and your followers) will appreciate this and react.

— Jason Myers, The Content Factory

Provide Value

Remember to make content that provides value to your followers. If you give people a reason to follow and engage with you, they will!

— Timothy Bach,

Don’t Neglect Twitter

Don’t neglect Twitter. It’s the easiest platform for developing relationships with peers, potential clients, and influencers. There is no barrier to entry and it’s easy to grow your audience. By replying, liking, and retweeting influencer tweets you can become known yourself over time.

— Laura Pence, Social Savvy Geek

Incorporate High Quality Images and Video

One of the easiest ways to boost engagement is to incorporate more high quality images and video content. Great visuals will grab more attention and help you to stand out in a user’s feed.

— Amy Kilvington, Blinds Direct

Engage With Well-Known Names in Your Niche

Follow people who are well known in your niche and who speak with their followers. E.g., If you’re a book blogger choose some authors. Engage with your “target,” their followers will join in, and you’ll soon find yourself involved in many two-way discussions with multiple people.

— Patti Barnes,

Want Social Media Engagement? Go Live

Go live! Live video generates up to 10 times more engagement than pre-recorded video. Don’t worry about (or strive for) perfection. Going live is meant to make you relatable and real people aren’t perfect. Just go live and be authentically you!

— Meg Brunson, FamilyPreneur Podcast

Ask Thought-Provoking Questions

Instead of just bombarding your audience with content, one of the best ways to engage them is to ask relevant, thought-provoking questions. In addition to sparking engagement and starting a dialogue, you also get to learn a lot about your audience.

— Dave Bowden, Irreverent Gent

Find Historically Engaging Themes

A mistake that a lot of people make is posting what they want rather than what their readers want. Look at historical data and find themes. What 2-3 topics resonate most with your readers? This is key when it comes to drafting content for social media engagement.

— Taylor Moran, The Penny Hoarder

Organize a Contest for Social Media Engagement

Organize a contest that is unique and different so that your business stands out. TurboTax is well-known tax-filing software, which may not seem interesting and appealing to people. To add some fun during tax time, this year they initiated a lighthearted Instagram contest to promote their product. People had to follow the brand on Instagram and post a picture with three zeros and a designated hashtag, #absolute0, for a chance to win $500. The contest received more than 730 official entries.

— Zondra Wilson, Blu Skin Care, LLC

Be Personal and Vulnerable

Don’t be afraid to post photos of yourself and be personal and vulnerable in your captions. Share something real going on in your life – this will make you more relatable to your audience.

— Stacey Natal, Total City Girl, L.L.C.

Embrace User Generated Content

Use your customer advocates: Posting hourly (as you need to in 2018) seems daunting, utilising your customer advocates to work with you on content allows you to become more a curator than producer of content. How could you use UGC, customer testimonials, and guest blogs?

— David Bradbury, Duel

Ask Questions

Ask your audience questions! People love talking about themselves, so ask them their thoughts, opinions, and experiences through your posts. They get to share personal information and you get to learn about your followers.

— Natalie Hagen, TakeLessons

You Must Be Engaged

To get more engagement, you must be engaged yourself. Share, like, and comment the posts of those who follow you and are in your industry. You can also participate in relevant groups and chats.

— Holly Zink, Digital Addicts

Organize Themes and Use Boosts

Use a media calendar to organize daily or weekly themes to concentrate topics. Also know that the differences between organic and paid reach will make a difference. Many posts will need to be boosted as increasing engagement is harder these days.

— Julia Joy, Z Group PR

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