Brand Spotlight: The California Wine Club

Every day this month, The California Wine Club has been climbing the charts of the famed ShareASale Top 100 PowerRank. Fourth quarter statistics account for the majority of sales all year for this great brand. We are proud to say that our content partners — bloggers, review sites and wine enthusiast publishers — also account for the majority of sales through the affiliate channel.

For behind the scenes insight into this program, read the anonymous content-focused affiliate strategy published on the Apogee blog in September.

An Owner Who is Passionate about Wine and Affiliates

The owner of The California Wine Club values affiliates and has given the Apogee affiliate management team the resources needed to build a strong and growing program for nearly five years. We have stellar deals each month for affiliates to promote, especially in the month of December.

Customers are looking for monthly wine subscriptions that are reasonably priced to give as a gift and usually end up buying for themselves, too. Apogee takes pride in having a dedicated team available to help educate new affiliates and answer questions pertaining to the program and strategy.

Focus is on the high quality of our hand-selected, award winning, artisan wines that suit all tastes. These wines come from small family wineries, not corporations. Our competitors buy and sell wine in bulk and create white-labeled packages that have no true history. Each wine selected for our clubs comes with a full background and presentation.

More Commissions and Bonuses Coming in 2018

In 2018, we will be revamping our affiliate program and updating all the bonuses and VIP commission levels. We look forward to incentivizing bloggers to promote our best-selling products with innovative performance packages. The emphasis will be on activation of bloggers like those from the Type-A community.

Each month, we will choose several affiliates to test our Premium Series club, which starts at $39.95. This is our best seller and introduces the wine selection, the packaging and the extensive customer service that comes with promoting The California Wine Club.

THE California Wine Club

We are called The California Wine Club – with a focus on the word “the” — because we aren’t just another California wine club; we are The California Wine Club. You don’t need any others.

How to Work with The California Wine Club

Join The California Wine Club affiliate program, exclusively on the ShareASale network. Use this specific link to join, which will tell us you’re from the Type-A Community and you’ll get an extra 5% commission for all sales in 2018. 


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