Sleep Campaign – Multiple Brand and Bonus Opportunities

Adequate sleep is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. A good night’s sleep benefits your heart, mind, weight and energy levels. Yet an estimated 164 Americans have trouble sleeping at least once a week. Add in the complications of being a new parent or reaching midlife, those numbers are sure to rise. Luckily, there are several natural remedies and routines available to make catching some zzzs easier. Do you think your audience can benefit from more naturally-induced sleep? See below for details for a sleep focused affiliate campaign.


Robbins Interactive Sleep Related Affiliate Programs


Start to unwind with a soothing lavender bath bomb and the Quiet Night Relaxing Balm. LATHER offers all-natural face, body and wellness products at affordable prices. Good Housekeeping recently listed the LATHER wellness balm #1 in the 10 Genius Products To Help You Get To Sleep.


Affiliate details – For Type A influencers receive 15% commission along with a bonus of $50 for your first $300 in affiliate revenue. This program is in Shareasale. Be sure to mention Type A in your application.


Healing Natural Oils

The Sleep Aid Formula is a blend of precious and essential oils designed to help you relax. This FDA listed homeopathic formula is completely natural and safe and is not habit forming. It also comes with a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. Below are a couple testimonials from verified customers.


Affiliate details – For Type A influencers receive a 30% commission along with a $20 first sale bonus and a $50 bonus for your first 5 sales. This program is in Shareasale. Be sure to mention Type A in your application so you can receive the bonus structure.


Joy Organics

This brand offers zero THC CBD oil. Yes, we are talking cannabis here but not the kind that makes you a little loopy. Scientific studies are proving that this plant derived oil has many health benefits including easing people to sleep. Joy Organics combines CBD and melatonin to ensure a great night sleep for even the most challenged sleep-deprived person.  And yes, this product is legal and ships to all 50 states. Be a part of the exploding CBD market that is expected to grow to $21 billion by 2020 according to Forbes.  New to CBD oil? Check out this comprehensive guide.

Affiliate details – Type A influencers benefit from a 30% commission and bonus structure of $50 for the first 5 sales and $100 for the first 20 sales. For qualified influencers (50,000+ monthly views on blog or 5,000+ YouTube Followers, a Go Live bonus is available. This program is available on Post Affiliate Pro.


Review products are available and recommended. Email Stephanie at to find out which brands you qualify for free product. US publishers only.

Campaign Tips

Robbins Interactive provides campaign asset pages to make writing and promoting our programs a little easier. Below are what these pages include

1.      Non-Affiliate Recommendations

My top converting affiliates combine DIY or non-product advice in affiliate posts. This technique is great for engagement, search engine ranking (hello, passive income) and credibility. I created a campaign asset page that provides 10 non-affiliate related tips. You can grab these tips and add your own advice and experience.

2.      Search Engine Key Phrases

The power of affiliate marketing comes in passive and active income opportunities. The campaign asset page lists commonly requested and niche keyword phrases for your post to help rank with the search engines.

3.      Got Images?

Find royalty free images in social media and blog friendly image sizes. We include both text and non-text images. Feel free to use and/or modify these images.

4.      Resources

Looking for scientific studies? Key and credible resources for research and scientific studies are on the campaign asset page.


Who Is Robbins Interactive?

Robbins Interactive is an affiliate management agency focused on the health and wellness niche We provide the resources you need to create profitable affiliate posts.  With over 20 years online marketing experience, we are always available to brainstorm or ask questions. We also protect our affiliates with minimal to no coupon and loyalty affiliates in our programs along with advanced attribution to protect our content focused affiliates. Each of our affiliate programs include aggressive commission and bonus structures as well as brand dedicated Facebook Groups. We look forward to working with you!

Writing about sleeping tips not your thing? Check out the list of health and wellness affiliate programs available with Robbins Interactive.


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