Meet the Members of the Type-A Tribe

Check out Sweet Farmhouse Dreams to be inspired to create the home you deserve and follow along for tips on creative DIY projects! Follow along as they build their dream home in the country!
Julie Ap is co-founder of Open Wide the World, a travel website based on the belief that knowledge enriches travel and travel enriches life! Julie and her family can usually be found hiking, paddling, researching and traveling the Midwest and beyond.
Carol Bryant is the founder of, a highly trafficked health and wellness dog blog for Cocker Spaniels and their canine friends. She is co-author of Pro Pet Blogger, a book soon to be released.
Deja' started Blogging Enthusiast, to help bloggers who struggle with blogging tech in April 2018. She then launched to provide bloggers with a cost-effective solution to learn how to start and grow their blogs.
My website focuses around raising our 2 sons, my marriage, taking care of 2 cats, my personal struggle with being a plus sized woman, mental health advocacy, crafting, learning how to become a DIY'er, and working from home.
Gina is the mother of 2 learning disabled daughters, one with Down syndrome and one on the autism spectrum. She helps them thrive with good nutrition and alternative treatments & therapies and focuses on self-care and inspiration for moms like her.