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Below are the latest opportunities coming in this week, and a look back at the opportunities from the last few weeks.

Current Opportunities

Here are the current opportunities. Remember - as a Tribe member, you are getting access to this information before the rest of our community. Jump on this chance to get your pitch in front of these brands before we release this to our community of 10,000+ on Thursday evening and Friday morning.


Weebly eCommerce by Square

Weebly believes that everyone deserves the tools to take their business from idea to launch to growth. We're seeking bloggers & influencers with tech, business, & maker related audiences to join our ShareASale affiliate program with 30% commissions.

Pitch Karen Garcia at



Techpally is an arm of chaktty media digital marketing network in Atlanta, US. We've team of experienced local content marketers from US and UK and we pride ourselves of not just helping brands in getting the words out but also speaking to minds.

Pitch Akin Chaktty at



Shipt brings the store to your door - Find out what a difference same-day delivery can make in your life, especially during this busy holiday season!

Pitch Erin Routzahn at



Cairn is your guide for discovering best-in-class outdoor products and remembering that what feeds your soul is just outside.

Pitch Erin Routzahn at


Watch Gang

The World's Best Watch of the Month Club - Watch Gang partners with watch makers all over the world to bring you new brands and styles every month.

Pitch Erin Routzahn at


Monetization Connection 11/15/18


The Spice Lab

New Seasoning Collections from The Spice Lab include a themed selection of four spice blends in shaker jars packed in a gift box: Taste of America, Mediterranean, BBQ and Turmeric Seasonings. Review packages for food/life style bloggers & influencers with 10,000 +.

Pitch Angie Niehoff at



Gobble is the gourmet meal prep company that gets dinner on the table in 15 minutes, with just one pan. Gobble’s sous chefs do the prep work like chopping and marinating the fresh ingredients, and deliver dinner kits right to your doorstep.

Pitch Jackson Ruggiero at


The Pink Orange

The Pink Orange offers luxury stationery and home and office products that would also fit into the lifestyle category and is open to doing giveaways with bloggers with at least 5k followers, but is most interested in organic following, authentic matches and engagement.

Pitch Rebecca Ashby at


The Perfect Paleo Powder

The Perfect Paleo Powder (Clovis) is giving away single serving samples of nutritional powders, The Perfect Paleo Powder. 100% Paleo Friendly protein powders made of 20+ whole food ingredients in 3 different flavors.

Pitch Justin Nault at


Moon Luv

Moon Luv is a Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free & vegan friendly body care brand. They are offering their bestselling Hibiscus Coconut Monoi Bath Soak for giveaways. This soak is:All Natural & is handcrafted with only natural ingredients:-Sea Salt-Coconut Monoi Oil-Rose Clay-Hibiscus-Rose Quartz-Shea-Almond Oil-Essential Oils-Free of Toxins & Parabens.

Pitch Carla Marrie at


Monk Manual

Monk Manual provides a daily system that will help you find clarity, purpose, wisdom, and peace in the moments that make up your life.  We would like to offer affiliate links for influencers.

Pitch Katie McIntyre


Bucha Brewers

Bucha Brewers is a kombucha home-brewing brand interested in connecting with bloggers and influencers who are active in health-related communities.  We can offer sample products for gift guides and reviews, and are interested in working with influencers longer-term for commission-based compensation. Minimum 5,000 followers 

Pitch Kristie Covey at


The Greene Turtle Sports Bar & Grille

The Greene Turtle Sports Bar & Grille is currently running their Season of Sharing promotion, including gift card bounce backs and more. Their annual giving event, Tips for Tots, will be held on December 12. This event raises tips to purchase toys to be donated to Toys for Tots. We would love for any influencers located in the DC, MD, VA, DE, NJ, PA or NY areas to post about the Season of Sharing campaign, Tips for Tots event and even tag along on one of the Tips for Tots shopping trips on December 13 or 14.

Pitch Shannon Stern at


Tinkering Labs

Tinkering Labs makes STEM building kits that let kids invent machines that really work. Our biggest seller is a kit for kids ages 8+ called the Electric Motors Catalyst. Children, parents, and teachers love it because it’s super-fun, hands-on, no-screens and truly helps kids discover their creative power. Open to sending samples for review.

Pitch Matthew Brocchini at



Care2Rock is a brand new way to learn music. We have some fantastic product packages that may be of interest to you in writing your guide. When shopping for friends and family, music lessons might not be the first idea that comes to mind, but music is a gift that lasts.

Pitch Amber Fields at



Luna is interested in working with bloggers on reviews / blog posts, social media campaigns via IG or FB, email campaigns for like-minded brands etc. At least 5,000 page views a month, 5,000 + followers.

Pitch Eddie at



Nomander will pay you $10 per 1,000 (authentic) followers + provide you with 1 free Nomader Collapsible Water bottle sample for your personal use. You use high quality and original lifestyle photo(s) of your Nomader bottle in your blog (if applicable), 1+ Instagram feed post and 1+ Instagram story post with #nomader, @nomader, OPTIONAL (GIVEAWAY): We provide 1 free Nomader bottle to your audience. OPTIONAL (PROMO CODE): We provide you with a special discount promo code to offer your audience to use toward their purchase of a Nomader bottle on Amazon. Must have an authentic, engaging audience related to travel, outdoors, health, and/or fitness with 2,000+ followers. Must share metrics of campaign results.

Pitch Bryan Sarlitt at


Amslee Institute

Amslee Institute helps parents train Nannies and Sitters with online classes that earn Childcare Diplomas from licensed trade school.

Pitch Elizabeth Malson at


Aunt Lucy's Hot Toddy Mix

Aunt Lucy’s Hot Toddy Mix is a delightful blend of honey, lemon, and cinnamon together in an instant powder. Just mix with hot water and add a shot of whiskey (or not!) and enjoy.

Pitch Janene Rayburn at



Nanno is looking for parent bloggers to try out our new on-demand childcare platform and write honest reviews about their experiences. We are happy to give any interested blogger a $100 gift card to try us out for free and write about us, as well as a 20% off coupon for your readers. Nanno connects parents with amazing, fully vetted sitters and nannies through an Uber/Lyft-style platform. We started in Denver and are now growing nationally, with caregivers in 42 states and most urban areas.

Pitch Liz Oertle at

Monetization Connection 11/8/18

Reminder Binder® Planner by Denise Albright

Organized Positive Thinkers. That's what our products create. Seeking Affiliates/Reviewers for NEW 2019 Reminder Binder® Planning Collection & Gratitude Finder®, the tool to cultivate grateful hearts & train the brain to focus on all the good er'day.

Pitch Denise Albright at


Carson Life

Carson Life has been helping Hispanic consumers live healthier, happier, more confident lives for four years now. Our full range of natural hair care, beauty, skin care, weight loss, rejuvenation and vitamin products are designed with you in mind.

Pitch Maia Casadei at


Sleeper Scarf

The Sleeper Scarf 2n1 Scarf + Neck pillow for your next trip! Post a pic of you wearing our scarf on your FB or Instagram and tag us. Mention the scarf has a secret neck pillow in your post. Share a picture with us to post to our Instagram or FB (can be same or different photo) and we will tag you!

Pitch Tiffany Paul at


Comprehensive Cranium Care®

C3 Head Wash is the newest, most innovative grooming product for people with bald, shaved and buzzed domes. A gentle, effective pH balanced daily cleanser for the face and scalp, Head Wash hydrates and refreshes for silky smooth, great looking skin. Cruelty free, vegan, and made in USA, C3 Head Wash uses a simple, safe formula to provide a stellar grooming experience without any harmful chemicals or unnecessary ingredients.

Pitch Melissa Stern at


Hampton Farms Peanut Company

Hampton Farms Peanut Company has a wide selection of specialty nuts, in-shell peanuts, peanut butters and holiday nuts to send out for review.  In the past we have been targeting micro-influencers but would like to try get some influencers with a larger following and pageview count. Followers: 25,000-150,000; Monthly pageviews: Minimum of 50,000

Pitch Jake Freedman at



Sundaily is the world’s first gummy for sun protection, and their mission is better skin and sun safety. The active ingredient in Sundaily, Polypodium Leucotomos, is a fern extract native to Ecuador and is backed by 30 years of extensive research.

Pitch Mitch at


Paul Fredrick

We're currently looking for bloggers/influencers to set up campaigns with Paul Fredrick. The partnership would be within Rakuten, paid flat fees and will have commissions (affiliate links). Audience: older male, mid HHI, business-minded.

Pitch Rebecca Prince at


Just Shoes for Kids

Hi! I am Jodi- the founder of As you can probably tell from our name, we started out selling kid's shoes, but now we sell more- backpacks, hair clips and apparel is coming soon. We are seeking affiliates for our program.

Pitch Jodi Gallaer at


Robin McGraw Revelation

In 2016, Robin launched Robin McGraw Revelation’s Luxury Skincare Collection, featuring daily and nightly regimens. Products are free of harmful sulfates, mineral oil, parabens, and chemicals. All products are also formulated without animal testing.

Pitch Maia Casadei at


Enjoy Flowers

Treat yourself and brighten your space with a fresh flower subscription delivered every month or every two weeks from Enjoy Flowers. Our freshness guarantee ensures your arrangements will impress for at 7 days!

Pitch Maia Casadei at


Paleo Magazine

Depending on the audience of a particular blogger/influencer, we can provide 1-yr print subscriptions, 1-yr digital-only subscriptions, and 1-yr premium subscriptions to Paleo Magazine. We can also provide copies of our various cookbooks and special issues as well. Minimum requirements - Blogger/influencer must be active in the Paleo, Primal, Real food communities

Pitch Cain at


Mona Monet

Mona Monet can give away $200-$500 gift cards at our boutique, depending on the influencer and the giveaway.  Minimum requirements: 10,000 followers

Pitch Courtney Muro at


DOOG (Dog Owners Outdoor Gear)

DOOG can provide giveaways of a variety of dog accessories for today's active dog owner. Our products are fashionable and practical to encourage being outside and social with your dog. Minimum requirements, if applicable 10k followers on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Pitch Andrew Naugher at


Ulysses Press

Ulysses Press publishes a wide variety of crafting, coloring, journaling, cookbooks and humor titles that are often perfect for families. Current highlights include: Twinkle Twinkle Social Media Star (The next 'Go the F*ck to Sleep'- style parody for young parents on the absurdities of social media culture); We Wish You a Poopy Christmas (Another humor title- Christmas classics made cr@ppy); Hot Glue Hacks and Crafts (Fun projects that go waaaay beyond an adhesive); The Family Gratitude project (A year's worth of family crafts to teach gratitude). Engagement is more important than size of audience, but open to a wide range.

Pitch Molly Conway at



BrainZyme will give away a pack of our leading brain food supplements. They have been scientifically proven to support concentration, mental performance and reduce tiredness. They are great at increasing attention and overcoming procrastination for students, professionals and athletes (RRP £15.95-£25.95). Looking for minimum 10,000 page views/month or 10,000 followers.

Pitch Joseph Coulburn at

Monetization Connection 11/1/18

Roost Crate

Are you an influencer putting together gift guides? Are you looking for unique & thoughtful gifts to include? We are looking for a handful of folks to help us. If you are interested in including Roost Crate, please contact us for details.

Pitch Kelly Pugliano at


Healing Natural Oils

Healing Natural Oils is offering a hybrid affiliate and sponsored post opportunity for essential and previous oil brand. $200 Go Live Bonus plus 25% commission on all referred sales for the lifetime of the post Requirement: 25+ domain authority and/or 5k+ social reach or email.

Pitch Stephanie Robbins at


Mrs. Renfro's Salsa

Mrs. Renfro's Salsa comes with recipes on the label, takes the guesswork out of creating quick, delicious and healthy meals in a flash, saves time and money with all the flavors in a single jar, and is a great recipe enhancer & flavor booster.

Pitch Jane Cohen at


Darby Scott

The Darby Scott site aims to be a sea of calm presenting an exquisitely curated collection of unique women's separates, handbags and jewelry (fine and fashion) and scarves. Darby Scott Men's products include attaches, wallets, belts and furnishings.

Pitch Maia at


Joy Organics

Joy Organics offers natural pain management with zero thc CBD oil campaign. 25% commission plus $50 second sale bonus and $100 for first 20 sales. Review product avail for qualified influencers: 25+ domain authority and/or 3k social or email.

Pitch Stephanie Robbins at



LiveGlam is bringing you a monthly dose of glam every month! Whether you wanna brush up your kit, find your new favorite liquid lipstick, or let your eyes do the talking with new palettes-- we’ve got ya covered! $4-$6 commission on subscriptions.

Pitch Maia at



LATHER offers natural, paraben-free body and bath holiday gift guide campaign with sets ranging from $15-$129. Compensation is 15% commission plus $50 for first 5 sales during campaign. Review product for influencers w/ 25+ domain authority or social/email 3k+

Pitch Stephanie Robbins at


Succulent Studios

Succulent Studios, the best place to buy unique, hardy succulents online. Inside each succulent subscription box you will find your beautiful new plants safely packaged and ready to enjoy.$1.25 commission on each order, and on recurring orders.

Pitch Maia at


Fine Stationery

Celebrate the special moments with our large selection of stationery, wedding invitations, baby announcements, holiday cards & more from Fine Stationery. 7% commission on sales.

Pitch Maia at

Monetization Connection 10/25/2018

GPS Tracking Made Easy

GPS Tracking Made Easy is engaging with influencers interested in technology, safety, or security related topics to promote holiday gift ideas and year-round tracking and theft recovery options.

Pitch Jacob at


Feltman Brothers

Feltman Brothers would like to engage with bloggers for select gift guide features. Looking for quality opportunities with high level bloggers/websites and influencers that offer an engaged audience and quality posts.

Pitch Anza Goodbar at


Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Isabelle Grace Jewelry would like to engage with bloggers for select gift guide features. Looking for quality opportunities with high level bloggers/websites and influencers that offer an engaged audience and quality posts.

Pitch Anza Goodbar at


The Field

The Field would like to engage with bloggers for select gift guide features. Looking for quality opportunities with high level bloggers/websites and influencers that offer an engaged audience and quality posts.

Pitch Anza Goodbar at



If you are an influencer looking to represent lifestyle brands + be compensated for it, Fervora is for you. Easy set up, unique hashtag technology + simple payment for powerful brand recommendations.

Pitch Michelle Dufford at


Rich Girl Candy

Rich Girl Candy is looking to engage influencers, particularly women - from young professionals ( millennials ) to moms, to promote holiday gift ideas. Promotions can include holiday giveaway collaborations and we can provide sample product. Minimum requirements include 10.5k followers, 500 engagements per post, 2.5k weekly page views.

Pitch Makeda at


Aks Mathur

Aks Mathur offers the unique luxury leather and accessories brand. The brand is seeking cross-promotion via Instagram or Facebook. Looking for Brand Ambassadors that will participate in the launch of the brand new collection (tentative early November). Must have at least 10,000 followers on instagram with active engagement in the segment of travel, luxury fashion, emerging lifestyle brands

Pitch Aks Mathur at


Eternity Rose

Eternity Rose can provide any one product (i.e. rose, pair of earrings, pendant, golf ball, poker cards) for review or giveaway. Minimum 1k monthly organic traffic

Pitch Joe Wareham at


Health Priority Natural Products

Health Priority Natural Products, carries a line of all natural, organic Vitamin E based skincare products.

Our flagship product is a 100% Natural & Organic Vitamin E Oil that is a luxurious blend of Vitamin E, Jojoba, Avocado, Ricebran, Lavender and Palmarosa oils which is designed to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, fade dark spots and under-eye circles and heal damaged skin, scars and stretch marks. Bloggers will earn 15% commissions on referred products sold.

Pitch Scott Cartwright at



bbluv would like to engage with bloggers for select gift guide features. Looking for quality opportunities with high level bloggers/websites and influencers that offer an engaged audience and quality posts.

Pitch Anza Goodbar at



Shoenvious is looking for style and lifestyle influencers to work with us on holiday giveaway collaborations. Arrangements can also include product exchange for specific number of posts and Instagram stories. Minimum requirements include 20k followers, 200 comments per post, 1k weekly page views.

Pitch Sau at


Fat Brain Toys

Fat Brain Toys is happy to send influencers and media outlets samples of our toys in exchange for reviews, blog features and social posts. Depending on pageviews and social following, Fat Brain Toys is open to paid sponsored content on a case-by-case basis. Minimum requirements include 50k pageviews per month and/or social following of 20k on Facebook or Instagram; influencer must have organic audience and original content (not all paid).

Pitch Nicki Hayes at by 10/31/2018



Bangerz introduced a line called Bangerz Sunz which is sports sunglasses. Influencer engagement promotions include holiday giveaway, collaborations and extended engagements to photograph and promote our sports eyewear. We are on most high school and college fields. Some people just get our glasses for gardening and construction protection as well.

Pitch Miriam Friedman at


We are engaging with parents on BambuLife with multiple holiday gift guides with bloggers, including giveaways and reaching out on social media, particularly Instagram with a new campaign featuring humorous holiday-themed angles. We also have a BOGO 50 offer, as well, for the holiday season.

Pitch Brenda at


Floor Register Trap

We are engaging with parents on FRT with multiple holiday gift guides with bloggers, including giveaways and reaching out on social media, particularly Instagram with a new campaign featuring humorous holiday-themed angles. We also have a BOGO 50 offer, as well, for the holiday season. We have no minimum requirements on reach.

Pitch Brenda at

Monetization Connection 10/18/18


Sudara would love to engage lifestyle bloggers and influencers who are passionate about empowering women and love our beautiful Indian inspired product line of pajamas and loungewear. We have a VERY compelling brand story as our products provide pathways to freedom out of the brothels of India. We fight sex trafficking through beautiful products and sustainable job creation for survivors.

Minimum requirements: 5K IG followers unless you are up and coming and have a beautiful feed where we can repurpose content. We are looking for high engagement and brand alignment.

Pitch Shannon Keith at


Atom Compression Wear

Atom Compression Wear would like to engage influencers for Product reviews and Gift Guide inclusions featuring your original image(s) with content highlighting the benefits of compression wear and milk fiber in exchange for product sample (Compression Lanati Milk Fiber Classic Socks). Requirements: Audience focus of Sports/Athletics, Travel, Everyday Wellness, Physical Rehabiliation. Pregnancy/Maternity highly desired. Alexa ranking under 1M.

Pitch Donna Roberts at



SilkRoll is looking to engage with influencers via a collab or campaign.

Pitch Sahiba Guraya at


Saint Belford

Saint Belford would like to be considered for product reviews and gift guide features. We create 2019 lifestyle planners/diaries that focus on self-care and personal growth for people who want to prioritise their time mindfully, follow through with their intentions and live life on their terms. Our mission is to empower others to design, build and live a life that truly fulfils them, without compromising their wellbeing in the process. We are also proud supporters of Beyond Blue and R U OK?, two non profit organisations that are close to our hearts. Minimum Requirements: Domain authority of 20 or more.

Pitch Alexandria Phillips at

Uncaged Ergonomics

Uncaged Ergonomics would like to engage with bloggers via reviews / articles / links.

Pitch John at by 11/10/18


Uncaged Furniture

Uncaged Furniture would like to engage with bloggers via verified purchase reviews, blog articles, with links, social tags, etc.

Pitch John at by 11/10/18



Familius would love to send free e-book copies of our books to bloggers for review and social media posts if they like the books!

Please contact us with social media links, book genre preferences, and more about you. We'd love to set up a call! We're trying to reach more families who may enjoy our books.

Pitch Kate Farrell at


Convers(ate) is a conversation game. We're seeking influencers who are interested in using a Convers(ate) conversation card to host a Jeffersonian Dinner party. We provide how-to instructions and a high quality conversation card to you. This is an incredible way to share a meal with family members, friends and/or new faces and get past small talk to learn and connect.  Minimum followers 2,500

Pitch Taylor + Mollie at


Swanwick Sleep

Swanwick Sleep would love to collaborate with influencers to create compelling content. We will send them glasses so they can make unique content that can be shared on social media. Minimum Requirements: 1000 Followers

Pitch Sam Mehan at


Baby Jack and Company

Baby Jack and Company is interested in working together with influencers who have an eye for photography, savvy with Instagram and wise with their words about products that can bring fun, education and comfort to a child of all ages. Baby Jack creates sensory tag blankets and toys but targets beyond baby. We bring education to our designs and also raise awareness for causes like CHD, Down Syndrome, Infertility, Infant Loss and Fire/military/ police.

Pitch Kelley Legler at


Panty Drop

Panty Drop would love to be included by bloggers targeted gifts for women of all ages and sizes. Did you know 67% of women today don't fit into traditional sizes (S-M-L)? We cater to all sizes and offer an upscale shopping experience for quality underwear that is made for you.  We don't have a budget for paid posts. We may consider sending a sample pair of underwear or a box IF your reach/following is a fit (women or men shopping for women) guaranteed and is above 50K

Pitch Brooke Brumfield at


type:A Deodorant

By making safe + high-performance deodorant, type:A is on a mission to help people lead healthier lives without sacrifice and to help bring #cleanbeauty to the mainstream. Aluminum-free. Sweat-activated. Contact us if you'd like to review a sample.

Pitch Kate Donnelly at



ShopYourLikes is a new invite-only monetization platform that’s grabbing the attention of many content creators. Launched in November 2017, ShopYourLikes is already working with some of the biggest influencers in the Home Décor and Lifestyle spaces.

Pitch Michael Maguire at

Monetization Connection 10/11/18

Whirly Board

Whirly Board would be willing to send a sample of our board for an honest full page review with a link to our website for purchasing for Holiday Gift Guides. We would also do a giveaway for Facebook, Instagram or Youtube with some entry requirements or offer a discount code for your viewers. Cross promotional campaigns to get more page views and social likes. We are open to other suggestions.

Pitch Joanna Mortensen



CoreVYO would love to engage with bloggers/influencers who are excited about fitness and want to highlight a new fitness tool. Currently used by 50+ professional teams, CoreVYO is a tool that can be used by any individual keen to improve their fitness. We’d like to provide bloggers/influencers with an affiliate code opportunity that they can drive as we lead into the holidays.  5k follower minimum

Pitch Matt Sacks at by November 20, 2018


Tevia Rose Products

Tevia Rose Products is looking for beauty bloggers who like niche luxury brands. I’ve got a few samples to give away for review. Minimum
requirements: 10,000k plus viewers or subscribers on YouTube.

Pitch Diva Samai at or


Juju Be Gone

Juju Be Gone offers a range of energy-transforming gift boxes to chaseaway bad “juju” and enhance positive vibes. From high-quality products tohand-crafted artisanal finds, Juju Be Gone delivers an experience-in-a-box forthose moments in life that could use extra TLC. We will be creating a New Year, New Beginnings, New You box soon for the holidays. Our core Juju Black box is perfect to “smudge that negative sh*t right out of your life”

Pitch Courtney Mamuscia, Founder at is looking for influencers who can post a single deal(s) that talk to their audience base. We can offer exclusive codes just for those readerships to encourage value prop. Our deals are great...lowest pricing on the web.

Pitch Shmuli at


E. Frances Paper

E. Frances Paper is a stationery company based in Rhode Island. We are looking to engage with bloggers and influencers to feature our bestselling product, Little Notes, in upcoming holiday gift guides or features. Ideally, we’d like bloggers to show the ways that they use their Little Notes (stocking stuffers, love notes, lunchbox notes, place cards, etc.).

Pitch Jennifer Astin at offers a wide range of wood products from Phone Cases to Watches. We are currently engaging in working with bloggers/influencers for inclusions in Holiday Gift Guides. We are offering bloggers up to $100 worth of product in exchange of inclusion in their Holiday Gift Guide. We are accepting bloggers/influencers until the end of October.

Pitch Jameson Spooner at


One World Play Project

We want play ambassadors to help raise awareness of and get consumers to join the play movement. We are One World Play Project, a social-impact B Corporation and creators of the One World Fubol, the unpoppable soccer ball that never needs a pump and never goes flat, even when driven over or punctured. Harnessing the power of business for social good, our goal is to bring the power of play to youth in need & inspire human potential. Every purchase is with purpose as we give 5% our e-commerce sales to provide play resources to organizations using play to work with youth living in disadvantaged communities worldwide.

Minimum requirements, if applicable (ie, FB 108,000+, twitter 6.6K, Instagram 4.2K)

Pitch Dana Young, VP of Play and PR,

Coffee Cookie

Attention all coffee-lovers! You're invited to join the Coffee Cookie Influencer Program! Share your unique Promo Code with friends and family, and they will receive 40% off their purchase total at In turn, we will send you $5 for every Cookie purchased with your Promo Code. It's absolutely free to join. To get started, we'll have you sign into your page at, where you can set your own Promo Code, login info, and see your payouts. Most importantly, this program works on your own terms and you have full control over your involvement!

Pitch Victoria Gregory by November 30, 2018


The Wine Lover's Apprentice

I am looking for bloggers willing to include The Wine Lover's Apprentice book in their holiday gift guides either via their social media outlets and/or through a blog post. Reviews of / articles about the book are also welcome.

Pitch Kathleen Bershad at



B4 would love to connect and mail out product to bloggers and social influencers who are 21+ in exchange for social posts. Specifically, for upcoming Holiday Gift Guides: B4 is a precovery™ vitamin supplement engineered to shield your body against the aftereffects of alcohol.

Pitch Ashleigh Ostermann at



Teuko would like to be included in your Holiday Gift Guides (possibility to include lunchbox items selected by the Teuko team too). On our side, we offer a free opportunity for you to share your tips, advices, brands or items for packing healthy lunch boxes the easy and fast way with our community of lunchbox packers and we'd love to include you in our Teuko Holiday gift guide. We also offer you the opportunity to write a blog post about seasonal (Holiday) foods, an easy Holiday recipe in 4 steps max, etc.

Pitch Jessica at by 11/15/2018



Ongoing ambassadorship or one-time blog feature for ithriveX. Ambassadors receive free product and a discount code to offer followers. Payouts to ambassadors for sales using their discount code.  Minimum Requirements: 500 followers (We are more interested in engagement on you blog or social media accounts than number of followers/pageviews)

Pitch Anna Stout at


IG Charcoal BBQ

A new product for your gift guide is our new IG Charcoal BBQ, a stainless steel charcoal barbecue. This barbecue is multi-functional with a grill top that is made especially for cooking skewers and a charcoal handle for raising the heat level.

Pitch Phillip Sugarman at


Moon Travel Guides

Are you publishing a gift guide this holiday season? Moon Travel Guides would like to provide you with a complimentary copy of the brand new book Moon USA National Parks: The Complete Guide to All 59 Parks for inclusion in your gift guide.

Pitch Crystal Turnau at


Monetization Connection 10/4/2018

Denise Albright Studio

Denise Albright Studio products are real Mother-Savers! Planners, stickers & school memory binders to capture the good stuff. Keep up with crazy schedules and kitchen counters clear! Buh-Bye, school bins! Hello, Easy Money! Earn 10% + seasonal bonuses, too.

Pitch Denise Albright at



Founded by flight attendants searching for a reliable, stylish travel companion, baggallini is committed to bridging the gap between fashion and function. Whether your day takes you five blocks or five time zones, our bags are there to help!

Pitch Ann Schneider at


KIND Snacks

KIND believes that people don’t need to choose between health and taste when it comes to snacking. We use high-quality, delicious ingredients that taste good, energize you and help keep you satisfied.

Pitch Bren Duvall at



As a worldwide leader in the pet industry for over 50 years, Petmate is committed to providing fun, trusted, quality products to enhance the lives of pets. What started with kennels has grown to encompass a full line of products and solutions your pet.

Pitch Ann Schneider at


Steiner Sports Memorabilia

Steiner Sports is the leading producer of authentic, hand-signed collectibles and the best source for all autographed gift needs. Steiner brings you the most-wanted memorabilia in 14 sports and the world of entertainment with over 10K unique products.

Pitch Ann Schneider at




Monetization Connection 9/21/18


A. N. OTHER is on-boarding brand ambassadors that connect with its ethos of authenticity, quality craftsmanship, sustainability, clean ingredients and honest pricing. Brand ambassadors also enjoy a 50% discount on their purchases.

Pitch the team at



MPOWERD, Inc. would like for bloggers to learn about how the Luci lights function and display the versatility of uses - indoors as home decor, mood lighting for spa/bathroom/bedroom, a child's night light, outdoors for camping, glamping, boating, light source for backyard/porch/patio, beach or pool.

Pitch Barella Kirkland at


Polished Prints

Polished Prints is engaging with influencers, particularly moms, to promote holiday gift ideas. Promotions include holiday giveaway collaborations and extended engagements to photograph and promote specific holiday-themed products.

Minimum requirements include 15.5k followers, 600 engagements per post, 2.5k weekly page views.

Pitch Leah Longueville at by November 1, 2018



BrainZyme would like to do product reviews in return for free products. Minimum requirements: DA of 25.

Pitch Joseph Coulburn, by the 1st December 2018



Vilact is an award-winning Scandinavian skincare line that offers products with Lactoactive® that will repair, revitalize, soften and smooth your skin to a degree never thought possible.

Pitch Ann Schneider at 

Monetization Connection 9/14/18

Kids Email

Calling parents with kids ages 5 to 13! Get paid to test, and do a review of the best safe e-mail for kids! Spam Free, Ad Free with total peace of mind. Get 1 Year of Kids Email for Free (value of $38.95) Plus $30 via Paypal or Venmo.

Pitch Brittany at


Things Remembered

Things Remembered is the leading retailer of personalized merchandise and experiences. At Things Remembered, we help our customers create unique and personalized products for all of life's occasions — big and small.

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The Shelving Store is your one-stop-shop for shelving and home storage. We take pride in providing durable products that we use ourselves, from the pallet racks we store our shelves on, to the wall mounted desks we work from, we love our products!

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Sweatcoin Club

Sweatcoin Club is interested in bloggers who would like to use the app for 30 days and write about their experience. How much they walked, how much they earned, etc.

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ActivMotion Bar

ActivMotion Bar is sending free product samples and "swag" packages in exchange for IG and Facebook shoutouts and holiday gift guide/blog reviews. Fitness influencer/blogger must have a minimum of 3000 followers and fit the following demographic profile: men and women between ages of 35 and 65. Pilates and functional training experts are a plus.

Pitch the marketing team at before October 31st of this year.



BARWIS would be looking for the opportunity to have bloggers engage in our holistic human performance offerings. They are looking for bloggers of at least 1,000 followers

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Monetization Connection 9/7/18

Better Sleep Campaign

Help your followers get a good night's sleep and benefit from multiple revenue opportunities with the Natural Sleep Campaign. You join a few different affiliate programs with natural sleep-inducing products, mention the products when you write about better sleep, and earn bonuses by combining your performance across the programs. Review products available for qualified influencers.

Pitch Stephanie at  (US publishers only)


Table Tales Cookbook

Table Tales Cookbook is launching mid- November. Hosting cookbook giveaways, online Q&A’s & recipes.

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Detox Organics

Detox Organics™ is a 3-phase plant based supplement that alkalizes, detoxifies, and energizes all in one. Soy-free, dairy-free, vegan, non-GMO and raw, it supports digestion and is a super immune booster that works to remove harmful toxins.

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IQ Bar would love to have bloggers review samples (they'll send free of charge if we see a good fit!) either on their blog or as an Instagram post, and sign up to become affiliates as well.

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Mobile Help

MobileHelp is a healthcare technology company that integrates cellular and GPS technology to provide medical monitoring services and location tracking for emergency assistance to the user as well as notification and tracking for the caregiver.

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Mama Java Coffee

Mama Java Coffee is looking for moms who LIVE on coffee to try out our coffee for moms! When you're sick of having to throw away your coffee because it sat out, was gross after you reheated it, and was just plain un-enjoyable, it's time for some REAL caffeination! They'd love to send you a sample to try out and share on Instagram.

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Monetization Connection 8/31/18 and Petite Retreats and and Petite Retreats invite bloggers to stay at their campgrounds and check out all the fun for themselves. Bloggers with RVs are welcome to camp in their RV at our campgrounds. No RV? No problem? They have many unique accommodations ranging from tiny houses to cabins to yurts to covered wagons! Bloggers are welcome to stay in any of these accommodations while visiting the campgrounds. Must have at least 5,000 social media followers, can be determined on a case by case basis

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Hansen's Surfboards is one of the oldest and largest surf shops in Southern CA. Look and feel coastal cool with our surfboards, surf clothing, wetsuits, ski and snowboard supplies. They carry top brands such as Billabong, Hurley, Oneill, Quicksilver, etc.

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Laguna Beach Textile Company

Laguna Beach Textile Company is looking for folks who love being by the beach, pool, lake, park, you name it as long as sun (or even partly sunny days) and fun is involved. They don’t really love the word “influencer”, so we’ll just say it’s someone who has a minimum of 3,000 Instagram followers. Quality over quantity. They are looking for folks who will be up for posting a photo or video with LBTC products in them at least 2 times a month.

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Currently protecting 12 million websites daily SiteLock delivers a patented 360-degree website security solution to find, fix and prevent malware and other threats from affecting website-based businesses and their visitors.

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Craftsy offers professionally-produced online courses in a variety of different 'crafting' areas. Students can interact with their award-winning instructors and each other in the online classroom and watch their classes anytime, anywhere.

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Baby K'tan

Are you a Baby K'tan Baby Carrier fan? Do you have great reach on social? They would love to partner with you for International Babywearing Week this October and beyond. If you're a new mom or expecting, they want to meet you too. Tell them your BK story!

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Dylan's Candy Bar

Dylan's Candy Bar is a veritable candy wonderland that merges the world of art & fashion with candy! Find your favorite candy, bulk candy, chocolate, and many other candy novelties. Customize and personalize your candy and packaging, too.

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ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

This is a Florida-only brand and campaign. Specifically, they are looking to engage and speak with influencers/bloggers who are 21+ and in the North Miami area for a grand opening for a store there.

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New Ulm, MN

Discover how Germans Have More Fun in the most German city in America! Located in southern MN in the beautiful Minnesota River Valley National Scenic Byway, New Ulm has something for everyone! They are known for German heritage (culture, food, music), historic attractions, Schell’s Brewery, boutique shopping, and festivals. They are offering the chance to stay in one of their hotels or B&Bs in exchange for photos, social media posts, and blog posts featuring the community and attractions, shops, dining, and/or activities. Depending on proposal, some dining and attraction expenses may be provided. Does not include transportation.

Pitch Sarah Warmka, Marketing Specialist,



A.Lynn is looking to offer free product to bloggers to test for themselves and write pieces and/or post photos of the product and how it can easily relate to travelers of all shapes/sizes. They want to have a few different travel bloggers participate to create a capsule of "interviews" to show how they felt about the product and its simplicity and versatility for traveling. (they welcome and recommend video). They would like to see bloggers with at least 10k followers and more than 500 post views.

Pitch Andrea Seemayer (founder of A.Lynn) at: by 9/30/18



Stryde would like to work with influencers looking to travel all over the world. Especially if they're looking for a hotel stay.

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Indie Campers

Indie Campers provides discounts on renting campervans (based on the number of followers either on social media and their blogs and engagement you have. They are looking with influencers with 50k monthly page views and/or 75k on Instagram/Facebook, with high engagement on social midia.

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Visit Anaheim

Visit Anaheim is open to trade collaborations with Instagram influencers and prominent bloggers. Visit Anaheim is able to provide complimentary experiences within its city, in exchange for posts to the influencer’s channels. Opportunities and details are determined on a case by case basis. Typically, Visit Anaheim works with Instagram influencers who have a minimum following of 50,000. In terms of blog page views, Visit Anaheim typically works with bloggers who have upward of 25,000 unique visitors per month.

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WeWarriors is seeking Incontinence pad reviews by women aged 35+. WeWarriors is a reusable incontinence pad that can be worn with your own underwear.  Pads can be hand washed, air-dried, and reused time and again. WeWarriors are made in the U.S. with organic cotton and bamboo.

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Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours

Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours invites influencers to take culinary walks with them when they are in Barcelona, they engage in developing targeted promotional campaigns, or simply promoting each other's content. Minimum requirements: More than 5,000 followers on Facebook , DA 30+

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Ways of Change

Ways of Change is an ethical fashion brand working with refugee communities on the Thailand Burma border in the jungle. They partner with brands / designers / influencers who are interested in co-creating a product / line with refugee communities (in Thailand or via skype). They also teach the 'Co-creating with Communities' model to individuals / teams wanting to learn a new way of working with remote communities which benefits both. Their model is one of connection with self, with environment and with communities.

Pitch Cara Boccieri at offers bloggers a chance to stay in a 5-star luxury hotel in exchange for content and promotion. Content must align with's corporate identity and in the travel niche. Preferably over 50k followers and a blog.

Pitch Matej Mitev at by September 30


Hostelling International USA (HI USA)

In addition to having more than 50 hostels nationwide, Hostelling International USA is also a nonprofit with a purpose to create a more tolerant world. They work with influencers in a variety of ways: overnights at  hostels, and engagement in  programs and initiatives that span global citizenship, sustainability, building peace, and more. Please specify if you’re interested in an overnight or program. Minimum requirements: 10,000 unique monthly visitors,  20,000 combined social media followers (across Twitter, Instagram, FB, etc.)

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Fireball Approves

Fireball Approves would like to have bloggers write about services for scam prevention

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SkyRoll Luggage

SkyRoll Luggage will offer free luggage to influencers to start and go from there.

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Monetization Connection - 8/24/18

b+b - Pain Relief w/Heart

b+b is designed w/ women & millennials in mind. Because it is a cause driven brand/one-for-one giving model, like TOMS shoes or Bomba socks, they look for true brand ambassadors. Dye-free ibuprofen, acetaminophen and naproxen sodium are available, and the packaging is super cool, for on-the-go; designed with the team who created EOS lip balm. They'd like to see the products in use in bloggers' lives - real situations: travel, beach, parties, bachelorettes, gym, car, desk, at school, for example.

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Mrs. Renfro’s Salsa

Mrs. Renfro's Salsa enjoys participating in reviews/giveaways/gift guides/recipes using salsa. They require at least 200 social followers.

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Vivio Life Sciences

Vivio Life Sciences looks for influencers that write product reviews, or informational articles on health subjects and brands. They work through affiliate links on blogs/websites. They are happy to send samples. They use the Refersion affiliate network (20% commission). They are open to all influencers operating blogs/websites, so long as your content is honest and informational.

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Magical Vacation Homes

Magical Vacation Homes is a vacation rental company with 200+ luxury vacation rentals located only minutes away from Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. They are offering the chance to stay at one of their properties in exchange for photos, social media posts and blog posts featuring our company and properties. They are only offering accommodations, which does not include attractions or transportation. Their minimum requirement is at least 5,000 followers.

Pitch Taylor at 


B4 is a vitamin supplement engineered to prepare your body to fight alcohol. They send product to lifestyle bloggers/influencers. They tend to focus on Instagram with influencers who like to go out (or stay in with a glass of wine) and have a good time but also have to wake up and be responsible the next morning. Must be 21+, active following, they usually look for influencers with 1,000 followers but are open to influencers with high engagement if they have a little lower than 1,000.

Pitch Ashleigh at

Acceleration Partners

Acceleration Partners is seeking high quality content partners to work with our 90+ clients including Target, Uber, adidas, Gymboree, StubHub, Hotwire, Casper and more. Apply to these great affiliate programs and more in time for Q4!

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Interested in working with more brands but sick of wasting your time researching and pitching? Same. #paid gets you PAID by top brands without sacrificing your authenticity or negotiating your rate… the way influencer marketing should be.

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MommyGO is an all-natural energy boost for moms. Powered by ceremonial matcha, sweetened with honey, it provides hours of calm focus to let keep your mom going. No artificial flavors and preservatives. Profits help save pregnant women and babies.

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Sundots are the World’s first gummy for sun protection, and our mission is better skin and sun safety. We are looking to connect with bloggers and influencers focused on improving their audiences health and wellness. Reach out to become an affiliate!

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