The Ultimate Guide to the Business of Blogging

When we set out to do something - we go BIG. This course is no exception. We set out to create the ULTIMATE Guide to the Business of Blogging, and we think you'll agree - this is a comprehensive look at the business. And, we're not finished yet... in fact, we never will be. We're constantly adding new content.

What's in the Ultimate Guide to the Business of Blogging?

We've packed a lot of content into this course, and with more to come, we took our time developing the organization so that you can easily follow along and get right to the content that makes the most sense for your business, right now.

The Course Modules

The course is segmented into 4 modules. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned blogger, you'll find information in each that can help you build or strengthen your blogging business.

  1. A Strong Foundation for Your Blogging Business
  2. Content Development and Distribution
  3. Blog Monetization
  4. Maintaining a Healthy, Well Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

The Content

Inside each of the Modules, you'll find all types of content:

  • Ebook-style how-to instructions and examples
  • Video webinars and interviews (over 16 hours worth already included and more to come each week!)
  • Checklists to help you turn big projects into small, doable chunks
  • Real-life examples from real bloggers who have been there, and done that and are willing to help you

New Content Added Weekly

That's right - weekly. It's our goal to have the most comprehensive course on the business of blogging. And, since this business is rapidly changing and growing - this course needs to evolve right along with it. Each week, we talk to one or more these types of amazing contributors:

  • Successful bloggers about what has made them successful, what they suggest you do, and what they suggest you avoid based on their mistakes.
  • Industry experts¬†who bring you the latest in fields like SEO, affiliate marketing, email, social media, content development, finances, law, and technology.
  • Entrepreneurs who share their tips on starting and running business. They share what to do as well as what not to do based on their successes and failures in business.
  • Those who study the body, mind, and soul who give you the tools you need to stay sane and healthy as you build your business.

Conference Sessions Added Each Year

Starting with our 2018 Annual Conference, the presentations given on stage at the event will be developed into videos available to our Tribe members. Even if you attend the event you'll have to miss some sessions to see others, or to meet with bloggers, brands, agencies, and solution providers. But - all of the content will be available for you right here in the Tribe!

Watch sessions you missed, and re-watch sessions you loved to hear the messages and pick out new little nuggets you can apply when you're back at your desk.

Our 2018 event has over 50 speakers who present a variety of inspiring and educational content in lectures, how-to walkthroughs, and dynamic panels.

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Explore the Course Content

Here's what you'll find in the course so far...

Module 1: Creating a Strong Foundation for Your Blogging Business

In this module, we talk about the business behind your blog. From the initial idea - "Hey! I have a great idea for a blog!" - all the way through researching your niche, incorporating your business, developing relationships with brands, and more.

Along with checklists for setting up your site, descriptions of niche choices, research, and content development, you'll also find interviews with these pros and experienced bloggers who tell you the steps you need to take and the decisions you need to make to create a strong foundation for your business:

market research

Module 2: Content Development and Distribution

In this module, we'll dive into the processes and concepts behind content development and distribution. If you want to dominate SEO, social media, email, even advanced strategies like video and podcasting, this is the module for you.

Along with helpful guides, and checklists, this module includes interviews and step-by-step webinars with experts who'll teach you to find your voice, communicate your message in a way the search engines like, and ensure that more and more members of your tribe can find your message:

Module 3: Blog Monetization Strategies

In this module, we cover the various strategies you have available to monetize your blog. This includes a media kit that outlines your placement fees, joining affiliate programs to earn commissions, becoming a brand ambassador, and starting your membership site or subscription service.

Along with units of content, helpful guides, and examples - here are some of the videos that you'll find in the course that showcase an expert who tells you what you need to do, and what to plan for in each of these strategies:

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