Tribe Mastermind Groups

What Is a Type-A Tribe Mastermind Group?

Take your business to the next level by joining a serious, motivated group of entrepreneurs in setting goals, overcoming obstacles, finding your true north, and reaching your fullest potential.

The Type-A Tribe Mastermind groups meet online/by phone once a week - EVERY WEEK - to work on a specific piece of business. Week by week, you’ll set and reach new goals. Week by week, your business will improve.

The Type-A staff organizes the group, moderates the calls, keeps everyone in the loop, and keeps records. You can focus 100% on taking steps to improve your business.

  • Get out of your own head - talk to others in similar business situations, and bounce ideas off of them.
  • Hear several ideas to solve your biggest problems, from a variety of vantage points.
  • Add a new level of accountability to your plans. You’ll owe an update each week - and you’ll want to be prepared with one you’re proud to give.
  • Learn from those who have been where you are today, and take note of how they overcame the obstacles you’re facing.
  • Teach others who are experiencing an obstacle you’ve overcome. Share your experience, and help them take the next steps.

What Is Included?

When you become a Type-A Tribe Mastermind Member, you'll build your business week by week with:

  • Weekly virtual meetings (phone and/or internet)
    • Focused topics, picked based on the needs of the members
    • Moderated calls keep the group on track
    • Reporting and accountability to help you keep taking steps forward to reach your goals
  • Small groups - only 15 - 20 people in a group, so there’s time to focus on YOUR business
  • Private Facebook group to network, learn, and share
  • Access to resources in group Drive like planning outlines, strategy development docs, spreadsheets, links to tools and other resources.
  • Choose one area to Focus on at a time, master it and move on to attack another focus.


Blog Management Focus

This focus is great for beginners, or veterans who know that their business would do better if they knew more about WordPress, forms, email integrations, CSS basics, HTML basics, etc.

Focus on Scaling Your Business

This focus is appropriate for those of you who are growing your business beyond your blog. We’ll discuss company structures, hiring/HR, finances, strategic planning, and management.

SEO Focus

This is a good choice for anyone who wants to bring a level of maturity to their blog. We’ll cover everything from titles, tags, and descriptions to researching topics, and building a long-term, long-tail strategy.

Content Development Focus

This focus is great for beginners, those who are changing or refining their niche specialty, and anyone who wants to master content distribution across multiple platforms.

Focus on Accountability & Time Management

If you know what you need to work on, but have a hard time managing your time and staying on track, this is the perfect focus for you. We’ll hold you accountable for completing each “next” step, and discuss several strategies for managing time, balancing responsibilities, and finding time in your day to get it all done.


Mastermind meetings are an interesting mix of learning and sharing. We incorporate:

  • Expert Presentations when we bring in people from outside the group to teach you something new
  • You Teach sessions where members share step-by-step how they achieved a goal
  • Problem-Solving sessions when we all help members overcome an obstacle
  • Challenges that encourage you to set and meet a specific goal
  • More!

Includes all Tribe Membership Benefits:

Monthly Webinar
Conference Recordings
30 Mins of Tech Support


Q: When are meetings?

A: In general, meetings are held Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Depending on the focus you choose, we’ll give you a few options for meetings so that you can choose one that best fits your schedule.

Q: What if I miss a meeting or a few in a month?

A: Joining a Mastermind group is big commitment. We don’t want the schedule to be something that stresses you out - but if you’re not ready to commit to taking steps each week to improve your business - a mastermind group might not be right for you at this time.

That being said - missing a meeting here and there is not a big deal. Life happens. We’re all going to have times when we can’t go to a scheduled meeting. You’ll be able to catch up online with your group members, and check in to keep making progress on your goals.

Q: Are you going to do live Masterminds still?

A: We are leaving that up to you. If a group wants to get together in person, we'll be more than happy to organize the dates and arrange the space. 

Q: What if I feel I’ve mastered the focus I choose?

A: Once you master a focus, you can move on to another group with a new challenge to master.

Q: Can my partner join too?

A: Memberships are per-person. Your partner is more than welcome to join and we can put him/her in the same group as you (if you’d like), but you’ll both need to have active memberships to participate.

Q: Can I be in more than one group at a time?

A: No… and this is for your own good… improving your business takes focus. Joining multiple groups dilutes your focus. Spend a month in one group, and let us prove it to you.

Have Questions? Need More Information?

We'd be happy to answer your questions about Tribe Membership benefits. Please use the form below to send us your name, email address and questions. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.