2019 Spotlight Non-Profit: Magical Bridge Playgrounds and Foundation

About Magical Bridge Playgrounds and Foundation

Stemming from kindness and compassion, Magical Bridge Foundation is building truly innovative and inclusive community and schoolyard Magical Bridge Playgrounds throughout the country for children and adults of ALL abilities and disabilities – finally giving EVERYONE a chance to play together, form friendships, and be treated with dignity and respect.

What makes Magical Bridge different from every other playground? Magical Bridge uniquely welcomes the 1-in-4 of us living with a physical or cognitive disability, autism, visual and auditory impairments, the medically fragile and even our aging population. We think this is MAGICAL, and we hope you do too!

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Connect with Magical Bridge Playgrounds and Foundation

Our team from Magical Bridge Foundation would like to meet with influencers who are passionate about inclusion and play. We’d love to meet with those who write about disabilities, parenting and changing the world for the better. We’d love to connect with influencers who want to bring a Magical Bridge to THEIR hometown and community. And finally, we’d love to meet those who are passionate about kindness, compassion, and acceptance for every person, regardless of ability or disability. Please contact Jill Asher at jill@magicalbridge.org or 650-520-8512 to set up a meeting before, during or after the conference.


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