Apply for a Plaid St Influencer Ticket

Are you an Influencer with a large, engaged following?  Do you want to attend Plaid St conference as a VIP guest, and have meetings with top brands, solution providers, and agencies?

We’re looking for select bloggers and social media influencers who:

  • Have an Alexa US Rank under 500,000
  • Have more than 100,000 followers on Twitter
  • Have more than 15,000 page likes on Facebook
  • Have more than 20,000 followers on Instagram

These stats are just start, so if you’re close, apply anyway! We’re looking for true influencers – the type of person that has a unique ability to connect with an audience online, draw them in, and keep them coming back for more.

Maybe you just started up Instagram a couple months ago and don’t have a big following yet, or your audience just isn’t on Twitter so you didn’t put any effort in there, but something else is a match – go ahead and apply.

  • Approved applicants will receive a VIP pass to the Plaid St conference and arranged meetings with top brands.
  • In return, the approved applicants will agree to a number of blog and social media posts

You will be notified of our decision within the month you apply. Note that other costs (travel to Chicago, hotel room, etc) are not included in this offer.


Eric Nagel is a business-savvy technology executive with experience in programming and online marketing going back to 1999. He is passionate about developing applications that allow businesses, teams and individuals to achieve their goals through automated tools and access to actionable data.