Reveal Time! These Keynote Speakers Are So Lit, They’re On Fire! #typeacon

Type-A Parent 10-Year Birthday BashSummer is in full swing and before we know it, we’ll be gathering in Old Town Alexandria for Type-A DC. The 33rd conference we’re hosting, this will be our biggest conference to date AND our 10-year anniversary celebration! Wow. They just grow up so fast, don’t they?

We’ll have 10-year birthday fun throughout (we have several Old Guard Type-A bloggers and sponsors already signed up!). We’ll also have one epic 10th birthday bash.

Hey, we know how to throw a sweet party and y’all sure have proven over the past decade that you ABSOLUTELY know how to rock out/dance out/network like a boss at one!

That’s right! We’re almost to the two month countdown and all the details are accelerating, with lots of huge announcements coming! We are so excited about the plans and can’t wait to see you all!

Today, we’re thrilled to share our keynote speaker lineup! We’ve invited some of the best and brightest minds in the business to share their insights and ideas with our attendees. Please help us give them a warm Type-A welcome!

Friday morning will be kicking off with a high-energy, high-impact opening keynote with Bolaji Oyejide!

We’ll close out Friday with a killer keynote from long-time Type-A friend and world-renowned professional Cheerio stacker, Ryan Hamilton.

Saturday morning will open with Jason Falls. Be careful (or is it hopeful?) – he may or may not try to spike your coffee while he delivers his incomparable and unapologetic brand of no nonsense wisdom.

And last, but certainly not least, we’ll be closing out the conference with the always brilliant, blunt, business-savvy and badass Rene Syler.

Many of you already know this, but for those of you who are new to Type-A… Well… We don’t do uptight, inaccessible keynoters who take themselves way too seriously (yes, sure, we’re all impressed…. *eye roll*) and look their noses down at the lowly non-keynoters in their presence.

Hard. Pass.

How Type-A Picks Keynote Speakers via @typeaparent at

Our keynoters are both brill AND boss. They’re successful yet accessible. They’re a BIG deal on the internet, but they haven’t gotten too big for their britches.

They’ll blow your mind with game-changing insight on how to propel your business, then do shots with you at the bar or get down on the dance floor at the party that night.

They blog hard and play hard.

Our keynoters aren’t just real smart. They’re real. But hey… better to show you than to tell you, right?

Bolaji was leading his interactive workshop (I kind of feel like he doesn’t even have your typical, boring one-directional talk in his DNA) during Type-A East at Walt Disney World last fall. When Ryan participated from the audience in the workshop…. well…. there was a teeny tiny height difference. So Bolaji addressed it just like any solemn speaker would:

There was that time Jason wore an Oscar the Grouch tee-shirt for his Type-A keynote – and brought bacon-infused (#typebacon REPRESENT!) Maker’s Mark bourbon and (naturally) some klassywithaK red plastic cup shot glasses to serve it to everyone in the audience.

This is what most closing keynotes look like, right? #typeacon

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Then there’s our closing keynoter, Rene. She needs to loosen up a little. Here she is at the pajama party we had at Type-A Denver this spring:

She also keynoted at Type-A 2012 in Charlotte.

Closing keynote with @renesyler @goodenufmother

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But first, a massage.

How #typeacon rolls… Closing keynote speaker @renesyler massage in @everyday_family suite

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Stay tuned for more speaker announcements! We’ll see you in Alexandria! We also have some pretty fantastic sponsors (a sweet mix of household name brands you already know you’re dying to work with, and unique and innovative small businesses and startup you’ll be dying to say you knew when…). We just can’t wait to share the first batch of sponsor announcements.

We’ll see you in Alexandria!

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