Meet the 2018 Annual Conference Speaker Faculty

Our 2018 Annual Conference is packed with actionable content from specialists, pros, and experienced practitioners – the people actually doing the work, not talking heads spouting “best practices” or giving 30,000 foot overviews.

You come to Type-A conferences to work – so we’ve assembled a faculty that is ready to lead you through three days of making positive, impactful changes to your blog, your business, and your entrepreneurial mind set.

VIP Faculty

Our VIP ticket includes a full day of additional content on crucial areas like SEO, goal setting, taking your business to the next level, social media, content development and more.

Rebecca Gill
Understanding and Mastering SEO

Rebecca is founder and president of Web Savvy Marketing. She has a well-rounded business background within SMB and enterprise organizations, as well as over fifteen years of experience in sales and online marketing. She provides SEO consulting services for clients, SEO coaching on, teaches SEO at, and has a weekly podcast at

Jenny Melrose
Attracting Your Dream Sponsors & Get Paid What You’re Worth

Jenny is a former reading specialist who “retired” from her teaching career when her blogging income far exceeded her salary. Through hard work and dedication, her lifestyle blog, The Melrose Family, became regularly sought out by nationally recognized brands such as Neutrogena, Smuckers, Glad, Costco, Stanley Steamer, Sara Lee and many more. The unique pitching process she developed for working with brands, transformed an empty editorial calendar into one that was completely booked months in advance.

Mitch Canter
Level Up Your Marketing: Using Gamification to Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns

Mitch Canter is a Creative Mercenary and Senior WordPress Developer with Vanderbilt University. A 10+ year veteran of the industry, he’s worked with small-businesses and fortune 500 companies to help empower people to tell their story online. Mitch is also a digital strategist, content creator, avid video gamer, and spoony bard.

Kim McCarter
Funnel Bootcamp

Kim McCarter is a leading Business Success Mentor for women entrepreneurs who want to build online businesses that attract paying clients, increase their profits, and give them more time for family, friends & their community.

With over 17 years of experience working in Corporate Leadership as a Project Manager and HR professional, Kim centers her teaching and coaching style on helping women activate their Target Effect™ and strategically build their business for longevity.

Sal Conca
Winning Social Media One Post At A Time

Sal is an entrepreneur, problem solver and relationship builder that loves helping clients tackle the digital marketing landscape. With 15 years experience, he takes a holistic approach to helping brands tell their story and connect with customers. Sal is also the producer for a video production company called Heckler Kane Creations. They developed a weekly interview series called the Imperfect Podcast for filmmakers, actors and screenwriters.

KT Speetzen
Comedy, Storytelling, and Your Brand

KT Speetzen is the CEO of Mother Cluckers Comedy and the founder of The Mother Cluckers comedy troupe. Beginning her comedy career at 16 in L.A. stand-up, KT performs throughout Chicago. In addition, KT earned her Masters in Education from DePaul University and has taught at both the middle school and university level. KT’s love of comedy and education led to Cluck U(niversity), the comedy business coaching arm of MCC, which brings the power of storytelling to the workplace.

Linda Wolff
Freelance Writing for Beginners

Linda’s blog is Carpool Goddess, where she proves that midlife, motherhood and the empty nest aren’t so scary. Her work has been featured in Washington Post, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Today’s Parent, Grown & Flown, Your Teen, Scary Mommy, Babble, Your Tango & more. Her essays have been published in several anthologies. She has a MA in Journalism from USC.

Virginia Duan
How to Unleash Your Creativity Through the Delicate Art of Not Giving a F–k

Virginia Duan ( is a Taiwanese American writer who focuses on parenting through brokenness, Chinese/English bilingual homeschooling, and social justice. She is the author of “So You Want Your Kid to Learn Chinese.” She is known for her unflinching honesty, fury-tinged humor, and using ten words when one would do. Virginia was a finalist in the 2014 We Still Blog Awards and a cast member of the 2016 Listen to Your Mother San Francisco Show.

Jamie Lieberman
Learn From My Failures – Lessons to Help You Build Your Business

Jamie Lieberman is a partner and founder of Hashtag Legal, a law firm specializing in influencer marketing and businesses with an online component. Jamie has been practicing law for more than ten years and loves partnering with her clients to help them build their businesses, using her experience as a lawyer and business owner. Jamie frequently speaks on topics such as negotiation, legal issues for influencers, intellectual property and contract basics.

Nathan Smith
Facebook Page Growth – Essential Steps

Nathan is moderately internet-famous in portions of rural Michigan and northern Ontario as “CoffeeNate.” A student of social media and a specialist in online community building, he has successfully created and implemented social media strategies for local and international brands, as well as government agencies. Nathan enjoys all aspects of online marketing and blogging, but his passion is creating connections between organizations and the people they serve.

Kelly Pugliano
What You Really Need to Know Before Starting an eCommerce Business

Kelly is the founder & President of the monthly subscription box service, Roost Crate, a “Farmer’s Market in a box, delivered to your door!” This small business, featured on BuzzFeed and FoxNews, creates unique custom packages with specially curated items perfect for bath, body, foods, and home from local markets and small businesses and delivers to a customer base in over 45 states in the U.S. She lives in Upstate NY with her husband & is the mom of two great college kids.

Thien-Kim Lam
What You Really Need to Know Before Starting an eCommerce Business

Curating Bawdy Bookworms subscription box and virtual book club is a dream come true for Thien-Kim. It allows her to combine her 12 years of experience selling sexy toys at in-home parties with her love of book clubs. It’s the best of both worlds. The research and development part of the gig isn’t a bad perk, either.

Chantal Patton
How a 5 Week Holiday Turned Into 4 Years and 80+ Countries

What started as a five-week holiday has turned into a worldwide odyssey of adventure and discovery of 81 countries!. Along the way, Chantal and her family have gained a lot of insight into living and working in multiple countries with 3 girls. They’ve decided to start giving back and sharing our appreciation for what they’ve learned with the creation of a family Youtube channel they’re calling “Growing Up Without Borders”.


Day 1 Faculty

Our first full day of sessions open to all attendees is packed with panels, and actionable content to help you build your list, increase your following, connect with brands and more:

Clarissa Laskey
How Being Selfless in The Blogging World Can Elevate You and Others

Clarissa Laskey is the adventurous and fashionable Mom behind the site Clarissa Explains It All. Clarissa is a wife and mom raising a multicultural, blended family. She has two fabulous kids (ages 13 and 7), and also dog Mom to the beautiful Jaxie Doodle. Clarissa loves creating and sharing content about family and travel (especially Disney) with a fashionable focus.
Clarissa is a co-parenting expert and she hopes that her blended family’s co-parenting journey will help inspire other families.

Abby Schaller
Prep for Q4 Now: The Ultimate Checklist

Abby Schaller entered into the Affiliate Marketing world in June of 2012 as a Sales Specialist at, Inc. – an affiliate network based in Chicago that connects online Merchants with Affiliates. Now she is part of the Affiliate Development Team and enjoys assisting bloggers in getting the most out of their monetization efforts. Abby maintains her own blog at, and of course, loves to travel!

Tricia Meyer
Why Your Newsletter Should Be More Than An RSS Feed

Tricia Meyer (@sunshinetricia) is the owner of Sunshine Rewards, Helping Moms Connect, and other niche sites. She frequently speaks and writes about affiliate marketing topics such as monetizing blogs, affiliate and affiliate manager relationships, and the basics of affiliate marketing. She serves as the Executive Director for the Performance Marketing Association. She is also a partner in

Cathy Derus
Simplifying taxes and accounting for parenting bloggers

Cathy Derus is a CPA and financial planner who helps online business owners eliminate stress and worry over taxes, business finances, and more. Anyone can throw numbers into a tax software. Cathy helps you make sense of those numbers and create a better financial strategy for your business and your life. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing it. (In fact, Cathy admits it: she’s been accused of having too much personality for a CPA!)

Jen Spatz-Martin
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (What to Consider Before Starting a Blog)

Hailing originally from PA then living throughout various parts of the US, Jen decided to plant roots in DC in 2003. She left her corporate COO role at the end of 2013 to stay at home with her then two year old, Riley. Jen is also mom to twins, Connor and Isabella. When she’s not balancing all that life has to offer, she attempts to figure out how to make life easier for parents by creating (or at least trying to create) a one-stop shop parent resource, Kid Up and Go.

Christen Evans
Totes BFFs: Forming More Effective Relationships in the Affiliate Space

The Social Media and Influencer Manager of Apogee, Christen Evans got her start in affiliate marketing on the blogging side in 2013. She joined Apogee in early 2017, originally to help affiliate recruiting efforts and has transitioned into working on building relationships with influencers, sending monthly newsletters to affiliates to keep them apprised of merchant news and ensuring Apogee has a strong presence on social media platforms. She also provides the comic relief for

Maryellen Garasky
Totes BFFs: Forming More Effective Relationships in the Affiliate Space

Maryellen stumbled across affiliate marketing while she owned and operated a business with her husband. Taking the reins of all marketing initiatives, she started a hyper-local blog about things to do in her resort hometown of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Maryellen parlayed that into a career in affiliate marketing where show now works at She was a finalist for the Pinnacle Award for Affiliate Manager of the Year in 2017, while Jane won Exceptional Merchant honors in 2018.

Anne Parris
Totes BFFs: Forming More Effective Relationships in the Affiliate Space

Anne Parris is the Managing Partner of Midlife Boulevard, an online magazine focusing on the lives of women over 40. The writers and editors at the publication are passionate about issues affecting women in midlife. Anne is well-connected in both the blogging and advertising worlds, and enjoys helping each side connect with the other to create mutually-beneficial relationships.

Jenny Guy
Making A Brand Swipe Right & Everything You Need to Know about Brand Ambassadorships

Jenny Guy is the Marketing Associate for Mediavine. She’s well-versed in all forms of digital marketing, specializing in the growth of influencer marketing, affiliate programming, branding and creative copywriting.  She’s a native Okie who loves to read and watch Top Chef ad nauseum. She has an M.F.A. in Acting from the University of Arkansas and in her previous life, taught theatre courses to college students and toured nationally in a children’s musical.

Jana Seitzer
Everything You Need to Know about Brand Ambassadorships

Jana Seitzer is founder and editor-in-chief of Whisky + Sunshine. She’s a full-time mom to 4 amazing kids, wife, writer, speaker, photographer, marketer, designer, Disney podcaster, and social media maven. She loves to travel all over the world—solo and with her family—and tell stories about her travel adventures—adventures that often involve a glass of wine or bourbon. She’s a wine and food girl with a background in journalism. She owns a marketing/communications and graphic design firm and is a freelance photographer.

Penney Fox
How to build your email list using Pinterest and why this is beyond important for your blog

Penney is a Social Media Productivity Coach. She has spent the last 15 years helping entrepreneurs and bloggers with their marketing strategies. While others will show you steps to get a gazillion followers, Penney will give you easy actionable steps to really grow your business using social media. She’ll show you how to understand how social media marketing can grow your blog while taking the best steps to ensure that your content converts into customers and website traffic.

Karen Garcia
The Proper Care and Feeding of Affiliate Relationships

Karen  (Lab6 Media) has more than eighteen years of experience in e-commerce and marketing. Since 1999, she has consulted on and profitably managed dozens of affiliate programs, from large national brands to niche merchants. She received the 2009 ShareASale “Pay It Forward” Award for Industry Advocate, speaks frequently at conferences, has many published industry articles, and served on the Board of Directors for the PMA. She was honored with a 2016 Pinnacle Award nomination for Affiliate Manager of the Year.

Greg Hoffman
The Proper Care and Feeding of Affiliate Relationships

Greg Hoffman, CEO and Founder of Apogee, is an award-winning outsourced program manager with an outstanding record of fostering growth and profitability in the programs that his agency manages. With more than a decade of experience in the performance marketing industry, Greg has cultivated a reputation for integrity and an adherence to a rigorous set of standards that protect and nurture affiliates and merchants alike.

Joe Sousa
The Proper Care and Feeding of Affiliate Relationships

Joe has been in the affiliate industry for 18+ years on both the affiliate side and the affiliate management/merchant side. He is currently working at, managing the affiliate programs for,,,,,, and a number of other properties. He has won the Affiliate Summit Affiliate Manager of the Year Pinnacle Award and two Merchant of the Year Pinnacle awards in the last 3 years.

Jarrett Gucci
Creating a Blogging Schedule Using The 20/30 Rule

Jarrett Gucci comes from a retail background that started at Home Depot in Buffalo NY as cashier and 18 months later was asked to be a project manager based out of Carson California with a goal of opening 12 stores in 14 months. This goal was accomplished. After 4 years of building and managing WordPress sites, he founded a company called WP Fix It and since 2009 his company has serviced over 72,000 WordPress support tickets.

Angelina Vicknair and Myndee Corkern
Making Facebook Live Great Again

Angelina Vicknair and Myndee Corkern are both bloggers, social media influencers and digital strategists. Together they boast over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, content curation, blogging and social media management. The duo began working together at the New Orleans Moms Blog, creating videos for Facebook Live, garnering 4,000+ views per video. Their great chemistry and similar backgrounds led them to create Papillon Social Media.

Danica Kombol
Tell me what you want, what you really really want

Danica Kombol is the CEO of the Everywhere Agency, a leading social media & content marketing firm that works with Fortune 500 companies crafting and executing successful campaigns. She founded the blogger network, Everywhere Society to power the agency’s many award-winning influencer campaigns for clients like Macy’s, Carter’s/OshKosh, Coca-Cola, Cox Communications, Moe’s and others. As a social media marketer, Danica draws on her extensive background as a television producer and PR executive.

Karen Shopoff Rooff
Wrestling Cerberus: How A Service-Business Blog Can Be the Platform for Growth

Karen Shopoff Rooff is a Women’s Wellness Warrior who champions realistic approaches to healthy, mindful living. As a personal trainer, health coach, blogger, ultrarunner, wife, and mom of three, Karen lives the philosophy of life work balance. She coaches women worldwide to through her wellness ecourses and virtual fitness programs, encouraging her community of Well Balanced Women. Karen believes that you don’t have to have it all together to keep moving forward. It’s all about balance!

Day 2 Faculty

Saturday is the day to learn about taking your blog and your business to the next level. We’ll have speakers talk about launching products, writing books, and using the brands they built through blogging to reinvent their lives and careers. We’ll also hear from speakers with advanced techniques for developing your brand and managing the technology behind your blog.

Ari Adams
How to Rebrand Your Blog to Maximize Earning Potential

Ari Adams an Atlanta-based blogger, author, business owner, “Chiro-wife” & mother of 2. She holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing & 15+ years of experience in the media industry. She runs the lifestyle blog, Love, Peace, & Tiny Feet and has an extensive digital portfolio to include 5 self-published e-books, multiple niche websites, and various e-commerce sites. She’s been seen on the Dr. Oz Show and you can also find her work on The Huffington Post, She Knows Experts and TODAY Parenting.

Eric NagelEric Nagel
Start Your Own Membership Site

Type-A Co-Owner, Eric Nagel is a business-savvy technology executive with experience in programming and online marketing going back to 1999. He is passionate about developing applications that allow businesses, teams and individuals to achieve their goals through automated tools and access to actionable data.

Dr. Christina Hibbert
Blog to Book Deal

Dr. Christina Hibbert is the bestselling author of This Is How We Grow, Who Am I Without You? & 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise. She is a clinical psychologist specializing in motherhood, parenting, grief/loss & personal growth, a popular speaker, & host/creator of “Motherhood” radio/TV & “Motherhood Essentials” education team. Oh yeah–she’s also a mom of 6! Learn more about Dr. Hibbert on her popular website and blog, The Psychologist, The Mom & Me.

Paula Kiger
Is age just a number? A cross-generational way to expand your audience.

Paula Kiger believes her Twitter bio says it best: Wife of one, Mom of two, Friend of many. She is a communications professional and author of the Big Green Pen blog, which has existed since 2009. She has spent the past three years caring for her father-in-law; it may not be easily defined on a resume, but taught some lessons no job could teach. Paula has a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Human Systems from Florida State University.

Laura Petrolino
Is age just a number? A cross-generational way to expand your audience.

Laura Petrolino is chief client officer for Spin Sucks, a professional development platform for communications professionals and Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She’s also a writer for the award-winning Spin Sucks blog. Laura has spearheaded communications and development programs for clients ranging from U.S. Senators, to leading consumer brands, to national non-profit organizations.

Adam Warner
Website Security and Personal Awareness. What Everyone Needs to Know

Adam W. Warner discovered WordPress in 2005 and has been working within the community ever since. To feed his entrepreneurial spirit, he founded several WordPress-focused businesses that provide education, plugins and consulting services for online business owners. He is a true WordPress Evangelist in spirit and personality, and that also happens to be his job title with Adam is also passionate about his family, robots, and of course Life, the Universe and Everything.

Adam Riemer
Live SEO and Monetization Site Reviews

Adam is an Affiliate Marketing industry veteran and 2016 Pinnacle Award winner for Affiliate Manager of the Year. With a proven track record of managing top-of-the-funnel and value-adding affiliate programs, helping companies and bloggers get higher search engine rankings and working with data to help you monetize your traffic, he is ready to help you with a custom strategy that fits within your budget. You can reach him on his website at and make sure to follow him on twitter @rollerblader.

Stephanie Robbins
Developing relationships with brands you love

Through her company, Robbins Interactive, Stephanie Robbins connects brands to influencers to grow revenue for both parties. With over 20 years of experience, Stephanie represents select wellness and eco brands that she can authentically promote. Stephanie works with influencers to monetize their platform and generate long-lasting brand relationships. A known subject matter expert, Stephanie has been interviewed on NBC Business Talk Radio and spoke at the Influencer Marketing Days.

Cris Stone
Earn Money by Teaching what you Blog & Everything You Need to Know about Brand Ambassadorships

A native of Salcha, Alaska, Cris now lives in San Antonio, Texas. She is a big fan of french fries, 80’s One-Hit Wonders, and any show involving serial killers. Cris is the powerhouse behind the blog, Kiss My Tulle, and has a degree in Web Design plus another in e-Commerce. She frequently teaches wedding and blogging classes for Adult Community Education programs in the San Antonio area.

Cody Landefeld
How your eCommerce site can beat Amazon

Husband, Father, and co-founder at @modeeffect. I help eCommerce business make money using #WooCommerce. Music, sports, and comics.


Don Jackson
The Psychology of You…….. Fight throught Imposter Syndrome

Don Jackson is a professional media personality, with more than a decade of experience in working with clients across a multi-faceted swathe of industries. He founded The Raven Media Group, a media company. He’s a cancer survivor and advocate, who founded as a letter to his newborn son (just in case). Along the way, he’s founded the ABQ Dad’s group, co-hosted the Dad Spotlight podcast, and become increasingly active, as a voice for fathers and cancer survivors.

Michelle D. Johnson Garrett
The Secret Sauce to Running a Dope Facebook Group

Michelle D Garrett is a writer, business owner, wife/mom, coffee lover and all-around DIVA. A full-time entrepreneur, Michelle is passionate about inspiring others to step into their power and do the things that set their souls on fire – whether it’s starting a new business, volunteering in their local community or spending more time with those you love the most. She’s best known for her passion for live-streaming and having the right-for-you work-life balance. Family is #1 on her list always.

Bianca Dottin
Just Do You: Creating a Brand That Thrives Outside of The Box

Bianca Dottin is a mom and lifestyle blogger redefining millennial motherhood one story at a time. She has flawlessly executed national brand partnerships with top companies including Mazda, Lancome, Macy’s and Marriott. Through her blog and organization, Bianca has become a voice for premature birth, NICU moms, and life after baby loss.

Toni Husbands
Pick up the Slack: Build Initmacy into Your Community and Profits

Toni Husbands is a Financial Coach and co-founder of who repaid $107,000 of consumer debt. She helps women eradicate debt so they are free to pursue their passions. Her book, The Great Debt Dump, discusses the secret sauce required to accomplish a mammoth money goal: accountability. Her work has been published on Yahoo Finance and She also contributes savvy money tips for a monthly segment on Business First AM which airs in Chicago, IL.

Rachel Honoway
Setting and Reaching a BHAG

Type-A Co-Owner, Rachel Honoway is an experienced executive specializing in Internet Startups and Growth Mode Companies. Her career has been spent working hands-on with entrepreneurs to build and grow SaaS products and related services. She’s a mom of two boys, married to her college sweetheart, and when not in front of her computer, can be found sweating it out on her yoga mat.

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Rachel is an experienced executive specializing in Internet Startups and Growth Mode Companies. Her career has been spent working hands-on with entrepreneurs to build and grow SaaS products and related services. She's a mom of two boys, married to her college sweetheart, and when not in front of her computer, can be found sweating it out on her yoga mat.

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