Want to Go Beyond the Blog with an Investor?

The third day of our Annual Conference (Saturday) this year is themed “Beyond the Blog”. We’ll be hearing from presenters and panelists that have taken the content, branding, and knowledge they earned blogging and have rolled it into products, businesses, books, subscriptions, services, and so on. They went “beyond the blog”.

We’ve heard from so many of you that want to do the same… well, sort of the same… but with your own twist!

Plus – we’ve been hearing from potential investors that want to get involved in these types of businesses, supporting bloggers in their entrepreneurial efforts. We’d like to bring both sides together – and think that a “pitching” session on the Beyond the Blog day would be a great opportunity.

Would you be interested in pitching your business idea to a panel of potential investors at a live event at our upcoming Annual Conference? If so, let’s start the conversation. We need to know a little bit about your business, product, or project and how you’d like to work with an investor.

Submit Your Interest

Please use the form below to submit your information. We’ll hold all details in the strictest of confidence. It is not our intent to share or “steal” your idea. At this point, we’re not looking at financials, or investigating the ins and outs of your business. We’re simply looking to gauge interest from entrepreneurs. Most of the boxes below are limited to 1,000 characters – we just need an overview at this time.

This form will be open through April 20th.

If you have any questions, please send them to Rachel, rachel @ typeaparent.com.


Rachel is an experienced executive specializing in Internet Startups and Growth Mode Companies. Her career has been spent working hands-on with entrepreneurs to build and grow SaaS products and related services. She's a mom of two boys, married to her college sweetheart, and when not in front of her computer, can be found sweating it out on her yoga mat.

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