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Over the last few years, the FTC has been carrying out investigations and issuing fines to influencers who fail to properly disclose material relationships with advertisers. From product reviews, to affiliate links, the FTC wants bloggers and social media influencers to let readers/followers know when posts lead to (or have the potential to lead to) placement fees, free products, free services, commissions, etc.

So – how do you fit compliance into your already crazy-busy schedule? With our new FTC Disclosure plugin for WordPress:

FTC Disclosure for Sponsored Posts WordPress Plugin

Our FTC Disclosure Plugin for WordPress automates the disclosure process for you. It helps you become more compliant with FTC guidelines on sponsored post and monetized content without hours of work updating old blog posts, or remembering to properly format new blog posts.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download, install, and activate the plugin
  2. Customize the text so that the disclosure statement is in your own words, and formatted the way you’d like to see it
  3. All of your blog posts will contain a disclosure statement

Within minutes your entire history of blog posts, and all future posts can be compliant with current FTC guidelines. All of this is available in the free version. Just download and install the plugin.

The disclosure will appear on each post, but won’t interfere with how your post appears in feeds/previews throughout your site or social media shares:

Want More Control and More SEO-Friendly Features? Go Pro

The Pro version of the plugin includes advanced features for customization, control, and added SEO-friendliness:

Multiple Disclosure Statements

Create 6 unique disclosure statements to use for a variety of situations, like product reviews, noting that there was no compensation provided, and more:

6 Different Disclosure Statements


Display your disclosure statement anywhere on your site using a shortcode:

Insert Disclosure via short code

Make updates to the text and formatting any time you’d like, and the shortcode will update the statement where you’ve used it throughout your site.

Page and Post Display Options

Choose your default disclosure, and whether to display it on pages or posts, or both:

Choose Default Statement to Show & choose to display or not on posts and pages

Auto No-Follow Option for Google Compliance

While you’re showing the FTC that you comply with their guidelines, take a second to show Google that you comply with theirs as well. Google recommends that you mark links in sponsored posts as “no-follow”. Clicking a box will automatically no-follow links on pages where your disclosure statement of choice appears:

Auto nofollow all links in a post based on which disclosure is used

Specify Disclosure per Page/Post

On each page and post, you’ll have a new option to add the disclosure statement of your choice. This will override any settings for pages and posts that you chose in the plugin:

Override statement per post or page (or omit from a post or page)


Versions and Pricing

  • Free versiondownload the free version from the WordPress Plugin repository. You can use it on your blog to place a disclosure statement on all posts.
  • Pro Version – create up to 6 different disclosure statements, access shortcodes to insert disclosure statements throughout posts and pages, and automatically add no-follow tags to apply Google’s recommendations for sponsored posts.

The Pro version is $2.99 per month for a single site, or $4.99 per month for unlimited sites (discounts available for annual licenses). Upgrade your plugin here.

The Pro Version is Free for Tribe Members

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