New Features Coming to the Type-A Tribe

Throughout the months of April and May, we’re working hard to add more features, content, and value to the Type-A Tribe.

FTC Disclosure Plugin for WordPress

The Type-A FTC Disclosure Plugin for WordPress automates the disclosure process for bloggers. It helps publishers become more compliant with FTC guidelines with a few simple clicks.

There’s a free version for everyone – and a Pro version with advanced features for display and further SEO-friendliness (auto no-follow links in sponsored posts), and shortcode implementation. That starts at $2/month/site – but is free to our Tribe members.

30+ Hours of Training Videos on the Business of Blogging

We’ll be launching a new course: The Ultimate Guide to the Business of Blogging in May. In order to fill out the training materials, we’ll be producing 30+ hours of video with the help of our Faculty.

We’ll hear from bloggers, topical experts, brands, agencies, and more in a series of webinars and interviews on these three topics:

  1. Before You Blog – choosing a niche, researching competition, forming your business
  2. Planning Content and Distribution – social, email, and of course SEO-fueled content
  3. Monetization – sponsored posts, media kits, brand ambassadorship, affiliate programs and subscriptions

Watch Live on Facebook

We’ll be conducting the webinars and interviews live on our Facebook page. As soon as they have been broadcast, though, they’ll be moved into the course available only to Tribe members.

Join the Tribe Now for Just $2

As we’re elevating the value of the Tribe, we invite you to join for just $2 for your first month. You’ll have access to the Pro version of the plugin, the course, new webinars each month, a dedicated support group on Facebook, and more features coming soon!

Join the Tribe using coupon code: ITSJUST2DOLLARS 



Rachel is an experienced executive specializing in Internet Startups and Growth Mode Companies. Her career has been spent working hands-on with entrepreneurs to build and grow SaaS products and related services. She's a mom of two boys, married to her college sweetheart, and when not in front of her computer, can be found sweating it out on her yoga mat.

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