What’s In Store for Type-A’s Teen Years

The Type-A Parent event in DC this past week marked the 10th anniversary of the conference. Along with this milestone came a big change. If you haven’t heard the news already, my firm, Rust Built, purchased Type-A Parent from Kelby.

What does this mean for Type-A Parent Members?

Change can be scary, especially when something you love changes. So I know that many of you are wondering what changes are coming to Type-A.

Let’s start with what’s not going to change… Those of you with Golden Tickets, rest assured that we will continue to honor those throughout the life of Type-A Parent. Those of you with ticket deferments, rest assured that we will honor those as well.

We already have the 2018 Annual Conference lined up in Chicago September 27th through 29th. We’ll have more details out about that soon but mark it in your calendar now to save those dates. Golden Ticket holders, and Deferred Ticket holders – check out the link above to the 2018 event to see how to register and secure your spot!

You will see changes to the event line-up. We will be adding more Mastermind sessions and smaller intense workshops. We’re working to develop more opportunities for you to learn, meet with brands, and grow your business.

We are also planning on reviving more online engagements including:

  • Memberships to special content and webinars
  • The opportunity to guest post on typeaparent.com
  • And more!

What about Kelby?

Great question! For those of you that attended the conference in DC last week, you saw her there as an attendee. From here on out she’ll be able to enjoy the amazing community that she built. Kelby is launching her own consulting and coaching business – we know she won’t stay still for long!

Who Are You?

Another good question. For many of you, it may seem like I came out of left field. You may not have run into me, even though I’ve attended a few Type-A Parent events and have done business with many of many of you behind the scenes.

My background is in advertising technology. I come from the affiliate marketing world where I worked for several solution providers that created technologies to bring together brands and publishers. Most recently, I ran a company called FMTC. There, my team built and launched an influencer marketplace called Fresh Press Media. Some of you may recognize that from campaigns you’ve done on the platform.

Feel free to LinkedIn stalk me… and connect!

Hey that’s your resume not who you areā€¦

You’re right – that was my resume. So who am I?

First and foremost like many of you, I am a parent. I have two boys. Ethan is 15 and Aidan is 12. They keep me on my toes and teach me something new everyday… whether I like it or not.

I’m also blessed with an amazing husband. Tim and I have been married since 2000. We’re both Michigan natives… though we tried moving to Florida once… we only lasted a year before heading back home. Southeast Michigan is our home. We live about 40 miles northwest of Detroit. While we may curse the cold weather every winter, we love having four seasons, being near our family and friends, and raising our boys with Midwest values.

The next steps forward with Type-A Parent

My partners and I see huge potential in the influencer marketing space. We we want to work side-by-side with bloggers and social media influencers to get you the information and the relationships you need to create your own media empires. We look forward to serving you by providing you with a safe environment, filled with valuable information and connections, so that you can learn and grow.

I sincerely appreciate all of the kind words I heard this weekend in DC. And those that were sent via Facebook and email. I also appreciate the feedback you all gave even negative comments were delivered with constructive ideas to solve problems. I hope you all continue to share your thoughts and let us know how we can make Type-A Parent better and better over the next 10 years.


Rachel is an experienced executive specializing in Internet Startups and Growth Mode Companies. Her career has been spent working hands-on with entrepreneurs to build and grow SaaS products and related services. She's a mom of two boys, married to her college sweetheart, and when not in front of her computer, can be found sweating it out on her yoga mat.

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